Bless Unleashed – High GPU Usage and Crash Issue – How to Fix It

This guide will show you some possible fixes for the hangs and high GPU usage issue in Bless Unleashed. Many users are experiencing it right now. Don’t worry you’re not alone

Bless Unleashed – High GPU Usage and Crash Issue – How to Fix It

After a couple of betas, the full version of Bless Unleashed is finally available on Steam. The game is completely free and I recommend that you at least give it a try if you are a fan of MMORPGs.

Bless Unleashed is an MMORPG developed by a studio called Round 8 Studios. The game was originally released in 2020 for consoles by Bandai Namco. However, NEOWIZ is in charge of the launch of PC 2021. It is a completely open world title, which you can explore with your friends. There are abilities and weapons that you can unlock that would help you on your journey. Overall, a decent title if you ask me. (and it’s literally free) .

Enough information about the game. Let’s talk about the technical issues that are present in Bless Unleashed. Many posts have already started to appear on Bless Unleashed’s Steam Discussions page. And most of them are about users complaining about how they get high GPU or CPU usage while playing games, or how this game is constantly crashing. In fact, for many users, Bless Unleashed will not be released at all. Here’s a post from the Steam / LonelyScythe user:

The game crashes every 5 minutes

I’m not sure of anyone else, but my game is constantly crashing. I do level 7 or 10 expeditions and it crashes before I can claim the rewards! If anyone knows of a setting that can fix this, please let me know. running it 1080 max 100fps and I have a fairly new NZXT desktop so I know my hardware isn’t the problem.

Currently running the game with normal graphics, I had it on the highest level with no issues, but I was trying other settings due to the crash, but it doesn’t seem to matter what I put the graphics settings on, it just keeps crashing.

At this point, it doesn’t even surprise me, to be honest. Problems like these have become very common in the game today. Especially the ones that are completely online. I played 2 betas in the last few days, New World and Back 4 Blood, and they both had the same problems.

Now the question is, can these problems be solved?


Here are some possible solutions

The good news is that there are solutions available and many users have proven that they work. The bad news is that there are still some users who have not benefited at all from these methods. So after trying all the methods mentioned below, if the game keeps crashing or won’t start. I’m afraid you might have to submit a ticket to support for Bless Unleashed.

Lower graphics settings

Most users have managed to fix the crash simply by lowering the game’s graphics settings. Bless Unleashed’s list of recommended system requirements indicates that you need a Ryzen 5 1600, paired with a GTX 1060 and 16GB of RAM to play at 1080p 60fps. But the problem is that I am seeing some RTX 3070 and 3080 users experiencing the crashes as well. I have personally tried playing the game on my gaming PC, and I can assure you that this is one of the least optimized titles I have played this year. With Rendering Size set to Normal, Bless Unleashed was running at less than 50fps on a PC consisting of a Ryzen 5 5600x, RTX 2060, and 16GB of RAM.

So if you’re trying to play this game on a low-end GPU, you may need to set everything to low. Check out this recommendation from a user:

I had to turn my rendering down to low, lighting down to low, and a bunch of other low settings… so silly that I have to play a game with such poor quality. I just played New World on maximum settings with no problems. The game also looked beautiful.


So all you have to do is set your “Illumination” and “Render Size” to “Low”. Yes, that would make the game look bad. But this is just a workaround, which you can try until the developers release a patch. Also, by tweaking the settings, you might be able to get rid of other performance issues like fps drops and stuttering .

Limit your FPS to fix high GPU or CPU usage issues

This is the same solution that I recommended to New World players when they reported the exact same issue. Just limit your fps. In games like Bless Unleashed, you definitely don’t need more than 100 fps to have a smooth experience. It is not a PvP title. You can easily limit the fps in the game and enjoy a smoother overall experience. And how to do that?

  • Launch of Bless Unleashed
  • Go to Settings> Graphics
  • Set graphics to custom settings (This game, for some reason, doesn’t allow you to change settings unless you choose Custom Settings)
  • Set the frame rate limit to 60 FPS

The game is already poorly optimized. Don’t let it hog every ounce of your PC’s power.

Disable the Steam overlay

In fact, disabling Steam Overlay has helped a lot of people.

  • Go to your Steam library
  • Right click on Bless Unleashed
  • Properties
  • Uncheck Steam Overlay

You will find many answers like this from people for whom this solution has worked:


Repair Easy Anti-cheat (I have not tried this solution)

This correction comes from the forum user. / Dynamix . Lowering the settings and disabling the steam overlay didn’t really work for him. So this is what he recommends:

Does it crash every 5 minutes? Try this.

Today I started crashing every 5 minutes, after playing well yesterday. Suggestions like disabling the Steam overlay and adjusting the graphics settings didn’t work for me.

However, this worked. Follow these steps with the game closed.

Library -> Right click on Bless Unleashed -> Properties -> Local Files -> Browse -> EasyAntiCheat -> Run EasyAntiCheat_Setup -> Click Repair Service

Try to play again.

There you go. You can try and see for yourself. Apart from these methods, you can try the most obvious ones. Like checking files on Steam, disabling your antivirus software, or updating your GPU drivers . In fact, I saw a lot of comments where users said that they managed to fix the crashes simply by updating their Nvidia driver to version 471.41 . I’m already using the latest version so I couldn’t test it, unfortunately. The last step should be to install the game on a completely different drive.

  • Click here to contact Bless Unleashed support

If you think this guide has helped you, please let us know in the comment section below. And for more guides from Bless Unleashed, stay tuned to dlprivateserver. We will cover each and every technical issue in the game on launch day. Good luck!

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