Horizon: Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds Achievements

List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) Horizon: Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds

The Frozen Wilds: quests

  • Took the Shaman’s Path

Complete the Shaman’s Trail and discover Oureya’s hideout

  • Complete Won the Werak Challenge

Challenge Aratak on the Ridge of Sculptures and win

  • Completed the Second Expedition

Storm the Thunder Drum

  • Conquered the Mountain

Neutralize the threat that comes from the mountain

  • Drained the Flood

Drain Gray Catch completely

  • Complete Won Ikrie’s Challenge

Complete Ikri’s Snowsong Challenge with first place

  • Fully Improved Weapons

Get improved models of three types of weapons from Varga

  • All Quests completed

Complete all side quests and activities in The Frozen Wilds.

  • All Activities completed

Repair Longneck, clear out the Bandit Camp, and complete the Hunting Grounds Challenge in Zarubka

The Frozen Wilds: exploits

  • First Spear Modification

Apply modification to the spear

  • Use the skill “Jumping from the car” / 5 Dismount Strikes five times

Defeat 5 enemies using the Car Jump Attack skill

  • 5 Machine Types Repaired

Use the skill “Car repair” or “Riding car repair” to cars of 5 different types

  • Killed 15 Scorchers

Defeat 15 Firewolves

  • Killed 10 Frostclaws

Defeat 10 Icefangs

  • Killed 6 Fireclaws

Defeat 6 Firefangs

  • All Control Towers disabled

Disable all towers by destroying them or taking control

  • Find All Pigments found

Find all Pigments in the Notch

  • Find All Animal Figurines found

Find all Beast Figures in The Notch

  • First Bluegleam Trade

Swap blue gems for a special weapon or costume

  • All The Frozen Wilds / All Frozen Wilds Skills

Learn all new skills in The Frozen Wilds

  • Reached Level 60
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