We are providing a farewell address here for those bosses who are retiring from their current position or progressing to a higher position or who are moving to another organization. These farewell speeches are made by the boss in front of his junior (junior) officers or employees working in his office or organization to prosecute his views. You can choose any of these speeches according to your need and requirement:

Farewell Speech for Boss

Farewell speech to the boss on the promotion

All of us have gathered here today to join the party organized in his honor, due to his boss’s promotion. All the people present here are warmly welcomed on this auspicious occasion. I want to say something here today, on this stage, about my boss who has advanced to his position in another company.

I commend them on this promotion, expressing my feelings for them based on their time spent with them here in this company. It is a matter of great sadness for me that he is leaving us. However, this is also the time to celebrate the joy of his promotion. It is very sad to say goodbye to you after working for 5 years with you. However, we cannot do anything about time and its strategies.

It is not known that, a long time of 5 years has passed while working with you. It seems that, just like I joined / joined this company under you yesterday and this time has passed so quickly that today is the time to say farewell to you. Every moment I spent with you was very enjoyable, which I can never forget. My boss has the ability to separate himself from the crowd with his intelligence due to his hard work at the workplace. In this company, you have been awarded many awards and achievements for your efforts, hard work, dedication and growth in the business of the company.

Your great achievements have encouraged us a lot which will remain with us in future also. I hope that, even in our new company, our bosses continue their achievements, good results and success with which they will join tomorrow. Obviously, you are our boss not only from your post but also because of your work, coordination and success in us. Your management skills, humor primacy and truth are excellent. I have learned and learned a lot from your experience living in your company in this company. However, I am a bit sad for who my new boss will be. Leaving your best boss and working under the new boss is creating a very fearful situation for me.

My boss gave us a happy atmosphere and a happy team (associate) with facilities readily available to work. My boss is going to join a company with a very large and world-class reputation. It is a very large multinational company with all high-level facilities, with many offices and logical teams in different countries. However, it has its head office in Australia.

The kind of tasks that our boss has performed in this office left no doubt in the fact that they will lead to a big and bright future in the new company. You are going far away from us, however, leaving your good memories, amazing ideas and strategies for us to take control of the challenges in the company.

I am very grateful to you for your cooperation, friendship and help. If we have inadvertently made any mistake, forgive us for that. On this new achievement, on behalf of all my team members, I wish you all the best for your success. Hope, even after leaving from here you will be in touch with us and keep on guiding us from time to time.

Thank you.


Farewell speech to boss on transfer

……….. Good evening to all the fellow employees of the company. As we all know, we have all joined the party here in honor of our boss, General Manager (General Manager) farewell, who is also the honored guest of our program today. Mr. ………. On behalf of the company and the managing committee, I thank you all for being here on this beautiful evening. Thanks to all of you for joining this farewell party organized by the company in his honor, due to the transfer of our General Manager (General Manager) to another branch of the same company. In view of our boss’s high level of skill and dedication to work, the company has moved them to another branch to work on a particular project.

यह हम सभी के लिए बड़े दुख का क्षण है कि, हमारे महाप्रबंधक (जनरल मैनेजर) हमें जल्द ही छोड़ देंगे, संभावना है कल ही। देवियो और सज्जनों, मैं अपने बॉस मि. ………, के बारे में कुछ कहना चाहता/चाहती हूँ। अपने बॉस के इस विदाई समारोह पर, उनके बारे में कुछ कहना मेरे लिए आसान नहीं है। हमारे बॉस इस कम्पनी के महान नेतृत्वकर्त्ता है और वह कम्पनी के हित में बड़े निर्णय लेने में पूरी तरह से सक्षम है। यदि इनका स्थानांतरण मेरे हाथ में होता तो मैं इन्हें कभी न जाने देता/देती। यह हमारे लिए दुखद क्षण है कि वह हमें छोड़ रहे हैं हालांकि, यह उनके लिए और हम सभी के लिए एक खुशी का क्षण है कि, वह पदोन्नति के साथ कम्पनी की दूसरी शाखा में स्थानांतरित हो रहे हैं।

We should all be happy for his bright career and his future, which has yielded great achievements as Regional General Manager. You will be transferred to the main office of this company. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to share with you all some good moments and interesting stories about these great personalities among us. As I know you joined this company as Assistant Electrical Engineer. However, your hard work and commitment oriented you towards promotion like: Senior Engineer, Assistant Manager after two years and after that when you He was appointed to the post of General Manager when he handled several contracts simultaneously. From your side, we have received a lot of bonuses till date. Let me just say that you are not an ordinary leader.

You are a person who is very passionate and has a strong desire to learn new things in his life. You always thought about our well being and took care of us and even you never felt ashamed to talk to any poor. In fact, in this company we were blessed to have a boss like you. We will all miss you very much here. We wish you all the best in this new journey of life. Thank you for giving us such a great year, sir. These accompanying moments will be stored in our hearts forever.

Thank you.


Farewell to boss on retirement

My humble good morning to all. My dear colleagues, do you know why we have gathered here. I think you are all thinking right. Yes, this is the farewell ceremony for our boss’s retirement. How sad that he is retiring. He can retire from this office, however, he will never retire from our hearts. He will always be like a boss in our hearts because no one can compare or replace them. We are all here to bid them farewell, this is a very sad moment, although we have to make it happy to bid them farewell happily on the last working day. The farewell ceremony is very emotional and more than that though, we have to organize it.

हमारे बॉस सभी के लिए प्रिय व्यक्ति है आपने इस संगठन में हमारे साथ अपने अनमोल पल दिए। आप दशकों से हमारे दैनिक ऑफिस जीवन का एक भाग हो हालांकि, इस ऑफिस में उन्होंने अपना कार्यकाल पूरा कर लिया जिसके कारण अब ये यहाँ से जा रहे हैं। हम आपको बहुत याद करेंगे विशेषरुप से आपका हमेशा मुस्कुराता चेहरा, हर सुबह मिलना और बहुत ही नम्र नियंत्रित प्रकृति।

In the official period, it is said that retirement is a good and lasting relief after a laborious daily busy life of long years. Retirement is the time to get relief from all stresses. We should not take retirement sadly because it is a good time for the family and the person who is retiring, to relax and freshen up in life. There is no time limit for anyone to enjoy themselves after retirement. Retirement gives us the opportunity to live life happily and fulfill all unfulfilled desires without any stress.

Once I asked my boss what you would do after retirement. He politely replied that he would not engage in any profit making business, but would start his voluntary charity services for poor people. He was a very kind and punctual person who had already planned for retirement. He said that he is very happy to give all his time to his beautiful wife after retirement. He will fulfill all the wishes related to his wife’s journey. He is the most active person in the office who never seems tired in the evening after office. He is a good example of inspiration for us to get name and fame.

Everyone will feel your physical absence in the office and miss you from tomorrow. We are grateful to you for everything you have done for us and wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous life after your retirement.

Thank you.


Farewell speech by boss

Good evening to all Mr. …….., on behalf of the company, thank you for your kind words. I am retiring today and this is my farewell ceremony organized by all of you. Thanks again for giving me such a good farewell. I want to share with you all my moments spent in this office. I have been working in this office for almost 23 years. It is indeed a good life-journey for me, which I worked very hard and enjoyed very much with all of you. When I was attached to the office, my post was under the control of my boss. However, my hard work and love from all of you enabled me to handle this post successfully.

My dear friends, I want to say goodbye to all of you and thank you all for this special love and care given to me. I apologize for the mistake I have made in the unknown and wish you all a bright career and peaceful life. Thank you once again for attending my farewell ceremony.


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