How to find out who is using your Netflix account

Problems with your account and its management? This is how you can find out who is using Netflix and how to kick it if you have already tired of sharing an account or it has been hacked


Former roommates, friends, family, or even an ex-partner. Today we tell you how you can find out who is using Netflix and how to kick it if you do not want to continue giving access to your account because you ended up badly or it is a stranger.

How to find out who is using your Netflix account

Throughout life we ​​establish ties, relationships and social pacts that, unfortunately, do not always end well. This means that you may have given access to your Netflix account to other people who, for whatever reason, no longer want them to continue scrounging the subscription that you now want to share with others.


Whether for these reasons or because you fear that your account has been hacked and others are taking advantage of your subscription, the way to see who is using your Netflix account is very simple . All you have to do is access the configuration menu in your account, click on View Activity and then on Review Recent Account Accesses. There you can see who enters and from what platform.

How to kick who is using Netflix

To kick someone out there are two methods, or rather two steps that will depend on whether you only gave him access or gave him the password. In the first case, kicking out who uses your Netflix account is very simple. You just need to go into options and log out of the devices remotely. This will require you to log back in to your devices , but it ensures that no one who does not have your password can reconnect even if you gave them access previously.

The other system, necessary if you gave the password to a friend or acquaintance, consists of changing the password of your account. To do this, log in to your Netflix account, click on your profile and enter the Account option, Once there, enter Subscription and billing and then Change Password. Follow the steps and you will be sure to avoid the freeloaders.

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