Honkai: Star Rail Walkthrough Chapter 4: Into the Dry Winter Night

How to complete all the story missions of the chapter “Into the withering winter night”

In this chapter, you will find yourself on a huge ship of the Hunt – Lofu Xianzhou.

An unexpected invitation

You will be able to take on this Assimilation mission once you reach the 29 Assimilation level. Chat with Himeko and participate in the general meeting. Kafka will appear, who will tell about the explosion of Stellaron on Lofu Xianzhou. Go to Dan Heng, chat with the rest of the squad. No matter how you vote, you will have to fly to the Lofu Xianzhou ship. Leave the train. Instead of Dan Heng, Welt will keep you company.

Among the stricken Marus

Move forward, breaking the jugs, and inspect the wounded Cloud Knight. The container on the right side contains a regular chest. If you see a purple haze, break the object to restore vehicle points. Go further, go down below and fight with the Spawn of wind, thunder and Mara’s Struck Soldier. The last opponent has two lives. After the first destruction, he is cured and revives.

Follow even lower and watch the cut-scene. Defeat the Mara-stricken soldiers, talk to Tingyun. First, head west to open a regular chest. On the parallel path there will be a group of two enemies and a vehicle source. Head east and look at the Hexanexus puzzle. In this case, it is enough to select the upper part and rotate it twice clockwise or counterclockwise. So that the green square is in the same corner as the two green plates (opposite them). After solving the riddle, you can search a valuable chest and get a marksman’s windproof cape (4 stars). A little further there is another valuable chest, which is guarded by enemies consisting of two groups. Inside is a thief’s steel hook (4 stars, relic).

Defeat the other enemy group by following the marker and interact with the controller. You need to rearrange the containers in the right way to progress. In this case, it is enough to move the containers to the right.

Go to the other side and use the second controller. Move the containers to the left once. Search the regular chest opposite and move on. On the left side of the steps there is a Cave of Corrosion. Climb up to the gate and kill a group of Enchanted Inventions (cloudy golden toad, obedient dragon lion). Interact with the lock to open the gate.

Climbing the stairs to the right, you can search a regular chest. Defeat the next enemy group, which will include new enemies (the glowing dragonfish). Like the Spiderbot, it explodes when it dies, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Pick up the note from the table, go forward and search the regular chest.

First go to the right side, in the opposite direction from the marker. You will see a robopta sitting on a branch. Don’t interact with her, but instead head to the right and clear the area of ​​three enemy groups. Now go back and interact with the robot. Move after her. When she stops near the shelving, interact so that the robot takes the crate. Follow her, open the door for her. Roboptah will return to the cafe that you have already passed by. A valuable chest will appear. Go back through the door, immediately after it on the right, look for a reservoir and a regular chest. Opposite the door where the roboptah flew, there is a Hexanexus. Select the third arrow from the left (top to bottom) and rotate twice to either side. Select the top arrow on the left and rotate it counterclockwise once. Look into the valuable chest.

Walk in the direction of the marker to see a dangerous enemy. Instead, move further east, search a regular chest and break a couple of jugs. And now you can go back and fight the Miscellaneous enemy. He can summon Maru-Stricken soldiers. After the victory, on the left side of the transport, find the Navigation Compass.

Rotate the rings to align all axes (orange) with the blue axis on the outer circle. That is, all parts should be directed to the left. The inner ring must be turned twice clockwise, and the outer ring once counterclockwise. Search the valuable chest and leave this place.

Cunning tricks

Move along the Central Harbor of the Star Skiff Refuge, you won’t be able to climb directly, so go ahead. To the right is a regular chest. Go even further and turn right to another regular chest. Follow up the stairs, get to Tingyun and go past her. Ahead is another regular chest. Approach Tingyun and watch the cut-scene. Meet General Jing Yuan and Yukong.

Chat separately with the general, who will ask you to find Kafka. Talk to Velt. Go through the door and watch the cut-scene. Return to the docks to Tingyun. Go to the Petrikor Hotel. Send a message to Dan Heng, but it will not reach the recipient.

