Guillermo Vazquez Consuegra

Guillermo Vazquez Consuegra . Spanish architect.


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  • 1 Biographical Synthesis
    • 1 Style and Work
    • 2 Most outstanding works
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    • 3 Most important prizes
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Biographical Synthesis

He was born in Seville on September 30 , 1945 . He graduated in architecture from the Seville School of Architecture in 1972 , where he continued as a professor until 1987 . He has been visiting professor at the following Universities: from 1972 to 1975 he was Professor of Composition at the Seville School of Architecture. Later he became director of the Training Department (CEYS) of the College of Architects. In 1980 he became Professor of Projects at the Seville School of Architecture. And in 1993 he invited professor Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of Buenos Aires.In that same year and until 2004 . Since 2006 he directs the Vázquez Consuegra International Architecture Workshop of the University of Seville and since 2007 he is a professor at the Accademia di architettura di Universitá Della Svizzera italiano di Mendrisio . During all these years he has combined his work as a teacher and the professional field.

Style and Work

Since the 1980s, Vázquez Consuegra, along with other Andalusian architects such as Antonio Cruz Villalón and Antonio Ortiz García , have broken the bipolarity formed by Madrid and Barcelona within 20th- century Spanish architecture . One of the most recurrent elements within his architecture is the patio, to which he knows how to transmit great plasticity and beauty, the probable heir to the Sevillian patio and of which the Town Hall of Tomares is a good example.

Most outstanding works

  • 1988 Telecommunications tower and telephone services building, Cádiz , Spain
  • 1990 Navigation Pavilion for the Universal Exhibition of Seville 1992 , Spain.
  • 2001 MUVIM , Valencian Museum of Illustration and Modernity in Valencia
  • 2004 Ordenación del Borde Marítimo (Paseo Marítimo, Estación de Ría, Plaza de Berbés and Plaza de Estrella), Vigo , Spain .
  • 2004 Galata, Museum of the Sea and Navigation, Genoa , Italy
  • 2008 National Museum of Underwater Archaeology , Cartagena , Spain
  • 2010 Recovery of the Palacio de San Telmo for the headquarters of the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía , Seville, Spain.

Other works

  • 1975 Garden, Olivares , Spain .
  • 1976 Elizalde House, Mairena del Aljarafe, Spain .
  • 1980 House and studio for the painter Rolando Campos, Mairena del Aljarafe, Seville .
  • 1983 Uhtna-Hus House, Mairena del Aljarafe, Spain .
  • 1984 Social housing building in Ramón y Cajal street, Seville , Spain .
  • 1985 Institute of Andalusian Culture, Patio de Banderas 14, Seville , Spain .
  • 1986 Social housing buildings in Barriada de la Paz, Cádiz , Spain .
  • 1986 Automatic switchboard for Telefónica in Barriada de Pinomontano, Seville , Spain .
  • 1992 Social housing buildings, Almendralejo , Spain .
  • 1995 Rehabilitation of the old Cartuja factory, for the headquarters of the Andalusian Institute of Historical Heritage, Seville , Spain .
  • 1987 Social housing buildings in Sierra Elvira and M-30 streets, Madrid , Spain .
  • 1993 Olavarría House in Valencina de la Concepción, Seville , Spain .
  • 2000 Rehabilitation of Casa Villalón for House of Culture, Morón de la Frontera , Spain .
  • 2000 Rehabilitation of the Hacienda de Santa Ana for the headquarters of the City Council of Tomares, Spain .
  • 2005 Regional Archive of Castilla-La Mancha, Toledo , Spain .
  • 2004 Social housing in Rota, Spain.
  • 2007 Palace of Justice of Ciudad Real, Spain.
  • 2007 Visitor Center of the Archaeological Ensemble of Baelo-Claudia de Bolonia, Tarifa , Spain .
  • 2009 Robinson House in Zahara de los Atunes, Cádiz.
  • 2011 Congress Auditorium of Seville, Spain.
  • 2011 Social housing buildings in Vallecas, Madrid, Spain.

Most important prizes

  • 1988 COAAO architecture award (Social housing building in Ramón y Cajal street in Seville).
  • 1989 National Construmat Award (Social housing building in Ramón y Cajal street in Seville).
  • 1991 COAAO Architecture Award (Social Housing Buildings in Barriada de la Paz in Cádiz).
  • 1992 COAAO Architecture Prize (Expo’92 Seville Navigation Pavilion).
  • 1993 Construmat Award, Building Mention (Expo’92 Navigation Pavilion in Seville).
  • 1994 Architecti Award-Belem Cultural Center (Ordering of the Vigo Seafront).
  • 1998 Prize for Urbanism y Arquitectura del Concello de Vigo (Ordinación del Borde Marítimo de Vigo).
  • 2001 National CEOE Foundation Award (Valencian Museum of Illustration and Modernity).
  • 2003 “The Prince and the Architect” Award, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Italy (Museum of the Sea and Navigation de Génova).
  • 2004 Award at the Revelation of the Year Museum (Museum Image) (Museum of the Sea and Navigation de Génova).
  • 2005 Award for the best Intervention in Public Spaces from the COAG (Organisation of the Maritime Border of Vigo).
  • 2005 National Prize for Spanish Architecture (Ordenación del Borde Marítimo de Vigo).
  • 2006 IVE 2006 Award for professional career. Valencian Institute of Construction, Valencian Government.
  • 2007 Andalusia Prize for Architecture in its first edition.
  • 2008 Ugo Rivolta European Award for the social housing building in Rota (Cádiz).
  • 2009 Murcia Region Building Award to the National Museum of Underwater Archeology in Cartagena.
  • 2010 International Trophée Archzinc Award in the category of Public Building to the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology. Paris.


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