How to win every mini game in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

In this Fall Guys mini-games guide, we’ll give you a complete tour of all the mini-games, how to qualify them, and all the tips and tricks you need to win every Mini Game in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout.

How to win every mini game in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

There are more than 20 minigames in Fall Guys and they are further divided into Race Chorus, Survival Chorus, Team Chorus and Finals Chorus.

As fascinating as the game looks, making it come alive through these levels is a complicated task at times.

Below we have provided details on how to win each mini game and qualify for the next round in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout.

Tender chorus

The name pretty much explains itself and you will compete with your opponents by racing against them and trying to reach the finish line before they do.

However, it’s not just 100m of races and the obstacles that lie between you and the trophy, sometimes you’ll just be happy to have made it to the finish.

The good news is that no matter how many times you fall off the edge, you will always regenerate at the last checkpoint ready to unleash the Usain Bolt in you!

Dizzying Heights
This race is about to spin you in circles. You’ll move through spinning discs, boulder slide, elevated spinning discs, and a combination of rotating boulders and ladders at the end.

There are many spinning discs, but they are easy enough to get past if you move in the direction of rotation.

This would also help you move faster and spread all other opponents apart.

If you fall while trying to get past a high section of the spinning disk, there is an area below that will help you climb up.

And speaking of falling, remember to jump between the elevated spinning discs and the final section of the ramp. There is a gap in the middle that we couldn’t see the first time around.

The Whirlygig
In this race, you will experience many rotating bumpers that you will have to dodge. You can use these to your advantage and get pushed forward in the right direction, but chances are you’ll end up being pushed into another bumper.

It will be quite difficult to recover once you have been thrown all over the place.

So, it’s best to jump on it and try to position yourself so that the bumper always comes towards you. it’s easier to jump on it this way.

Then comes the blue ledge and to jump on it you must first climb over the yellow boxes. you can also use the conveyor belt and simply jump and dive to reach the top.

For windmills, you need to look at the shadow of their propellers. This way you will know if it is about to hit you or you can easily pass through.

If you see a path around the windmill and the passage through the windmill is quite limited, take the longer path. Better late than never!

See Saw
When the swing is tilted, aim for the top. Your chances of survival will be greater up there. And always take note of where most of the players are already and then make a judgment about the swing movement before taking your jump.

Also, the swings are not connected, be careful not to fall into the gaps between them.

Patience is the key to accessing this minigame.

Punta Punta
This minigame is not for the faint of heart and certainly not for those who don’t like heights. You don’t want to be leading the pack here as you don’t know at what motion the floor will slide under your feet.

Sometimes you may notice them when they tremble momentarily, but still it’s best to play it safe.

Once the path is clear to you and you are close to your victory, the last three fixed tiles will be in the same column.

This is where you can finally take the lead and anticipate the rest. But don’t be too excited as there is a gap between the tiles and the finish. Don’t forget to jump and dive.

Gate Crash
Always aim for the gate that is currently closed. I don’t expect you to go through them, but the logic here is that when you reach them, they will open.

When you get to the fourth row of doors, move to the two doors in the middle. They will be the ones who will open more frequently.

For the final set of doors, you’ll need to slide down and jump at the end. The jump part here is the most crucial, make sure you do a properly planned jump.

These gates will open and close very slowly, so wait for them to open before making the jump.

Fruit Shute
There is a gap between the conveyor belt and the starting line and it is quite easy to miss. So, remember to take this jump ahead of time.

To make it through without getting hit by a fruit, try to stick to the edge, but try not to stray too far from the central conveyor belt.

You can avoid the fruit by moving left and right, but be aware that the conveyor belt is constantly being pushed forward.

Hence, it is better to shelter from the pink triangles that are located near the edge.

You can also use your opponent’s jellies as a shield.

Once you get to the end, there will be a log that comes directly to you. This happens just when you think you are going to win the game and getting hit at that moment can be excruciating.

Again, sticking to the edge can defend you from taking a hit.

Door Dash
Let others do your dirty work and open doors for you. This is when you decide to stay until the crowd ends.

This still doesn’t mean you can’t drive the pack. In case you decide to do this, jump and dive a bit before hitting the door as there is always a jam near the blocks.

Hit parade
When this mini game starts, let everyone take the lead as it is easier to go through horizontal polls when they are less crowded. Plus, you’ll have an edge over everyone who falls.

When you come across the yellow doors, it’s best to walk around as the opening in the middle would be too crowded.

Then come the swinging pendulums. The only possible way to avoid being hit by them is to judge their movement through their shadows.

For the final ladder, stay on the edge and nothing will bother you there.

Slime Climb
This is going to be a long race, but remember it’s just about surviving and not getting to the top.

You can avoid the first obstacles by using the trampoline at the beginning, but don’t waste too much time if it is crowded.

