How to Fly Anywhere Automatically in Microsoft Flight Simulator

One of the first things anyone will do when starting Microsoft Flight Simulator is look for their home or town, some architectural marvel, or a wild landscape . However, flying to each of them is less comfortable than appearing there automatically .

Here’s what you need to do to find your home in Microsoft Flight Simulator or fly anywhere automatically with just a handful of clicks. No more going around looking at the fuel level.

How to Fly Anywhere Automatically in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Here are the steps you must follow to appear automatically at any point on the map you want to visit:

  • Search the location on Google Maps .
  • Click on the map to generate a point of interest and copy the latitude and longitude of the site in question (they will appear at the bottom).
  • Paste the coordinates into the search bar on the Microsoft Flight Simulator world map screen (you’ll find it on the left).
  • The map will create a point of interest on which you must click to choose that area as a starting point.

After the loading screen of rigor, voilà , you are already flying over the area you were wanting to see without having to worry about anything else or get to it from a nearby airport.


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