How to Use and Activate Apple Airplay on Mac?

How to Use and Activate Apple Airplay on Mac?You have to learn how to use and activate Apple’s Airplay tool on the Mac , as this tool is ideal for sharing content. Remember to always use one of the latest versions of Apple’s iOS mobile operating system.

Here’s how to easily use and activate Airplay on Mac .


  1. How does airplay work?
  2. Use and activate Airplay on Mac
    1. Airplay on Mac
  3. Play Mac Screen

How does airplay work?

Before you learn how to use and activate Apple’s Airplay tool on yourMac , you should first know what Bluetooth is and is for, how it works, and how it is used on mobile devices.

  • While Bluetooth compresses the audio stream, Airplay preserves the original qualityof the file during playback.
  • Bluetooth range is limited to 30 meters, Airplay range can be as wide as your WiFi network.
  • Finally, Bluetooth can only interact with one device at a time, while Airplay is capable of sending signals to multiple receivers simultaneously.

All these advantages make Airplay the ideal option for setting up a multimedia system at home. Some analog solutions exist, but they require special transmission devices or expensive receivers that support Airplay technology.

In short, Apple Airplay makes it easy to view pictures and movies , play your favorite games, or listen to music right from your TV or Mac.

Use and activate Airplay on Mac

The Airplay tool is a great way to share content through iOS devices on Apple TVs or Smart TVs . It allows you to share music, photos and videos or simply mirror your entire computer screen to a larger screen.

Therefore, using and enabling the Apple Airplay tool on a Mac is very easy, just follow the steps below.

Airplay on Mac

With your Mac turned on and the operating system loaded, make sure it’s connected to a Wi-Fi network . The device that receives or sends data to the Mac must also be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  1. Next, locate the video you want to Airplay, whether it’s in Safari, QuickPlayer, or another compatible app.
  2. You will need to open the “ System Preferences” option.
  3. Now look for the « Screen» icon , which looks like a computer monitor.
  4. In the on-screen menu, make sure you’ve turned on Airplay. To do this, use the two blue arrows to bring up the dropdown menu.
  5. Make sure the ” Show mirroring options in menu bar if available” checkbox is also checked.
  6. Now look for the Airplay icon in the top menu bar. It looks like a computer monitor with an arrow at the bottom.
  7. In the drop-down menu, select the device you want to play the media on, either your Smart or your Apple TV, and you’re done.

This will allow you to use and activate Apple’s Airplay tool on the Mac . A really easy process to do. On the other hand, to stop Airplay, you have to press the Airplay icon and select « Disable Airplay ».

Play Mac Screen

You can also use the Airplay tool to mirror your Mac screen on a compatible Apple or Smart TV .

  1. You have to make sure that your Mac and your Smart TV or Apple TV are connected to the same WiFi network.
  2. In the menu at the top of the Mac screen, look for the Airplay icon, the same monitor icon with an arrow at the bottom. You will have to select it.
  3. Select the Smart TV you want to mirror your Mac to.
  4. A password will appear on your TV screen and you will need to copy it to your Mac.
  5. To stop the process on the screen, disable Airplay by selecting the monitor icon with the arrow and clicking on ” Disable Airplay“.

As you can see, using and activating Airplay on Mac is very easy when you follow the above mentioned steps.


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