Scattered memories of the past

You will control one Dan Heng. Move along the marker and kill the enemies. soon you will meet Sushan of the Cloud Knights and Locha. You will meet Deetin. This mechanical dog is a real bloodhound. Follow the marker to the marked area and press R to search it. Go down below and press R to see blue circles indicating three footprints. You can pick up items in these places only when Deetin’s probe is activated. When you collect all three things, follow above and chat with Tingyun. Move to the port of Stargazer Navaliya. The task will end.

Whirlpool of stars, insight is coming

Turn around and solve the Navigation Compass puzzle. Rotate the outer circle twice. Rotate the outer and middle circles once. In general, these puzzles do not present any difficulty, because the circles rotate exclusively in a given direction, and you do not affect anything. Just switch between circles and rotate until the axes match. Search the valuable chest.

Go down below, but do not rush to climb the steps to the enemy. Launch Deetin’s probe and examine the glowing area in front of the door, to the right of the steps. Go back a little and in the same highlighted area, find a clue to the right of another door. These are weapon shards. Defeat the nearest enemy, go down the first set of steps and turn right to find a regular chest. Go down even lower, go to the marked area and break the jug on the left, because it is in it that the unexploded grenade is hidden. As always, to find and pick her up, you need to activate Deetin’s probe.

Continue moving, clear the region and break another vase in the third highlighted area. Turn on Deetin’s probe and pick up the broken jade tag. In addition, there is a level 44 Apprentice Sanctus Medicus (Werewolf) on the side. If you can and are ready to defeat him, get access to the Luxury Chest.

Continue to the marker, go down the lift. Before following to the right, go forward without turning on the steps. Clear the area. To the side of the stairs on the right side there is a regular chest. Behind the containers on the left there is a small area with a Hexanexus puzzle. Click on the bottom button on the left side (fourth from top to bottom) to highlight the four closest squares. Turn them clockwise once. Open a valuable chest. Also look for Corrosion Cavern “Raging Flame Path” nearby. Return to the lift and go up the steps on the left. Kill two enemy groups. Take the steps on the right side and interact with Hexanexus. Do not switch anything and turn the top part clockwise once. Switch to the second button from top to bottom on the left side to select the four bottom cubes, and turn them twice clockwise or counterclockwise. Open a valuable chest. Follow the marker and meet Kafka.

Repel the attack of the sentinel Cloud Knights, and after the battle, turn the corner on the right and find the door behind the container. Open it with a controller to create a shortcut. You can turn to the right side, in the opposite direction from the marker, to find a valuable chest guarded by two groups of normal, but high-level opponents. Here is the controller. Interact with it and move the container to the right to create a shortcut.

Move along the marker, go down and clear the area from three enemy groups. Continue in the direction of the sign, climb up and talk to Kafka, who will close the door. Use your controller and move the containers to the right once. Cross to the other side and use the second controller to move the red containers to the right. Take a regular chest by walking over the red container. Climb down and go past the red container. Climb up the steps and use the panel on the right to open the door and create a shortcut. Run back to the second controller and slide the red containers back to the left side. Go back upstairs to the first controller, go through the open door, go down and go around the grate on the left to open the Luxury Chest.

Move on along the marker. On the right there will be an ordinary chest, in front – the enemy. Follow the marker and turn right instead of moving left. Open the door on the left with the remote control, kill the enemy and solve the puzzle with the Navigation Compass. Rotate the inner circle twice, rotate the middle circle twice with the inner one (it doesn’t rotate separately), switch to the outer circle and rotate it again. Take the contents of the valuable chest. Climb even higher up the stairs and solve the Hexanexus puzzle. Click on the bottom button on the left side (fourth from top to bottom) and rotate the four nearest cubes twice clockwise or counterclockwise. Press the top button and turn the top cubes twice clockwise or counterclockwise. Search the valuable chest.

