Guide: All Memories in Life is Strange: True Colors – Chapter Three

We continue to tell you where to find collectibles in Life is Strange: True Colors . This time – in chapter 3. We remind you that in order to get a memory, you must not only find an object, but also use the ability of the main character on it.

The location of the rest of the memories can be found in our previous guides:

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Flashback 1 – Bomber

Scene: “It couldn’t be easier.”

Location: on a hanger in the Black Lantern pub, near the emergency exit (there was an umbrella in the same place in the last chapter).

Achievement: Infernal Miners.

Memory 2 – Dollar

Scene: “Thaynor, the slayer of monsters.”

Location: can be found in the park after the “battle”. To join the fight, just walk from the park towards the pub.

Achievement: Ethan’s Dollar.

Reminder 3 – Reminder

Scene: “Thaynor, the slayer of monsters.”

Where is it: right at the entrance “Black Lantern”, to the right of the threshold.

Achievement: “And what do you feel now?”

Memory 4 – Paper

Scene: “Thaynor, the slayer of monsters.”

Location: in the pub “Black Lantern”, on a table opposite the billiard table.

Achievement: “None of us have died yet.”

Memory 5 – Bowl Val

Scene: “Thaynor, the slayer of monsters.”

Location: in the record store, to the right of the cash register.

Achievement: Valkyrie Bowl.

When you have collected all five, you will receive the achievement “Collector of Memories”


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