Honkai: Star Rail Walkthrough Chapter 2: Into the Dry Winter Night

A detailed guide to all the tasks of the chapter “Into the withering winter night” – all the missions of Exploration of the second chapter in Kamnegrad, Overdark, Underdark and Robot Settlement

Soon you will reach the next planet, Yarilo-VI, where there are several attractions at once. The following story missions will take us through the Overdark, Underdark, we will visit Kamnegrad, Belobog and the robot settlement.

ice adventure

Talk to Dan Heng and Mart-7 on the Express and agree to land on the planet’s surface. Defeat the first enemies and examine the Sepals.

This is a special teleport that allows you to pass tests that require the energy of Exploration to run. For these tests, you will receive various rewards. A little further on, find a pile of snow and interact with it to meet the Sampo and learn about the Silvermane Guardians. Fight the guards and the Cheetah until the dialogue starts.

Soon you will come to Belobog.

Night in the city of everwinter

After talking with the Keeper, you will need to see three sights. A separate yellow marker leads to each. Near the ice monument is a newspaper vendor. You can purchase four newspapers from him, which are necessary to complete the “Books” section on Yarilo-VI. Nearby there is another merchant’s shop, and there is another book on it. Near the workshop you will meet another heroine, Serval. Remove the message to the new repairman from the wall to the left of the entrance and enter the Serval workshop. Solve a simple item repair puzzle.

Go to the forbidden alley. In addition, there are several regular chests in the city. Be sure to search the trash cans. Several times until they stop glowing. Enter the hotel lobby, talk to your friends and go to the corridor. There is a book on the table to the left. If you are ready to rest, go to the marker. Before you go to bed, you can earn the praise of high morality.

To do this, hide inside the closet and wait. Point out that the demon of the hotel is walking along the corridor. Then open the door (without the phrase “Die demon”). In the morning, go down to the Armor and watch the cut-scene. It doesn’t matter what you choose.

You can run but you can’t hide

Go down the alley and defeat the enemies. Nearby you will find the second sepal (gold): “Aether Bud”. If you can defeat the enemies on the right (recommended level 20), you will gain access to a valuable chest. Go down below, defeat the enemies and use the controller on the left to create a shortcut. Turn right, because there will be guards behind the gate on the left, and you can’t fight them. Examine the controller twice and solve a simple puzzle like in the Serval workshop.

Search the valuable chest and fight the enemy ahead. Remove the note from the phone booth, get to the next locked gate. Learn how to use consumable items. Use gloves and defeat enemies. Activate the controller. Turn around and go right first. Find a broken automaton, fix it by solving the puzzle like in the Serval workshop. Follow the automaton, which will lead you to a valuable chest.

Go back to where the automaton was and turn left. There will be a dangerous level 20 enemy here, but if you manage to defeat him, you can open a luxurious chest and get a database and other items. Fight guards and Armor. Once the Armor reaches 1% of their total health, a cutscene will play and the heroes will be rescued by Sampo.


Chat with Natasha. Collect various books and leave the room to find yourself outside the Underdark and learn about the confrontation between the Silvermane Guardians and the Wildfire. This is Kamnegrad. Chat with Mart-7, who is standing opposite and talking to Hook.

Follow the marker and look for the Hook around the corner of the front door of the corner building, right next to the dimensional anchor. In the second round, you need to find three children. Go through the archway to the nearest dead end alley and look for Hook behind the cart on the left. Go in the other direction next to the regular chest and behind the boxes on the left, find the second child. The guy with the glasses is Jullian, who reincarnated as an adult.

Eighth and final rule

Follow Hook to the fight club. Along the way, turn into small alleys to the left and right to find books and regular chests. Examine the poster to the left of the entrance and go inside. Defeat the Spider Automatons. On the box to the right of the front door is a letter with an invitation to the Dark Fist tournament. Take it – it will come in handy in the future! Head right and behind the building on the left to talk to Sampo.

Long wait for the edge of the blade

If you repair the dumpster next to Turner, the snack vendor, you will receive a high morale commendation. In the alley opposite the grocery merchant, look for two dumpsters. One of them is open. Throw in (via the dialogue menu) seven regular pieces of trash and you’ll get a high morale commendation. Keep following the markers. Soon you will reach Turner, which I wrote about above. Zele will soon appear and protect the Armor.

How many have fallen into this abyss

When you get Mastery level 14, go to the marker and talk to Zele. Go to the side of a large mine, talk to the girl again. Climb up and interact with Peak, who is sleeping on the bridge. Fight the vagrants, pick up the Nakhodyusha robot. You cannot use the elevator yet, so go deep into the location and fight the enemies. To the left of the entrance to the cave, you can find an automaton. If you repair it (solve the puzzle), you can pick up a reward from a valuable chest.