Head back through the door you just opened with the controller and use the container control terminal. Move them to the right, go to the opened place and search the regular chest. When you get to the marker, take the stairs to the left and open another regular chest. Kill all the enemies a little further, you can turn to the left side and find a strong enemy guarding the Luxurious Chest. Use the controller and slide the containers to the left. On the left side, behind the container, look for a regular chest. Eventually, you will reach Kafka.

The battle against Kafka will begin. Basically, the battle is not that difficult, and you will win it without too much trouble. Watch the video. Fu Xuan will appear. After a long conversation, go to the square and fight the enemies. Meet Bailu. Now search the marked area. You need to talk to two people in the northwest area. After that, the right person will come. After talking with him, visit the Office of the Balance Commission and talk to Dahao. Hand over the undelivered letter, talk to Qingzu. Go to the indicated place and talk to the Mumbling Freak, dressed in a green robe. Interact with the treatise lying on the table. Talk to the Cloud Knight sitting on the ground. Show Hibiscus the transcribed manuscript.

Fight the knight, return to the office and stand in the indicated place. Chat with Qingzu on the phone, go to the vase and interact with it to get a secret letter. Examine the two places marked with markers. A new Jade Circuit puzzle will start. In fact, these are tags. You need to move the compute module from the top to the same slot from the bottom. Select the top axle from the two and rotate twice clockwise or counterclockwise. Select the axis below and rotate until the module matches an empty slot of the same shape. Go to the indicated location to meet the leader, Master Purple Rose.

You need to defeat two Cult Apprentices. Don’t forget that they are constantly spawning Maru Corrupted soldiers, so it’s best to focus on killing them and the rest of the mobs will disappear. Move to the indicated place and talk to Chiyan. Once inside the monastery, collect three books from the table and talk to Qingzu. Chat with a couple of characters to learn more about the recipe.

New friends – new joys

This quest can be started at Mastering level 34. Move to the indicated place and talk on the phone to unknown people and go to the indicated place to get acquainted with Qingque. The task will be updated soon.

The ubiquitous search for the world

Move to the location “Commission on Predictions”. Follow forward to the nearby pier to find a puzzle with the Navigational Compass. First, switch to the large outer ring and rotate to connect the axles. Then switch to the inner ring and adjust its axis. Search the valuable chest.

There is another navigational compass on the nearby pier, but first you have to deal with two enemy groups. First adjust the middle ring, then the outer, the largest, and then switch to the inner. Open a valuable chest. On the other side, look for a regular chest.

Come closer to the door. There are additional passages to the left and right. Go to the right side, destroy the enemies and search the regular chest. Go to the left side. Immediately go around the building on the left and find another regular chest. Solve the Hexanexus puzzle. Click on the third button from top to bottom on the left side to select the four farthest squares, rotate twice clockwise or counterclockwise and the puzzle will be solved. Search the valuable chest.

Go back and inspect the door. After talking to your companions, go left and open another door by interacting with the controller. You need to solve the Jade Schematic puzzle. There are two green axles, one of which has a slot for the S rune. Select the left axle and turn it clockwise twice. Select the right axis and turn once counterclockwise.

Destroy new enemies (apprentices of the Sanctus Medicus of the Internal Alchemists), who explode upon death and deal additional damage to you. Climb the stairs, turn left, take out the enemy group and search the regular chest hidden in the dead end. Go in the opposite direction, clear the area and open the large gate, creating a short path back. Go through the doors towards the marker, find a regular chest on the right side, and a delivery bird on the left side. Interact with her, escort her to the packages and the next delivery location to get a valuable chest. Get to the indicated place and chat with Qingque. Go even further and meet Jing Yuan and Fu Xuan.

After the conversation, go in the opposite direction from the marker and solve the Jade Schematic puzzle. Select the left axis and rotate three times clockwise. Select the right axis and rotate it counterclockwise once so that both elements fit into their puzzles. Interact with the teleport that appeared after solving the puzzle. Go ahead and look behind the Karmic Terminal (a huge purple thing) for a regular chest. Return to the teleporter and run to the left. Defeat the enemy group, turn right and deal with more enemies to search a valuable chest.

