How to get Bluegleam in Horizon Zero Dawn

If you want to get the best weapons from The Frozen Wilds, you are going to have to farm a lot of blue glitter, as it is the new currency that appears in this DLC.

You can only trade with Blue Glow Banuk Merchants, and they have the upgraded versions of all your weapons. There are two ways to get quick blue glitter: one is to overcome all the missions of The Frozen Wilds and another is to find all the locations where veins of this material are found. The normal thing is that you first go to these locations to improve your weapons and then you go through the missions with the best weapons from The Frozen Wilds.

There are 17 places to find blue glitter in The Frozen Wilds , in the video that we leave you below you can see them all, go to them and get it:

To get blue glow in The Frozen Wilds you have to follow this map

If you want to achieve blue glow through missions, the ones that give the most blue glow are: the shaman’s path, the winter forge and also by completing the mission of the animal figures. The rest will give you between 1 blue gloss and 3, but these that we indicate give you between 7 and 6. Follow these tips and you will find them all.

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