How to throw grenades in Warface

Effective tactics and interesting places to drop grenades in the game.Grenades in the MMO shooter Warface are an integral part of the gameplay: with their help, you can blow up or blind the enemy, as well as protect the desired area with a smoke screen. Killing an enemy with a single fragmentation grenade is now almost impossible. This is due to the small radius of the explosion, as well as the presence of various sets of armor that protect against explosive damage. Despite this, the correct distribution of grenades will help build the right tactics to achieve positive results. Today I will tell you general information about grenades in the game, as well as share a few secrets and chips when throwing grenades.

Frag grenades.

Frag grenades

Frag grenades can be used for a variety of purposes: find out the approximate location of an enemy, prevent an enemy medic from reviving dead opponents, or simply damage an enemy that is in a certain area. But in addition to non-standard situations, you should know the main places for throwing grenades on different maps.

When to Throw Frag Grenades

Frag grenades are a very valuable resource, but some players try to get rid of it at the very beginning of the round, believing that hitting several enemy fighters will help them during a direct encounter with those same fighters. But there are several nuances here.

Firstly, some players throw grenades “anywhere”, thereby not bringing any benefit to their team. A thrown grenade may not even get to the enemies, as they will be on the way to another site or simply wait out your “prokidy”. This way you will be left without a frag grenade until the end of the round.

Secondly, throwing a single grenade into the places where enemies are possible is a rather stupid idea. I mentioned earlier that the vast majority of kits in the game have burst damage protection. Therefore, it is best to throw grenades in one position together with teammates. If the first grenade does not kill the enemy fighter, then several subsequent grenades will definitely incapacitate him.





Thirdly, if the opposite team has Medic and Engineer class fighters, then the health and armor lost during the grenade explosion can be easily restored by the enemies. And thanks to special sets of armor, these indicators will be completely restored automatically in a certain time. Read more about the best equipment in Warface in this guide.

But this does not mean that throwing grenades is completely unnecessary. On the contrary, correctly thrown frag grenades will help you slow down the advance of the enemy or “incapacitate” valuable players for a few seconds, who will go to seek cover and restore the vitals of their fighters.

Experienced Warface players know that on all competitive maps there are several approaches to each of the two bombsites where you can throw frag grenades before the enemy attacks, as well as the main places on the bombsite where members of the defending team can be. Before each start of the round, you should coordinate your actions with your comrades: will you throw grenades into one or another area in order to do it synchronously and not waste fragmentation in vain. If the teammates decided to hold the grenades, then you should do the same.

Prevention of resuscitation

Often, players use frag grenades to prevent the reanimation of dead opponents, but even here many make elementary mistakes. Mostly, immediately after killing an enemy at long range, assuming the opposing team has a Medic, players try to immediately throw a frag grenade at the corpse. In most cases, the enemy medic simply waits out the intense grenade throw in his direction, then reanimates his colleague without much difficulty.

Again, this does not mean that throwing grenades in such a situation is impossible. It is necessary, but it is worth doing it wisely. Frag grenades have two throw modes – normal and fast. From the moment the pin is pulled out, there will be exactly 3 seconds left before detonation for the M26 grenades and 3.15 seconds for the FG4 grenades. In most cases, before resuscitation, the medic tries to protect himself with a smoke screen and throws a smoke grenade at the “corpse”. If this happens, then most likely in a few seconds he will begin resuscitation. In order not to frighten him off, take a grenade in your hands and hold down the “LMB” key. In the center of the screen, you will see a filling round bar that notifies you that the grenade is about to detonate. Your task is to make sure that the grenade, having reached the “destination”, immediately explodes, preventing the medic from coming to his senses and changing his position.

Obtaining information about the location of the enemy

Frag grenades help you “get” into hard-to-reach places where you can’t look or don’t want to look right now. For example, you assume that the enemy has taken cover on the second floor of a building or in the passage around the corner, but do not want to risk it. Throwing a grenade in this case will allow you to confirm or deny the location of the enemy: even if the opponent manages to hide from the explosion, you will still hear his steps. If you are lucky and the grenade still reached the final destination, then in addition to the steps you will hear the characteristic sound of a wounded soldier.