Go to the opposite side and deal with the other two enemy groups. On the left side there will be a Hexanexus puzzle. First select the last right button to select the four right side cubes. Rotate once clockwise (D key). Click on the first button on the left to select the top cubes and rotate them clockwise once. Click on the second button from top to bottom on the left side to select the bottom cubes and rotate once clockwise. Then click on the second button from right to left (bottom) and rotate the cubes once clockwise. All green cubes should be on the bottom. Search the valuable chest.

Return to the fork and continue through this additional area. There will be another Dimensional Terminal to the left, and behind it are two enemy groups and a valuable chest. After that, go to the dock opposite and solve the Jade Circuit puzzle to create another teleporter and return to where you came from. To solve the puzzle, select the right axis and turn it counterclockwise once. Then select the middle axis and rotate it counterclockwise once. Select the left axis and turn once counterclockwise.

Return to the starting place and use the teleport marked with a marker. There are two doors on the left and right sides that you can open by interacting with the controllers. Do so and first go through the door on the left. Kill all the enemies and solve the Jade Circuit puzzle to create another teleporter. Select the right axis and rotate once clockwise. Select the left axis and rotate three times clockwise. Select the right axis and turn it three times clockwise. Select the left axis and rotate once clockwise.

Teleport and search the regular chest. Walk forward and open the door. You will return to the very optional area that you explored earlier. Teleport again from the place where you met Fu Xuan towards the marker. Behind the teleporter there is a Luxurious Chest guarded by a very strong enemy. Go down there using any set of stairs. After destroying the enemy, you can search this chest and get a substantial reward.

Go back upstairs and turn right. Search the usual chest on the left hand, use the teleport in front, go a little further and kill the enemies. go ahead and open another gate to create a shortcut. Follow the marker, move the green laser nodes to repeat the image on the base terminal. Go behind the terminal and defeat the two enemy groups. Move down the stairs to defeat some more enemy groups. And a little further, on the right, is Hexanexus. To solve this puzzle and access the valuable chest, press the right button on the bottom and turn the puzzle clockwise once (D key). Click on the second button from top to bottom on the left side to select the bottom cubes and rotate them once with the A key.

Go back through one door and go right to the second Hexanexus in the area. The principle of its solution remains plus or minus the same as the previous time: press the rightmost button and the A key to rotate the cubes once counterclockwise. Press the upper left button and rotate the cubes once with the A key. Press the right button from right to left in the bottom row and rotate the cubes twice in any direction so that they are all on the bottom. Search another valuable chest. Go in the opposite direction, where you have not been yet. There will be a locked door here.

Now, if you didn’t follow our guide, follow the markers towards the other two terminals that you need to activate, like the previous one, temporary. To get to them, you will have to solve puzzles with Jade schemes. We wrote about them above. The only exception will be that new, stronger enemies will appear on the way to both terminals. On the way to the Dimensional Terminal, in front of the stairs, you will meet the Gatekeeper Aurumaton. He will summon glowing dragonfish. As soon as you kill Aurumaton, these “fish” will also disappear.

To run both terminals, repeat the picture shown on them. Return to the Matrix Core and speak with Fu Xuan. If ready, agree to teleport.

Branches return, fate intricacies

Talk to Kafka to find out the answers to some of the questions that everyone is interested in.

A safe haven in the midst of chaos

You will again control Dan Hen. Rescue the girl who is surrounded by soldiers stricken by Mara. Continue moving, and soon switch to the main group.

Branches return, fate intricacies

After the cutscene, go to the marker and talk to the team. Open the large door, find a regular chest on the right side and go up the stairs. On the left side on the bookcases, look for another bird. Repair it by solving the Jade Circuit puzzle. Select the bottom axle and rotate three times counterclockwise. Select the top axle and turn once counterclockwise. Select the lower axle and rotate twice clockwise. Launch the delivery robot and follow it. Take the contents of the valuable chest.

Returning back, after two guards, turn right and a little further than the steps, find a regular chest. Climb up and talk to the general and Fu Xuan. Go up the steps. On the second jetty on the right, look for a Navigational Compass puzzle. First select the outer and middle rings and rotate one. Turn the inner and middle rings once. And turn the outer and middle rings once. Search the valuable chest.

