Horizon Zero Dawn PC Throw Rock Choice | The best option?

Choosing the rock launch of Horizon Zero Dawn for PC is the first Flashpoint decision you come across. After Bast throws a stone at Aloy, you have to decide how she will respond. Here’s what you need to know about what happens if you cross the rock at Bast and what is the best option. Read on for this first, great result of Horizon Zero Dawn’s dialogue option.

Should I throw the stone at Bast in Horizon Zero Dawn?

Decisions like this in Horizon Zero Dawn ultimately don’t matter. If you think Bast deserves it, you can throw the rock (although you might be disappointed with the result). Alternatively, you can opt for peace or strategically drop his other rock from his hand.

Here are all the results of this first choice of Flashpoint:

  • Confront – “Aim for his head”.
    • Aloy will throw the rock, but Rost will hit it with an arrow and prevent him from hitting Bast.
  • Insight – “Knock the rock from his hands.”
    • Aloy will hit his target, disarming Bast.
  • Peaceful – “Drop your rock”.
    • Aloy will drop his rock, but Bast will still try to throw another one. Another Nora baby will stop Bast at the last moment.

Again, this decision will not play a major role in the plot, nor will making “the wrong choice” mean being excluded from any additional quests or rewards. This applies to all decisions in the game, where the outcome ultimately plays out the same way.

While characters can sometimes reference a Flashpoint decision with some unique dialogue, that’s all those choices impact.

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