Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 2: how to complete all the missions and challenges of week 6

Here is the guide with the solution to all the challenges of week 6 of Season 3 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite and the challenges of Aquaman . We leave you with the list of challenges that are already available and you can complete to amass a good handful of experience points and level up faster . In addition, here we leave you the list with all the challenges of Season 3 .


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Challenges of week 6 (Season 3)

These are the week 6 challenges and their solution:

  • Deal damage on Patituerta Platform:travel to the named area to the southwest of the map and deal damage to enemies until the challenge is closed. We will need 500 points of damage to complete it.
  • Eliminations in Pleasant Park:more blood from our enemies, in this case from the hand of 3 eliminations that we can complete through different games.
  • Land at the Authority and finish in the Top 25 –one of the regular challenges this season. As simple as falling in the center of the map and winning to be among the last 25 of the game.
  • Grab a weapon in Conglomerate Cabin:it is a small cabin located to the west of the map where the only thing you will find are fishing rods. Well, that is precisely what you need to use to fish a weapon and complete the challenge.
  • Register chests:it doesn’t matter where you get it or how many games it takes to do it. You need to find 10 chests to close the challenge.
  • Register chests:here things get a bit more complicated, and although the idea is exactly the same as the previous one, in this case you need 100 chests to close it. Patience and it will be completed only as you play.
  • Register boxes of ammunition in Señorío de la Sal:travel to Señorío de la Sal, just west of The Authority in the center of the map. There we will find enough houses to get the 7 boxes of ammunition that they ask for.


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