Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium Test Part Four

Ready to take part in the fourth part of the Trial of Balance in Honkai: Star Rail. Now that you’ve gone down this path a few times, you probably already have a good idea of ​​what you’re doing, but it will still give you a good challenge to see if you’re ready for the higher levels in Calyxes, the simulation. Universe and more. Here’s how I got through the balance test, part four.

Honkai Star Rail: How to get to Level 4 Equilibrium – Complete the Equilibrium Trial, Part Four

Once you reach Trailblaze level 50, Trial of Balance Part Four will unlock. You will not be able to level up as a trailblazer until you pass this challenge. Go to the gate as indicated by the yellow diamond to start the challenge.

Even if you think you can go this route, we strongly recommend that you wait until you have eight characters at the maximum level that they can be raised to. As soon as you complete the task, the level of all enemies around the world will increase. You may find it difficult to face these enemies if you don’t have enough characters with different elements to counter them.

And again, you will choose one team for two battles. The first will be against two Windspawn and a Stormbringer . The second will be against an Aurumaten Gatekeeper and two Thunderspawns .

The best team compositions for testing the fourth level of balance

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

The weaknesses of both bosses are very different. The Thunderer is weak to fire, ice, and imagination. Gatekeeper of lightning, wind and quants. I would suggest splitting your team evenly so that two members have an advantage over each boss. In my case, I am lucky to have both Seele and Bayla on my list. I completed the team of Fiery Pathfinder and Pela . Here is another example of a team composition that you can only use with free characters:

  • Fiery Pathfinder, Natasha, Dan Heng and Asta.

The trick of this team is to use Dan Heng and Asta carefully, favoring one of them when they have a natural advantage over the boss.


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