How to activate Apple ProRAW on iPhone

If there is a smartphone that allows you to take incredible photos, that is the iPhone. But, did you know that there is a new format to take even better shots? Find out how to activate Apple ProRAW on iPhone .

Activate Apple ProRAW on iPhone

The new iPhone 12 Pro devices are compatible with the new Apple ProRAW format. It is a feature that we find exclusively in this generation and that can be activated from the Settings and from the Camera app itself .

But what is this format about? As you imagine from its name, it is more than RAW. It is a new format that allows you to get the most out of the camera, to take better, higher quality photos. In fact, you can already upload photos in ProRaw to Instagram .

Of course, in more technical terms, the images in this format contain Raw information and image processing data. So “known issues” like noise reduction and exposure settings are fixed.

Also keep in mind that these photos will be taken in high quality and will take up much more space . Therefore, it should only be used when we really need a photo in really good quality.

How active?

Of course, to test it you need to activate it. Just follow these 5 steps from your iPhone 12:

  1. Update to iOS 14.3 or higher
  2. Enter the Settings app
  3. Go to Camera> Formats
  4. Flip the switch in ProRaw
  5. Open the Camera app> top right turn RAW on or off

It’s that easy to activate. So whenever you want to take photos in this format, simply activate it from the button and that’s it. All this without the need to download third-party apps, all directly from the iPhone.

Now that you know how to activate Apple ProRAW on the iPhone , you just have to follow these passes and enjoy the best photos.

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