Find the meeting point of Antonina and the tramps. Defeat the enemies, “Sepal (Gold): Treasure Bud” will appear nearby. Proceed further and inspect the minecart blocking the path. You need to find two parts from this trolley using the drone Nahodyusha. Press the R key to place such a drone and see in which direction to look for an item. The search area is marked on your radar. The ultimate goal is to use the direction of movement to determine the location of the part, and put the search drone there. After that, a marker will appear. You need to find two parts, go back and repair the trolley. Right after that, push it forward, go further and defeat the robots.

Keep moving until you destroy the huge automaton and meet Clara with Svarog. Listen to foreman Oleg.

Date at sunset

If you have the strength, defeat the powerful opponent on the right side and open the luxurious chest. Now go to the left side, where the elevator is located. Clear the location, find records and a valuable chest surrounded by a strong enemy (in fact, this enemy is weaker than the robot guarding the luxury chest). Teleport to Kamnegrad and go to the inn.

Go to bed and go outside at night. Soon you will meet Natasha and Zele, you will have to go to Zaklepkograd.

The past will cover with an avalanche

Follow the marker to the next city. Climb up and look around the city. Fight several enemy groups blocking the only way into the city. Collect books along the way and open chests. When you find yourself in a more or less spacious place with a marker, pay attention to the controller on the right. Solve the familiar puzzle to open the door and gain access to a valuable chest. Continue down this alley to find a luxurious chest guarded by a level 29 petrel. If you can’t beat him, come back here later.

Examine the boxes, but they will be empty. Go to the door at the controller and chat with Eric. After that, move further along the marker, killing enemies. Don’t forget to move away from the main path to find useful items. So, turn right immediately after the destroyed automaton, for the repair of which you need, as always, to solve the puzzle. When you do this, you will fall into an alley with a simple and very strong enemy. If you defeat the latter, you can create a shortcut. In addition, a luxurious chest is hidden on the side of the steps where the enemy stood. Go back and repair the automaton, which will just lead you to this alley and show you the location of a valuable chest.

Move on and turn left at the crossroads. There will be two enemy groups at once guarding a valuable chest. You can destroy everyone if you wish. On the right is the transition point to the robot settlement, but you need to move up the stairs to the orphanage. Go to the box with the book and talk to the companions. Deal with the monster, Ice from space. Stand with your back to the steps, go forward and to the left, to the boxes with the book. Interact with the highlighted box to learn about Armor’s past.

Go down the stairs, having previously picked up different books (only three at the entrance). Talk to Clara, look around, create a shortcut and chat with Zele to complete the task.

Lying among the rust

Move to Natasha’s clinic and talk to her. Natasha will join your squad. Chat with Oleg at the marked location to complete the quest.

Rot or burn

You will be able to complete this quest after you reach Mastery level 18. Meet with Hook at the specified location in Kamnegrad. You will move to the robot settlement. Head to the marked gate to learn how to open it – third level certification required. Follow the marker to the certification robot. Certification levels will have to be obtained in turn.

To earn Level 1 certification, answer the question “Who is the reigning champion of the Combustion Engine Rap Tournament?”. The answer is Bedrock 88 degrees. To receive Level 2 certification, answer the question “Which component should the microcrystalline block be attached to?”. The answer is the Logical Control Center. Finally, in order to get a level three certification, you simply have to win the battle. By the way, if you answer the questions of the first and / or second level incorrectly, you will have to fight, but you will immediately be given the right pass.

Go through the first gate and stop at the next one. You will move to Zaklepkograd. Use the teleport closest to the marker. Examine the broken robot, move closer to Clara and help her in the fight with Fire from space. After talking with her, return to the entrance to the settlement and stand at the marker. Clara ran downstairs – call the elevator and go down next.

If you go to the left side (opposite from the marker), you can find a repair puzzle. Having solved it, open a valuable chest. A little further there is another turn leading to a dead end with a dangerous level 32 enemy. If you destroy it, you will receive a luxurious chest. Move along the marker, killing enemies, and talk to Clara. Repair the equipment that Clara broke. Talk to her and return to the entrance to the settlement. Try to convince Svarog, but all in vain. Fight the robot until Natasha and Sampo appear. The battle will continue.

We can’t say goodbye

Return to the city and chat with companions near the hotel. By the way, there is a questionnaire in your room. If you fill it out and leave a positive review, pass it on to the hostess at the entrance to receive praise of high morality. Lie down to rest. In the morning, talk to Oleg, Sampo and Zele.


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