How to fix Madden 22 franchise mode final scoring issue

While Madden 22 may not have been released for a week at the time of writing, gamers still face a number of rather frustrating bugs when playing the game’s Franchise mode. How to fix Madden 22 franchise mode final scoring issue as well as out of sync error when reading online.

If you played in the game’s franchise mode, you may have encountered an issue that caused the game to claim that you lost a game when you won, or that the score is not correct even though the result is. This has led to several players criticizing the title on Steam and more or less leaving the gameplay on its own until a patch is released.

Fixed Madden 22 franchise mode final scoring issue

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there doesn’t seem to be a sure way to fix the Franchise Mode final score issue when it occurs.

All that’s been noticed is that it seems to happen more frequently when players have set their franchise saves to offline and are not syncing their cloud or ‘online’ saves.

If you’re not too far off with your save from Madden 22 franchise mode, you can try starting over and syncing your save to the cloud instead of keeping it offline if possible.

Other than that, all you can do is cross your fingers and hope that EA Sports will release a fix for the Madden 22 franchise mode final scoring issue in the next title update. Until then, our advice is to spend your time on the field in one of the other game modes.

How to fix Madden 22 sync error

The other bug that players experience when playing in Madden 22’s franchise mode is the issue of out of sync when playing a head-to-head game online against another player.

By selecting the first part, the game will suddenly get out of sync from EA’s servers and you will no longer be able to play against the other player.

Currently, the only suggested solution is to directly play a one-on-one game online when you load up your Franchise Mode, rather than going to a press conference, weekly strategy, training, or updates.

Obviously, this is not correct, and players should be free to make changes and play the game however they want without fear of getting out of sync when playing with each other. Online player in Franchise mode. However, for now, this is the only solution until EA Sports releases a fix in a future update.

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