How to open the door in the Base Zone in Honkai: Star Rail

We explain how to pass the 3-step authentication to open the locked door in the Basic Zone and get additional rewards

The Hertha space station has a unique door known as the “Triple Authentication Door” that requires some effort to unlock. As the name “Triple Authentication” suggests, three keys are required to open it – access cards scattered throughout the station.

Triple authentication door in Honkai: Star Rail

The Honkai Star Rail Triple Authentication Door is located on the Hertha Space Station, in the Base Zone. To open the corridor leading to the door, you need to complete the Adventure Mission “Road of Rebirth” – chat with Arlan and Abraham.

Three authentication cards are required to open the door:

  1. The first card can be found in the chest after defeating opponents during the quest “Rebirth Road”.
  2. The second card can be obtained by talking to the man with the bouffant hair in the Main Control Zone after completing the “Rebirth Road” quest.
  3. The third card can be obtained by solving the puzzle in the Storage Area.

Behind the Triple Authentication door, you will face a difficult battle with the Void Rangers.

Quest rewards include : Achievement “Map of Seventeen”, 4-star Light Cone “Importance of Breakfast”, which is especially effective for characters on the Path of Erudition, 5000 credits, 50 Hertariums, 2 Adventure Logs.

Important : The character names and related data provided here are from the European server and may differ on other servers.

Location of Triple Authentication Door in Honkai Star Rail

The Triple Authentication Door is located on the Hertha Space Station, in the Base Zone. Interacting with the door controller will trigger a system prompt informing players to find three Authentication Cards first.

It is worth noting that at first the corridor leading to the door can be blocked. If so, take a look at the information below:

  1. Adventure mission “Rebirth Road”
  2. In order to successfully unlock the corridor and gain access to this secret door, you need to complete the “Rebirth Road” side quest. To do this, meet the following requirements:
  3. Visit Arlan, who can be found at the Hertha Space Station in the Main Control Zone. Talking to him will activate the quest itself.
  4. Head to the Base Zone. Immediately after the right corridor will be a researcher in a purple suit named Abraham.
  5. Talk to this researcher to find out about the problem in the corridor and how to solve it.
  6. Once in the corridor, at the very end you will find the Void Ranger (Abyss).
  7. Upon entering the room behind the ranger, you will encounter elite opponents.
  8. Join the battle, win and search the valuable chest.
  9. After winning the battle, return to the explorer and interact with him to advance on the “Rebirth Road” quest.

After that, you will be able to access the door itself and find all three authentication cards.

How to open a door with three levels of protection in the Basic Zone

In order to explore the room hidden behind the triple authentication door, it is not enough just to find it. First you have to find three access cards scattered around the huge Hertha space station. Interact with the controller near this door to get hints for finding each access card. However, these hints are ambiguous and do not provide a direct solution (no markers will appear).

First card

The first card can be found in a chest after defeating an elite enemy in a room located at the end of the same hallway as the door. You will get there on the assignment “Road of Rebirth”. As mentioned earlier, in order to start this mission, you need to talk to Arlan in the Main Control Zone. After that, start a dialogue with Abraham in the Base Zone and go to the corridor that he will unlock for you.

Second map

You need to interact with the man with the lush hair in the middle of the Main Control Zone. This person is near the dimensional anchor. It can be distinguished by the luxuriant hair on its head. It is important to emphasize that he will only appear after you complete the Rebirth Road quest. Once you find this adorable character, be prepared to show some patience. He will only give you a second authentication card after you have interacted with him a total of five times.

Third card

Getting a third card to unlock a door with three-factor authentication is a difficult task. In the Storage Area, find a special room with sliding bridges. We explain what needs to be done:

  1. Take the elevator down to the first floor of the Storage Area.
  2. Locate a large container-like area on the map and open the gate with the controller.
  3. To solve the puzzle, go left and cross the orange bridge. Destroy the enemies.
  4. Find and activate the controller.
  5. Once you reach the final controller, activate the blue bridge to return to the special room.
  6. When you reach the room, pick up the key card. Don’t forget to search the chest.

What is behind the door?

After collecting all the access cards, go back and open the door. There will be an enemy group in the room, and the battle consists of two stages. Make sure you level up your characters and prepare well for the fight. Once you have successfully dealt with the opponents, explore the room and collect all the items. There are several books and notes here that will unlock the “Map of Seventeen” achievement. At the back of the room is a Luxurious Chest.

When you open the chest, you will receive a 4-star “Importance of Breakfast” Light Cone. This Light Cone is suitable for characters on the Path of Erudition and offers the following benefits:

  • Permanent 12% damage increase for the character wielding it.
  • Additional 8% ATK for each enemy he kills.


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