Fortnite Superman: How To Complete All Clark Kent Missions From Page 1

We can finally get our hands on Superman, the not-so-secret skin from Fortnite Season 7 . To achieve this we simply have to complete all the missions on the pages of the skin that will appear.

Below you have all the missions on Page 1 with detailed explanation to know how to complete them and the links to complete guides with map and video in case you need them.

Superman Missions from Page 1

Complete Clark Kent, Armored Batman, or Beast Boy missions

The first is in the El Huerto farm, the second in Muelles Mugrientos and the third in Alameda Afligida. These are the missions that each of them will give us. We must complete three and then five:

  • Clark Kent –Defeat aliens, visit locations with different names and visit the mothership or an alien biome.
  • Armored Batman –use a launch pad, defeat aliens and pilot a saucer.
  • Beast Boy –take damage from one player and survive, defeat aliens, put 99 in a vehicle.


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Glide through the rings like Clark Kent

The rings are in the northwest area of Alameda Afligida , above the Cholesterol Camposanto point of interest.

Use a phone booth like Clark Kent

Where are Clark Kent’s phone booths on the map : There are several booths scattered around the map, but the easiest to find is the one at the west exit of Campo Calígine .

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