Once you are on the conveyor belt, try to overcome obstacles while staying to the right. It will cost you a long time if you are pushed from the left edge.

After that, you will have to face horizontal poles similar to those in Hit Parade. Land right in between them.

Coming towards the last buttons, they will be fast. Stick to the right edge. It’s risky but it will give you more room to take them out.

If you know your way around the game, jumping and grabbing the taller ledges might be a better option than turning every corner.

Survival choir

Try to stay on top and take advantage of the barriers that are coming. Look for the spaces inside the drums and keep moving from one drum to another.

Jump Club
If you see the pink and green bumpers lined up, try to escape because you can’t successfully jump on them.

There will be times when the green bumper would be out of sight due to the pink bumper, but you will still need to keep track of it.

Neighborhood Party
Stay on the back in this Fall Guys challenge as it will give you more time to react to a block.

When it comes time to jump on the blocks, try to stay away from the rest of the crowd to avoid any obstacles.

For the final part, stand in front and stay in the middle. This way you will have to move the minimum lateral distance to overcome an opening.

Perfect Match
This minigame is quite simple if you have a good memory. You must remember that the first round has two fruits, the second round has four fruits and the third round has five fruits.

Next, memorize the block for each fruit as the fruits are displayed. Or if you don’t like putting your head into it, go where ever everyone goes.

If you know how to get around the blocks, you can even confuse people with it. Get on the wrong block for people to follow you there and then jump to the eleventh hour.

Tail Tag
The best way to grab a tail is to chase someone with a tail. You can earn faster by jumping and diving before hitting the grab button.

It is best to mark a tail towards the end as it takes people some time to realize that something is dangling behind you.

Once you have a queue, keep jumping from ramp to ramp which is in the central area.

Team laps

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Egg Scramble
The goal here is to not finish in the last one, so make sure as many eggs at the start as possible. In case you find yourself at the end of the line, choose the team that is above you and steal the eggs from their basket.

Once you have enough eggs in your cart, start playing defensive. It is easier to steal eggs while outdoors than from your basket.

Also, keep an eye out for the golden eggs. It is easier to catch them outdoors than from someone else’s bin.

Hoopsey Daisy
Don’t try to waste time trying to jump through hoops that are far from you. there will always be someone close enough to make it before you.

However, if you are already close to a circle, go for it.

The gold hoops will constantly spin, so stand back and judge the movement. Once you are sure of the direction it is spinning, take the leap.

Team Queue Tag
Not that different from the normal Queue Tag. Only this time, try to get your jiggly wiggly from the team that’s on the last one.

Once you have the tail, keep running along the edge of the map. You can also move under the rotating hammers to keep opponents away.

If you are not bothered, stay on top of the rotating platforms as they are elevated and it is easier to keep track of your surroundings from an altitude.

Also, you can’t be annoyed if you’re hanging from a ledge as no one will be able to reach you.

If you are messy and trying to attract other people, focus on putting people on the edge of the map as that is where the best players are and if you get rid of them earlier then the rest of the game would be easy.

Fall Ball
Most of the players here will try to play offensively, so if you improve your defense game, you will have a better chance of winning.

Even if you want to play offensive, have two people defend the goal. For the best defense, keep the center of the goal.

If you are playing offensive, do not shoot directly on goal as it is meant to be defended. Instead, shoot at any rear corner of the target.

If you want to challenge the defender, dribble the ball for a while until it comes for you and when it does, shoot straight into the goal.

If you have had past football experience, you will be all over the game.

Rock n roll
Divide the roles between rolling the ball and guiding the ball. If there are a lot of people throwing the ball, they stick to the side and focus on the stearin in the right direction.

If there is someone in front of you, go ahead and block their path. Even if only one person tries to roll the ball back, it will still have a huge impact.

Whatever you do, don’t let your ball get stuck in a corner. You won’t be able to get past it and move it.

Get as many balls as you can from the team in the last few but in doing so make sure no one steals your balls in your absence.

Final chorus

If you’ve made it this far, there are only three more challenges ahead!

Autumn Fountain
This is one of the most difficult mini-games. Your first major problem would be the balls rolling down the slope and spinning the pink doors.

You have to pay close attention to the balls and how they affect other obstacles.

Once you are at the top, you will not be able to see the balls coming to you from above. The only way to figure this out is to keep an eye on which of the canyons is firing.

When you’ve made it to the crown, you can’t just jump into it. You will have to grab the crown or you will fall.

Also, the crown moves up and down, so it calculates the time.

You can jump between tiles or run between them. Jumping between them will slowly exhaust them.

Eventually, you’ll run out of tiles to set foot on, so you need to plan ahead and know which tile to land on below you.

Real Fumble
This is also very similar to Tail Tag. Running down ramps can protect your tail with a win.


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