How to fix reverse webcam issue on Google Meet

The problem of the reverse webcam with mirror effect (mirror camera) on videoconferencing applications is more and more widespread. If you are using Google Meet for smart working or DAD , the image transmitted in a mirror image over time could really become annoying.

That’s why in this guide I want to explain to you how to fix the reverse webcam problem on Google Meet and avoid the famous mirror effect that often causes unreadable content for you who are reading on video or for those on the other side.

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Reverse Webcam Solution with Google Meet

To overcome the problem of the reverse webcam or mirror flip camera (until recently there was the Google Meet Grid View (fix) plugin no longer working today), you need to install the VideoMirror extension by Steven Kemp in the Google Chrome browser . This is a plugin that will reverse the image sent in a mirror image to ensure that it can be displayed correctly.

It supports: Zoom , Vimeo , YouTube , Twitch and Google Meet , and will flip the camera to match what others are really seeing. But let’s see how it works.

How to install and use VideoMirror

Open the Google Chrome browser (you can download it from this page ) and after reaching the Internet page of the VideoMirror extension in the Chrome browser, click on the Add button and then on Add extension .

At the end of the installation you will see a “ VM ” icon in the extension bar at the top of the browser.

Go to Google Meet and start or join a meeting. You will see your video mirrored, but with the VideoMirror extension you can flip the video. To do this, click on the VM icon, in the Chrome extension bar, and your camera on Google Meet will flip over .

The other participants, who had no perception of this problem even before as it is a problem that affects only the one who sees his image, will continue to see your image and documents correctly. VideoMirror extension turns out to be useful for you that you can watch your image and content without video mirror.

Here is an illustrative video on how VideoMirror works for Google Meet.

Alternatives to VideoMirror

Here are two other great extensions you can use for your Google meet meetings.

Google Meet Flip Camera

If you run into trouble with this plugin, you can try the Google Meet Flip Mirror Camera extension for Chrome, which has similar functionality.

Google Meet Grid View

To use this extension, after installing it by searching for the Google Meet Grid View extension by Chris Gamble, open Google Meet and click on the grid icon icon , from the Chrome extension bar. Select, in the menu that appears, the item Advanced settings and in the Behavior section of your video in the grid , choose the item Flip the video to make it the same as it is seen by others . And that’s it.


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