The main places for throwing fragmentation grenades on various maps.

How to throw grenades in Warface

How to throw grenades in Warface

Underbarrel grenade launcher

An underbarrel grenade launcher is very different from a frag grenade, but it can also be used to “throw” one or more enemies, find out the location of opponents, or “smoke” them out of cover. The main disadvantage of such weapons is that they can only be used by fighters of the “attack” class, and only on certain assault rifles. Another negative side is that during firing, this heavy device on the assault rifle reduces the accuracy of shooting and increases the recoil of the weapon.

Underbarrel grenade launcher warface

On the plus side, you don’t have to fight grenade launchers on your assault rifle for the entire round. It can be used at any convenient time by changing the tactical grip to a grenade launcher by pressing the “C” key during the game. After that, you will have to immediately charge the grenade launcher, spending a few more seconds. Therefore, if you are using a grenade launcher, I recommend doing so at the beginning of each round.

Controlling the flight of such a grenade is slightly more difficult than throwing a hand-held fragmentation grenade, since it only flies in a straight line and explodes approximately one second after being fired. You can adjust the range of the grenade by raising the barrel up. It is worth noting here that if you set a high trajectory, the grenade will explode in the air without reaching the addressee.


By itself, an underbarrel grenade launcher is rarely used as a primary weapon. Most often, they try to finish off wounded soldiers with a grenade or “smoke” enemies from cover. Don’t expect a direct hit to kill an enemy with a grenade shot: the grenade’s damage isn’t high enough to kill an enemy even without burst damage protection. Still, if you like to play as an attack aircraft, then I recommend not to ignore the use of an underbarrel grenade launcher.

Flashbang grenades

Flash-noise grenades “M84”, they are also “flash drives”, are used for short-term blinding of enemies that are within the range of the grenade. Helmeted fighters without stun grenade protection will be “blinded” for approximately four seconds. This time can be used to kill enemies or change position. But to achieve such an effect is incredibly difficult.

If during the grenade throw the enemy turns away and meets the explosion with his back, then the duration of the effect will be reduced to a minimum: even without additional protection from stun grenades, the player will be blinded for a maximum of one second. If the explosion is met by the right or left “shoulder”, then the duration of the effect will be halved.

In the Veterans channel, few players use standard helmets, so blinding enemies in competitive modes is not easy. Almost every more or less acceptable helmet will give your fighter 40% to 60% blind protection. Thus, turning his back during the explosion, an opponent with 60% blind protection will see only a flash on the screen, which will not prevent him from continuing the firefight.

It cannot be said that flashbang grenades are completely useless, but in recent years, with the introduction of new uniforms in the game, their effectiveness has decreased significantly. However, if you are lucky enough to blind a few enemies, you will be able to deal with them without much difficulty.

smoke grenades

Smoke grenades are used everywhere in Warface, as they allow you to protect the desired area with a smoke screen and hide from the eyes of the enemy. Typically, these grenades are used by Medics to get closer to enemies or reanimate allies. Some fighters either do not equip such grenades at all before the match, or throw them away at the very beginning of the round, which is a big mistake.

smoke grenades

In total, the player can take three grenades with him: one fragmentation grenade, one stun grenade, one or two smoke grenades. A second smoke grenade can be equipped instead of a flashbang. In general, Medics tend to carry two smoke grenades, but more often than not, they are in short supply on the battlefield. Thus, the allies can help the medics who have run out of smoke grenades and “smoke” the required area on the map at the request of the comrades.

After throwing such a grenade, the smoke screen does not appear immediately, so in the first few seconds, enemies can still observe you through the smoke. You should not rush: it is best to make sure that the smoke has completely dissipated, only then move forward or reanimate the dead soldiers.

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