Fortnite T8: ALL Robellón missions and how to complete them

These are all the Mushroom Champion missions, Robellón missions in Fortnite Battle Royale. Complete all the missions and challenges of Season 8: Cubic with our guide in Spanish.Among the missions of perforated cards of Fortnite Battle Royale for Season 8: Cúbico have the missions Robellón . This is everything you need to know about how to activate them, how to complete them, and the rewards you will get for doing so.


  1. Where is Robellón?
  2. Phase 1: Destroy a farm tractor
  3. Phase 2: Search for mushrooms
  4. Phase 3: Craft a weapon
  5. Phase 4: Destroy refrigerators
  6. Phase 5: Consume an apple and a banana

Where is Robellón?

Robellón is found southeast of Cultivos Corrientes , in a barn.


Stage 1: Destroy a Farm Tractor

  • Goal:0/1.
  • Reward:20 gold bars, 12,000 Season XP.

This mission is completed by going to Corrientes Crops , as marked on the map, and destroying one of the tractors in the area, colored red. It is difficult not to see them, do not worry.

Phase 2: Search for mushrooms

  • Objective:0/2.
  • Reward:25 gold bars, 14,000 Season XP.

This mission requires you to pluck mushrooms from the ground , the easiest thing is to do it in Afflicted Alameda . Be careful, it is not worth collecting mushrooms from boxes or wild boars , only the ones you pluck from the ground count.

Stage 3: Craft a Weapon

  • Goal:0/1.
  • Reward:30 gold bars, 16,000 Season XP.

To complete this mission you need a weapon , for example an assault rifle of any rarity and nuts or bolts . We recommend looking in garages in residential areas , for example in Parque Placentero. There you will find the red toolboxes containing the necessary nuts and bolts.

Stage 4: Destroy Refrigerators

  • Objective:0/2.
  • Reward:40 gold bars, 18,000 Season XP.

To complete this mission, all you have to do is go to any residential area and destroy the kitchen refrigerators . It won’t take long for you to complete the mission.

Phase 5: Consume an apple and a banana

  • Objective:0/2.
  • Reward:70 gold bars, 20,000 Season XP.

This quest requires you to consume a banana and an apple, not necessarily in the same game . Although the marker tells you to go to Alameda Afligida, it is best to go to the container in front of the Rincón Rencoroso factory . There are several boxes of food there, and if you can’t find the banana and the apple, you can go to the restaurant down the hill .

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