Guide: All Memories in Life is Strange: True Colors – Chapter Five

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get all the memories in the final, fifth chapter of Life is Strange: True Colors . Where to find the rest, you can find out in the previous guides:

  • all memories from chapter 1;
  • all memories from chapter 2;
  • all memories from chapter 3;
  • all memories from chapter 4.

Do not forget, just finding and examining the object is not enough – you also need to use the ability of the main character on it.

Memory 1 – Mom’s Keys

Scene: “Hospital ward”.

Where: on the countertop opposite the bed.

Achievement: Terrible News.

Remembrance 2 – Business Card

Scene: Sweet Home.

Location: in the kitchen opposite the refrigerator.

Achievement: Quarrel.

Remembrance 3 – Guitar Strings

Scene: “Nobody chose you.”

Where is it: after the cut-scene, turn the camera slightly to the left – the object will be on one of the beds.

Achievement: “Strings for Guitar”.

Flashback 4 – Subject Item

Scene: “Nothing disappears without a trace.”

Location: the only memory that cannot be missed in the plot. The heroine discovers him herself during the cut-scene.

Achievement: “How they live in hell.”

Flashback 5 – Bomber

Scene: “Knock at the door”.

Location: On one of the chairs at the dining table.

Achievement: Welcome to Hell’s Miners.

When you have collected all five, you will receive the achievement “Digging in the Senses”. And if you have the other 20 memories in your collection, you will also receive the Haven Springs History Specialist achievement.


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