On one of the piers on the other side, there will be a second puzzle with the Navigational Compass. First select the outer and middle rings and rotate once. Then select the inner and outer rings and rotate to adjust the axis of the outer ring. Select only the inner one and adjust its axis to the left. Talk to Fu Xuan again. Go to the Crafts Commission.

Branching horns and tangled roots

Go to the door marked with a marker, go downstairs and talk to apprentice Avey to get the Crafts Commission Jade Tag. Use it to open a large gate and get into the Commission. On the right side, look for your first regular chest in the location. Go down the stairs and defeat the first enemy group. Don’t forget to break the jugs. Deal with opponents on the bridge. Talk to Master Gunshu.

Follow him, after which you will need to solve the puzzle. Rotate the top knot counter-clockwise two times to point at the ambrosia at the bottom right. Go down to the left and start the ambrosia burner. This will clear the Jade Schematic so you can solve the puzzle to create a teleporter. After teleporting, first go down the stairs to defeat the powerful Gatekeeper Aurumaton and open the Luxurious Chest. Go back upstairs and follow the markers. To the right in front of the steps there will be a regular chest.

Watch the cut-scene, then fight the Black Deer of Plenty. A completely new monster, which in this situation became the boss. You cannot destroy it. The tree will constantly heal the Deer, and your task is to completely mow down the white scale of the monster’s resistance. The group will have to retreat.

Follow down the marker and take out the enemy group. Go down even lower to solve another puzzle with burning ambrosia. Rotate the upper left node so that the beam is directed to the right, to the upper right node. Turn it diagonally left and down so that it goes through two ambrosia bushes (the third one will be destroyed when the beam is launched). Start your device. Go back a little and find the steps on the left. Climb up them and open a regular chest.

Climb up the marker and you will see a teleport. Before using it, approach the castle on the left. You will be attacked by an Aurumaton gatekeeper standing in a container. After winning, activate the lock to open the gate. Behind them will be a short path to the deer. Use the teleporter, deploy it while looking towards the marker, and use it again to move to the other side. Move to the left side and destroy the enemy group with dragon fish. Behind these opponents is a regular chest. Continue in this direction and you will see another controller that lowers the lift and creates the shortest path to the Deer. However, you can’t use it right now. But to open a regular chest to the left of the controller and the elevator is quite!

Walk towards the marker and defeat the two enemy groups. Climb up the nearby stairs and kill the enemies near the gate, then open it. Behind the door is a Hexanexus puzzle. Select the lower right button and press once on the A key. Then select the button adjacent to it (second from right to left) and press once on D. Search the valuable chest. Nearby is also the Jade Circuit. To solve the puzzle and create a teleporter, do the following: select the bottom axle and turn it clockwise once. Select the lower right axle and rotate it counterclockwise once. Select the bottom left axle and turn three times counterclockwise. Select the top left axis and rotate once counterclockwise. Rotate the lower left axis so that both tiles fit into the slots. Go to the left side of this place and behind the passage you will find a courtyard with a strong Petrel. You have already met such enemies. As a result of defeating him, you will gain access to the Luxurious Chest.

Use the newly repaired teleporter to teleport to a locked courtyard with an enemy squad and another Hexanexus. Select the second button from the bottom, from right to left, and turn once on the A key. Select the third button from the bottom, from right to left, and turn once with the A key. Search the valuable chest.

Return and follow the marker. Solve another ragweed burning puzzle. Direct the left node diagonally to the right-up, through the ambrosia to the next node. Turn the next node to the right, and the last, rightmost, diagonally left-down. Now you can go back and kill the Deer, but first go to the next passage and clear the area from two enemy units. Then open a regular chest.

Open the gate and take the shortest path back to the Creation Furnace. Lower the lift using the lock, stand on it, and it will automatically go up. At the second stage, be sure to destroy the golden fruit trees, otherwise the Deer will carry out a particularly dangerous blow that causes huge damage.

