How to Build David Martinez in Cyberpunk 2077

How to Build David Martinez in Cyberpunk 2077.We tell you how to feel like a hero or heroine of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Cyberpunk 2077 is experiencing a second wave of popularity, with tens of thousands of users daily launching the game on Steam lately. First of all, gamers are returning to Night City on the back of the success of the excellent anime series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. If you, too, felt a special craving for the game after watching the series, then we suggest that you play Cyberpunk 2077 in a rather unusual way – by recreating the Edgerunners hero builds. In this way, you can experience the sensations that the same David in the anime experienced when he moved at superhuman speed during gunfights.

Note . This article contains a minimum of spoilers for the game or series, but we still have to use some information from the anime. For example, you will have to mention upgrades and unique abilities of the characters.

How to Build David Martinez in Cyberpunk 2077

David Martinez from Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Using the example of David Martinez, the anime proves that cybernetic implants can make any person more powerful, stronger and faster, maximizing all physical indicators.

The main implant David uses in the anime is the Sandevistan, which improves the wearer’s perception of space and time. It seems to the user of such implants, including Martinez, that everything around is moving much more slowly. How to reproduce such an effect in the game? There are several implants in Cyberpunk 2077 that slow down time, and when choosing the best one, you need to focus on the cooldown. Therefore, we advise you to choose the operating system “Qian-ti sandevistan (ver. 4)”, which requires 15 units of “Reaction”. This implant grants the wearer a 25% slow time effect for 12 seconds. The cooldown before re-activation is 15 seconds.

Choosing the Right Cyberdeck for David Martinez

Cyberdeka “Qian-ti sandevistan (ver. 4)”

  • Slows time by 25% for 12 seconds. Cooldown: 15 seconds.
  • Increases damage dealt by 15% while affected by Sandevistan.
  • Increases Critical Chance by 15% while affected by Sandevistan.
  • Requires: reputation 27, reaction 15.
  • Price: €$28,000.
  • How to get it: Go to Fixer Fingers in Japan Town, Westbrook. Make sure that during the story quest “Secret Pleasures” does not ruin your relationship with Fingers.

This model of the implant ensures that we will use time dilation as often as possible in the game.

Gorilla hands in Cyberpunk 2077

The next step in turning V into David Martinez is the installation of gorilla hands. Everything is logical: when using the Sandevistan time dilation module, the bullets of firearms will fly slowly, so the best solution would be to use hand-to-hand combat. Which is what David does in the series, who initially gets the simple version of the hands for free, but ultimately opts for the cooler upgrade. So we need the legendary gorilla hands. By the way, you can get them for free, but you will have to complete the entire Cyberpunk 2077 storyline. Get to any ending, and when the game rolls you back to the “For Whom the Bell Tolls” task, you will receive a message that you deserve unusual rewards. Among them are the legendary hands. If you want to get this upgrade earlier, go to the fixer in the City Center of the Business District. But be aware

Attributes and perks of David Martinez

Decided on the basic equipment. It’s time to deal with the characteristics of the character. As mentioned above, to use the operating system “Qian-ti sandevistan (ver. 4)” you need 15 units of “Reaction”. This is the minimum that must be met.

Martinez used every tool available to improve his physical abilities.

In the anime, David tries to improve his physique to become more massive and stronger, so we suggest investing at least 18 units in “Strength”, although you can increase this parameter up to 20, since this attribute increases melee damage by 3 units, including when using the hands of a gorilla.

As for perks, the Athletics branch should be maxed out in Steel and Chrome, which will increase the damage dealt by hands by 20%. The screenshot below shows all the other perks from the Athletics category that we chose for our David Martinez build.

In the “Street Fight” section, you must definitely take the “Flurry” and pump it to the maximum: it increases the damage from combo attacks with blunt weapons up to 50% (this includes the gorilla’s hands). There, look for the Juggernaut perk, which temporarily increases your armor when you successfully block attacks with blunt weapons. And there is also the Crushing Blows skill, which increases damage from strong attacks with blunt weapons by 30% (when fully pumped). Finally, the Lucky Strike perk increases blunt weapon damage against stunned enemies by up to 50%. In general, this branch has a lot of perks related to the use of gorilla hands, which are considered blunt weapons.

Reaction is the most important parameter when building a David Martinez build

Now about the perks for the “Reaction” attribute, in which, as mentioned above, you need to invest at least 15 units. You can up the ante and level it up to 18 to gain access to the Nano Relay (nervous system) and Accelerator (frontal lobe), the latter of which instantly restores 10% health on killing enemies.

