Guide: All Memories in Life is Strange: True Colors – Chapter One

In each of the parts of Life is Strange, the player is offered an analogue of the mechanics of collecting, where you need to perform some actions. In the first it was necessary to take photographs, in the second – to draw and look for accessories for the protagonist’s backpack, in the prequel Before the Storm – to make graffiti. True Colors is , of course, no exception to this rule.

In the new game of the series, fans of exploring everything and everyone need to collect the memories of the residents of Haven Springs. In fact, for this you just need to find certain parts of the entourage and apply the ability of the main character to them.

Each chapter contains 5 memories. In this guide, we’ll show you where to look for all the memories from the first chapter.

Remembrance 1 – Letter

Scene: “It’s okay.”

Location: on the table opposite the bed.

Achievement: “Letter”.

Flashback 2 – Crack in the Wall

Scene: “It’s okay.”

Location: At the scene of a clash between the characters, under a poster depicting a pink tiger. Alex will be at this location immediately after the completion of the first cutscene in this location.

Achievement: Crack.

Remembrance 3 – Business Card

Scene: “The first working day”.

Where is: behind the bar.

Achievement: Officer Bike.

Flashback 4 – Miner’s Helmet

Scene: Finding Ethan.

Where it is located: in the bushes to the left of the entrance to the mine (there are the protagonist’s companions after the first cutscene).

Achievement: Roll Call.

Memory 5 – Wall Phone

Scene: Finding Ethan.

Location: next to the entrance to an abandoned warehouse. After the cut-scene, during which the characters enter the room, you just need to turn around.

Achievement: Phone.

When you have collected all 5 pieces, you will receive the Emotion Hunter achievement. Read about where to look for memories from the second chapter in the next guide.

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