Guillermo Martinez Ginoris

Guillermo Martínez Ginoris ( Old Havana , June 25, 1943 ) , was a Cuban swimmer. Glory of Cuban sport . Retired athlete. He was part of the generation that began to practice water polo on the island. He was a member of FINA in Cuba .


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biographical synthesis

He raised a family consisting of a wife, two children and a grandson.

sports career

He started in the sport at the age of six, swimming across the Bay of Havana where he got skin poisoning and was treated at the Asturian Center, today Covadonga Hospital, with sulfur baths.

On a trip he made to Asturias to meet his grandmother (since his father was an Asturian immigrant), in the town of Luarca he began to stand out in a marathon in Gijón , he came second, was invited to the regional races and won several events.

Upon returning to Cuba, his father met a director of the Cubanaleco Club. He made them members of the club, which was a sports club exclusively for those who worked at the Electricity Company , and there he was a swimmer.

Due to indiscipline, he was suspended for a year as a swimmer and when Alberto Amaya Cano returns , who was what the Water Polo Commissioner was, he asks him if he wanted to be a polo player, a decision that he maintains in force today.

He obtains a bronze medal in his first international competition representing Cuba in a multidisciplinary event where he participated as a swimmer.

In 1966 he joined the Delegation of Dignity participating in the X Central American and Caribbean Games hosted by the city of San Juan , in Puerto Rico .

As a polo player, he lived the feat of the Cerro Pelado ship in 1966 , in Puerto Rico , without forgetting how they landed, the boats , the solidarity of Puerto Ricans, the decision of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and how they confronted those who wanted to make them falter. . At the head of the delegation was José Llanusa , president of INDER , who transmitted Fidel’s message. Qualifying those glory days.

Present at 10 Olympic Games, he made history with his brother Eugenio, who died in December 2019, as members of the International Federation of Aquatic Sports (Fina, for its acronym in English).


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