Reaction related perks focus on improving assault rifles and blades. In the anime, David does not use this weapon. However, if you want to recreate one of the Edgerunner scenes, you can choose the praying mantis blades that Martinez once used (we will not spoil in what context he did it).

David is a cold-blooded guy, so you should invest at least 12 points in Cold Blood, which will increase melee damage and damage resistance. For perks, focus on boosting damage and attack speed. Secondarily, you can increase HP regeneration and resistance to various types of damage.

Engineering can only be leveled to create legendary items, as David has always strived to use the best equipment.

To make the assembly perfect, the last step remains – to reduce the cooldown of the Sandevistan operating system to a matter of seconds. From the Badlands fixer, you need to buy a legendary bioconductor that speeds up the recovery time of all implants by 30%. You need 18 units of Strength.

You should also buy a legendary radiator from the fixer in Arroyo, which reduces the cooldown of the Sandevistan operating system by 4 seconds. By installing three legendary heatsinks, we will reduce the entire cooldown to 0. Additionally, you can install a double jump mod (in some scene of the anime, David seems to even use it). You end up with 13 seconds of slow action with a measly two seconds (couldn’t be less) cooldown.

Add to all this various HP regeneration options, and as a result, V will become a superhuman, which is almost impossible to kill. This means that you can complete the game even on the highest difficulty. The only drawback is the high cost of upgrades and the time it takes to get them.

How to build Lucy in Cyberpunk 2077

Lucy is one of the most popular characters in the franchise.

The build of the new beloved waifu Lucy is focused on the use of reactions, so first you need to take a monostring, which received a powerful buff with update 1.5. The Legendary Monostring can be bought from the City Center Fixer in the Business District for €$36,000. To use it, you need to earn at least 45 reputation points. Up to a certain point, you can use a rare or epic monostring. One of them is sold by a fixer in Kabuki.

Cyberdeck “Network Watch “Surfer”” (ver.5)

  • As for the cyberdeck, you need to focus on the “Surfer Network Watch (ver.5)”:
  • Base memory – 11 cells
  • You can send scripts to enemies and devices during a scan
  • Combat scripts can attack up to three targets located within a radius of no more than six meters
  • Increase script damage by 30%
  • Speed ​​up cyberdeck memory regeneration by 9 units for 60 seconds
  • Increased script propagation radius by 60%
  • The Cyberdeck can be bought from a fixer in Heywood, Wellsprings (40 reputation, €$30,000).

Lucy’s primary weapon is the monostring.

In the Kabuki market, you can find an earlier version of another suitable cyber deck that requires 12 reputation points. This is a cyberdeck “Biotech Σ (ver. 2)”, which slightly increases the damage from scripts and speeds up memory replenishment.

The presence of the following piece of equipment is not confirmed in the anime series, but don’t you think that Lucy disappears suspiciously often in the early episodes from the view of Martinez and other characters? It is possible that she uses invisibility, so the Optical Camouflage implant should be installed for the skin. Two of these modules can be bought from a fixer in Santo Domingo East. The legendary and rare versions of the implant are sold here. The difference between them is 5 seconds of disguise duration.

For the nervous system, you should install the Kereznikov implants (aim and shoot while dodging, the upgrade slows down time) and the Maneuvering System (allows you to dodge when you are in the air).

Lucy’s attributes and perks

From the anime, it’s obvious that Lucy is a netrunner prodigy, so the first thing to do is to invest 20 units in Intelligence. Along with intelligence, reaction is important. Especially taking into account the fact that the efficiency of using a monowire depends on it (and not force). And if earlier the monowire was distinguished by the fact that it had the largest range of damage among melee weapons, now it also has the highest damage. Therefore, you can additionally focus on increasing the speed of movement. According to the “Reaction” attribute, we are only interested in the “Blade” branch. It is there that you will find a skill that increases the movement speed when killing enemies. Also check out Fire Blast, which increases damage by 3% for every 1% HP taken from the enemy. With this perk, you can achieve crazy damage rates.

What gives intelligence in Cyberpunk 2077

On the branch “Ninjutsu” (Cold-bloodedness), you should focus on perks that increase stealth. In the anime, Lucy sneaked past enemies quite often, taking them by surprise. Therefore, the Crouching Tiger skill will be useful.

Choosing between “Strength” and “Engineering”, based on the series, Lucy would certainly sacrifice the latter attribute in favor of increasing her physical strength. As with David, you can focus on athletics and melee damage boosts. Finally, there will be no unnecessary regeneration.

This is how our options for the builds of the two heroes of Cyberpunk: Edge Runners turned out. Share your opinion and suggestions in the comments on how they can be finalized or changed!


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