Star Invitation” in Honkai: Star Rail

Telling all about the first browser event in Honkai

Honkai: Star Rail is a tactical RPG with turn-based combat and a lot of content. You will receive rewards literally at every step. Moreover, you can earn in-game prizes even without entering the game itself.

In addition to promotional codes that are entered both in the game and on the website, the first browser-based event called “Star Invitation” has been launched right now. If you take part in it, you will constantly check in and go to the site below, you can earn an epic cone for 4 stars, several relics and other rewards that will be useful to all newcomers. There is a small chance of knocking out a new character!

Moreover, players can also receive a more substantial reward: the lucky ones will get an iPhone 14 Pro, an Apple Watch or a PlayStation 5 (however, according to the official website, the physical rewards were already drawn on May 5). Five users will receive an iPhone 14 Pro 256G, an Apple Watch Series 8 smartwatch with GPS, another 10 with a base PlayStation 5 console, and another 100 people with a random Honkai: Star Rail character pack.

One of the awards

Do not be discouraged if you did not have time to try your luck and get a physical prize. The event itself will last until May 24. And during this time, you can earn various rewards by completing daily missions (subscribe to VK, join the community on Discord, and so on):

  • Light Cone “Let the World Continue” – 4 stars, drop rate 4%.
  • Various parts for 4 and 3 stars (relics).
  • Lots of light cones for 3 stars.
  • Items for the light cone experience and the character.

To participate, follow the link and log in with your HoYoverse credentials that you use (or plan to use) to play Honkai.


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