Only the blind will see the truth, only heaven will punish sinners

Your final destination is the Alchemy Commission. While chatting with Dan Heng, you can start his Craft Commission mission to receive additional rewards. All you have to do is defeat a few enemy groups in the side quest “Command of the Ten Lords, March of Disaster”. It is not necessary to fight with everyone in a row – you can simply bypass some enemies. For example, everyone near the teleporter and immediately use the latter. In the end, you will have to defeat Aurumaton the Gatekeeper.

Before you leave the Craft Commission, go around the tree and the Deer you just defeated. The gate is blocked by roots. Turn right, kill three enemy groups and go left to find the Hexanexus. Solve the puzzle and open a valuable chest. To do this, click on the second button from top to bottom on the left side and turn the bottom cubes left or right twice. Climb another ladder and attack the piggy bank.

Get out of the dead end and go in the other direction, where you went on the side task of Dan Heng in the phone. Kill several enemies near the teleport. Climb up the steps on the right side and solve the puzzle with the Jade Schematic on the lock of the locked door. To do this, select the lower axle and turn three times counterclockwise. Select the top axle and rotate once clockwise. Reselect the bottom axle and turn clockwise once. This gate will unlock a short path to the beginning of the location.

Return to the teleporter and go the other way to find the Navigational Compass. Select the inner and outer rings and turn once (if I’m not mistaken; if it doesn’t work out, then two times). Then select the inner and middle rings and rotate four times. Open a valuable chest.

Return to the teleporter and rotate it! After that, teleport to a completely new place and open a regular chest. Now turn this teleporter and move further to get to another flying ship with a regular chest. Deploy the teleporter and teleport to where Dan Heng flew to in his side mission. Solve another puzzle with Hexanexus. Click on the third button from right to left on the bottom row and rotate the four cubes twice in any direction. Use the top left button to select the top cubes and rotate twice in either direction. Search the valuable chest and interact with the robotoptah sitting nearby. Follow along and kill the enemies. Let the robot take the package. Open the large door, but before you go, find a regular chest to the right of it. Get to the destination with the robopta and search the valuable chest.

Follow the marker and leave the location. Around this time, you will receive a message from Dan Shu asking for help. Take your time. This pier has a navigational compass. Solve the puzzle. To do this, select the outer and middle rings and turn 4-5 times until all the axes come together. Search the valuable chest.

Move to the Zhomu pavilion and talk to her. You will receive pharmacological studies of the tincture. Follow the marker and talk to Qingzu. Return to Dan Shu, then go to the indicated place and give the medicine to the girl. And return to Dan Shu again. Move to Lofu Xianzhou. Locate the Illuminating Chest marker on the map. Go there and talk to Master Gunshu. The puzzle will begin. Rotate the closest node to the source once counterclockwise so that it points upwards to the right. Go to this node and turn it right-down. Point the next lower right knot up. The last, top right node is left-down. Search the regular chest that appears.

Trigger the second puzzle with the Illuminating Chest. Rotate the left assembly (to the left of the adapter) up and to the right. Move along its beam to the next node and turn right to the next node. Point it down. The one on the bottom right is the one on the left. The last one, to the right of the adapter, is left-up. You will receive another regular chest.

Trigger the third Lighting Chest puzzle. Go from the adapter and rotate the nodes like this: right, diagonally right-up, down, right, up. This time you will receive a valuable chest. On the side there is also another platform with a roboptah. To start it, you need to solve the puzzle. Select the bottom left axle and rotate once clockwise. Select the right axis and turn once counterclockwise. Select the top left axle and rotate it clockwise twice. Follow and search the valuable chest.

Move along the marker and help the girl. After that, talk to Dan Shu and move to the bookstore. Talk to Yinshu until a message comes from Dan Shu. Go back to the woman, talk to Qingzu inside the Abode. Defeat all enemies, inspect Dan Shu’s habitat. Find her using the dog’s scent (R) and talk about everything. You can attack her or leave her alone. Report everything to Qingzu. This will complete the story part of version 1.0!


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