How to Farm Star Jade in Honkai: Star Rail

All ways to quickly farm Star Jade, where to spend Star Jade

A couple of hours after the start of the Honkai: Star Rail story campaign, you will learn about a special in-game currency called Star Jade. After the first conversation with Asta in the story, she will introduce you to banners – perhaps the main element of any gacha game. Star Jades can be spent in different ways, but their main use is to buy regular and special Star Passes and jump on those same banners, thanks to which you can get characters and light cones of varying rarity (from three to five stars in the case of cones and four to five stars in the case of characters, since there are simply no 3-star heroes in Honkai).

Another way to use jade is to restore Pathfinder energy, which is used to complete additional events such as Caverns of Corrosion, Sepals, Shadows and Echoes of War. However, spending jade on energy is the worst idea, especially if you do not consider yourself a player who is ready and able to spend real money on buying jade. Since Star Jade is the most sought-after in-game currency, the developers have provided several ways to get it at once.

Go through the storyline

The main storyline of Honkai: Star Rail is the most important part of the game. Moreover, as you progress through the story, you will be able to unlock most of the new systems and activities. In addition, in order to move on, sometimes the game puts forward quite a laconic requirement for itself – to level up to a specific level of Mastery. By leveling up your character, you will already receive various prizes, including jade, and upon completion of each quest, even more of this coveted currency.

The amount of Star Jade given out for completing missions varies from 30 to 60 units. On the other hand, these are one-time rewards, since the plot of the game is suspended sooner or later and you have to wait for an update (and you cannot repeat previously completed missions). Judging by the Genshin Impact, usually each new version of the game contains two story chapters, divided into several separate tasks, so after the release of the update, be sure to go through the story part to earn some jade. Most of the Star Jade at the beginning of the game you will get thanks to the story missions.

Explore each individual region or location

Unlike other open world games, the Star Rail map is divided into several parts. You can use the Star Express or Dimensional Anchor to move between the largest locations (in version 1.0, these are the Gerta Space Station, the planet Yarilo-VI and the huge ship Lofu Xianzhou), which, in turn, are divided into smaller regions. If you open the map, the list of available regions on the current “planet” will be listed on the right side of the screen. By clicking on a certain section, you will be able to see a map of that region of the current planet, the number of hidden chests will be shown in the upper left corner. These chests are only those that you can find directly in the open world, without having to kill strong enemies or solve puzzles. That is, all you need is to approach, open and receive a reward.

That is why we recommend exploring each location, looking into all its corners. Even if you have already collected all the chests, you will surely be able to discover new adventure or companion missions, for the completion of which, again, you will receive Star Jade. All of these activities are also a great source of Pathfinder experience needed to increase your Mastery level.

Do your daily workouts

Honkai: Star Rail has a daily training mechanic, and if you complete all of its quests, you can get a total of 60 Star Jade and several hundred Pathfinder experience points. The system itself will be unlocked after completing the storyline when the Pathfinder meets Zele. This will happen for the first time in the Underdark of Belobog. Open the daily workout window to see the progress bar.

All you need is to get 500 points for this system every day to unlock all the rewards. To do this, you need to complete the simple tasks indicated below this progress bar. Nothing supernatural or complicated is required of you! Moreover, there are a little more of these tasks than you need, so you can choose and complete the simplest ones. For example, you will be asked to complete a daily mission, clear a Sepalleaf a couple of times or a Stagnant Shadow once, win three battles by starting the fight by breaking through a vulnerability, synthesize a material or a consumable item, destroy several destructible objects (in the environment), defeat a certain number of enemies, and etc. As you can see, nothing complicated!

If you can, buy an express supply pass

This option is suitable only for those players who are ready to invest real money. For little money, you can significantly increase the reserves of star jade. True, you will receive it in portions, within a month. You can find the Express Supply Pass by opening the “Shop” from the smartphone menu and clicking on the “Recommendations” or “Ancient Dreams Network” section. You only have to spend $5.

You will immediately receive 300 Ancient Dream Essences and 90 more Star Jade daily for 30 days. But you will have to pick up jade every day, because the game does not automatically give it out, and the day is counted as spent. You can also buy the Honor of the Nameless Battle Pass (you buy Glory of the Nameless) to get an additional 680 Star Jades.

Events limited in time

Once the majority of players reach the endgame of Honkai: Star Rail version 1.0, limited-time events will become the main content and the best source of Star Jade. All beginners receive a sufficient number of regular and special star passes.

You will receive 20 more Jumps from the pre-registration rewards, and the game will also reward you with free characters if you participate in time-limited events. These events are usually advertised on the game’s social media, so be sure to follow them to stay up to date on everything that’s going on.

You will receive Star Jade and other resources or materials, such as experience for leveling characters, light cones, relics, and so on. Another good way to get Star Jade is to spend the local currency in the shops at each location. You will receive certain rewards upon reaching specific indicators.

Get as many achievements as possible

When you open the in-game phone, you will see the “Achievements” option. In this section, the achievements are divided into several groups and upon completion of each you will receive a Star Jade. Some of these achievements can only be unlocked through the story, others require you to complete additional and sometimes non-obvious actions. To get the third, you will have to grind a lot, open a certain number of chests, or deal damage of a particular type.

You can get from 5 to 20 units of Star Jade for each achievement from the section, which in itself does not seem like much, but if you open several achievements at once, you can significantly increase your supply of Star Jade.


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