Guide: All achievements in Life is Strange: True Colors

Usually, in the games of the Life is Strange series, it is quite easy to get all the achievements – you just need to complete the game and collect all the collectibles. However, in True Colors, the approach has changed somewhat.

Now part of the achievements is given for some “side quests”. There are four such tasks in total. They hardly affect the plot, but they slightly change the world around the player in subsequent chapters. We will concentrate on the implementation of such “quests”.

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And now about everything in order.

Achievements in Chapter 1 “Side A”

There are no “side effects” with achievements here. All achievements can be obtained for collecting memories. We wrote about where to look for them in a separate guide .

The achievement “I thought I was tracking a monster ” is just for completing a chapter.

Achievements in Chapter 2 Lanterns

In this chapter, in addition to collecting memories of  perfectionists, two small quests await.

How to get the achievement “Found a Dog”

Scene: “In Search of the Poppy”.

After leaving the pub, head left towards the shopping alley. Walk to the alley where there is a large mural with a deer. Head straight there.

At the end of the alley, turn left. There, not far from the trash can, you will find dog tracks in the mud. Look at them.

Then go to the record store.

As you enter the store, turn the camera to the right – there should be a notice board. Look at her so that the heroine reads what she needs.

Next, “scan” the guy who chooses the records. After that, just talk to him.

How to get the birdwatching achievement

Scene: “In Search of the Poppy”.

After leaving the pub, head to the park. There, at the entrance, you will see a woman with binoculars. Use Alex’s ability on the NPC and then talk to her.

Then turn left and follow the path to the wooden sculpture. There, turn left again towards the house.

Go to the end of the alley. A bird will sit on a tree behind a stone fence. You need to look at her.

Now return to the birdwatcher and tell us about your find.

The achievement “What needs to be built” is given to everyone during the passage of the second chapter.

Achievements in Chapter 3 “Monster or Man”

In the third chapter of the story, only one “side” is hidden. The rest are obtained by collecting collectibles.

How to get the achievement “Redeemer of Intrusive Melodies”

Scene: “It couldn’t be easier.”

Immediately after completing the chapter opening cutscene, leave the bar and “scan” the student who sits at the table opposite where Ryan and Steph are.

After that, talk to new friends. They will direct you to Jed. The next step is to discuss the issue with the pub owner (he sits to the right of the student, at a table to the left of the exit).

Grab the record from the bar (it will lie right next to the switched on monitor) and select the action “Alabaster Daydreams” on the music player.

Then return to the student and use Alex’s superpower on her.

The achievement “They’re Hiding Something” is awarded at the end of the chapter.

Achievements in Chapter 4 “Flicker”

Here, as in the third chapter, in addition to 6 “collector’s” achievements, one hidden one awaits.

How to get the achievement “Exactly 731”

Scene: “Spring Festival”.

Turn left immediately after the cut-scene. There you will find our old friend from the music store. Use the heroine’s ability on him, and then talk to the guy. Choose any answer.

After talking with him, “scan” the woman behind the counter, which the localizers called “The Lady of the Dragee”. Then share what you have learned with your boyfriend. This time, select the “700” option. Then read the thoughts of the woman behind the counter again.

After that, turn to the guy in the hoodie and press “Give an answer.”

The achievement “Fatal Error” is automatically issued at the end of a chapter.

Achievements in Chapter 5 “Side B”

Here, as in the first chapter, there are no dirty tricks. All achievements are awarded for collecting memories . When you collect the last of them (if you already have all the collectibles in the previous chapters), you will receive the achievement “Haven Springs History Specialist” . And the achievement “I can only promise adventure” will be awarded to every player who has completed the passage.

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