Destiny 2. Boss Guide

n this article, you will find notes and tips that will help you in the destruction of a particular boss.

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How to defeat the Hobgoblin boss?

Destiny 2 is officially out, and while gamers go through various missions and strikes, you can get stuck on one or two bosses, not knowing how to defeat them. Now I will tell you how to defeat the Hobgoblin boss that appears in The Pyramidion Strike.

This boss will be easily defeated if you have a team of at least three players, as they can help at certain points and clear out the swarm that appears. Anyway, here are a couple of notes to help you defeat this boss.

Boss walkthrough

After you go through the warship and find yourself in another altar room with enemies, your team will face the boss Hobgoblin, the main mind of Pyramidon.

Note: The Hobgoblin boss spawns at the edge of the arena and can retreat to the raised perimeter. Stick together and shoot at the boss’s weak point – the head. Use whatever you have and throw sticky grenades. You will learn that he has taken significant damage as he will retreat and raise a white shield.

When the Hobgoblin raises the shield, a swarm of Goblins will appear. Destroy the goblins, and then stand on the altar circle, which will weaken the boss’s white shield.

After a short time, another swarm of goblins will appear. Destroy the goblins and then head to the second altar circle to bring down the boss’s shield again.

This time, it’s best to keep your distance and use ranged weapons to take out the enemy until the Boss opens a gap that can be infused with massive damage.

Note: When the red light starts to glow, you will need to jump to the side because the boss will fire his rifle.

Repeat this entire process until the Hobgoblin has lost 1/3 of its health. At this stage, players must hide behind cover as the boss moves around the arena. Shoot in the head or use abilities, but be careful, as the boss can teleport you, and you will simply lose precious seconds of this ability.

Note: the boss will have a new attack. He will cast a violet flame that ignites the area around you. When that happens, you better step back.

When the boss has less than one third of his health, he will call for reinforcements in the form of Harpies, Goblins and Fanatics who will try to kill you.

Kill opponents and then switch to the boss. After that, the boss will open his chest and a white glow will appear. Shoot the white glow until the boss is finally defeated.

How to defeat Dominus Gole?

Destiny 2’s final battle pits your guardian against Dominus, a truly massive cabal with cool armor and the power of a crippled traveler in his veins. He’s not only using an army of Cabal soldiers to break and subdue your Guardian. He will also use the powers of the Traveler, using the abilities of the Void, Arc and Sun.

Dominus is not playing fair, so do not try to maintain superpowers until the end of the fight. Use ranged weapons. Shotguns work well, but it’s better to use rocket launchers in this fight. Automatic, pulse and other rifles will help you do a lot of damage to the boss and also you will not fall under his blows and will be able to shoot him from afar. You can also choose a subclass based on ranged combat. The big guy loves to fly, so you will be able to hit him from afar and not just run around stupidly next to him.

Note: Dominus Gole appears at the end of Mission 16: The Chosen One.

Recommended power level: 180

The official recommendation is 190, but 180 units will be enough for you to calmly complete this mission.

Dominus Goul is a powerful and massive Cabal General who fires his LMG on the ground. When he flies into the air, he uses one of three types of attacks – sun, void, or arc. Depending on the phase of the fight, Dominus Goal will always use a specific attack.

Cabal soldiers will be present in the arena, trying to prevent you from defeating their general. The elite and other troops will appear – psions, legionnaires and the main soldiers of the Cabal. Always switch to them and don’t forget about ammo.

In the rear left / right corners of the arena, there are two narrow aisles and a hangar-like chamber in the dark as Ghaul temporarily retreats to its next phase. These tunnels and zones will keep you safe from the boss, but regular cabal soldiers will be able to follow you. Use these hidden areas to hide and replenish your health meter.

Dominus Gole – Battle Tips:

  • Use the tunnels in the left and right corner of the arena to heal
  • Between phases, Goul is placed immortal, retreats to the light, and returns with a new elemental ability.
  • Save ammo for the rest of the battle
  • Stay away from the boss. His stomping as he falls from the sky can be fatal to you.
  • Use weapons that are effective at medium / long ranges and can quickly kill enemies.
  • Use circles of light to charge abilities
  • Goal is in the sky for most of the fight

After each stage of the battle, the game is automatically saved. If you die, you will respawn at the beginning of the phase – you don’t have to repeat the whole fight after death.

Stage 1:

The first stage is the most basic. Dominus Gole will be next to you. He will shoot explosive projectiles and move very slowly. Dodge around his army and shoot him in the head. This big naked head is his weak point.

Use a weapon with good range and stay away from the boss until 1/4 of his health is depleted. He will retreat to his platform and start using the tainted light. He will be invulnerable, so don’t waste ammo until the boss is back in action.

Stage 2:

Dominus Gole now has Solar Power. He flies into the air and uses flaming swords. Jump left or right to dodge explosions, but try to avoid double jump if you are not good at dodging.

Columns of Traveler Light in the back corners of the arena next to your first entrance. Stand in bright light to instantly charge your abilities. The light will return periodically, so there is no reason to keep it. Use your abilities at every opportunity.

Stage 3 and 4:

When you deal enough damage to the boss, he will retreat into the light for the third time, unlocking the Void and Arc abilities. He will begin to swap these abilities with each other each time he retreats into the damaged light.

At the end of the fight, when his health is at an extremely low level, Goul will change between three abilities. He will also become much stronger and more powerful. Save the rocket launcher so you have a lot of power for this phase, or use your abilities to finish off the boss very quickly. Five or six missiles in the face of the boss and the fight will be over.

Drop Goal and save the Traveler. By doing so, you will save the entire galaxy. Head back to the Tower and talk to all the people to receive your rewards and continue your adventure.

How to defeat Irasuka?

Destiny 2 offers players a new campaign, strikes, raids and bosses for players. If you get stuck on a boss while playing through the game, then check out this guide for tips.

In this part, I will explain how to defeat Irasuka who appears in the Sacrilege mission.

Irasuk is trying to waste your time throughout the fight. The fight will last a little longer than the rest, thanks to the attack that the boss has at his disposal. But let me first talk about how to choose the right position when fighting a boss.

Like most bosses, he will be below you. However, there are areas that reinforcements can hit, so always remain vigilant.

Avoid boss attacks. Irasuk will shoot orbs. These orbs are auto-homing, so don’t try to dodge early. Instead, you need to stay still and then dodge in the final seconds to avoid being hit. You can use grenades and shoot the boss while keeping your distance. The biggest threat in this fight will be the homing balls.

How to defeat the Hapax boss?

The fight with this boss is relatively straightforward. This fight begins when the player rises to a higher level and fights off enemies. At the start of the fight, you need to shoot the boss while you make your way to the upper platform.

Note: Minotaurs and Goblins make up the main body of the boss’s army.

Once you’re on the top platform, look down and take out the enemies. The boss will remain alone and you can safely shoot at him until he loses a third of his health.

Note: When reloading, take cover, but do not forget that the boss can follow you.

After that, destroy one more enemy reinforcements. As before, you must stay on a hill and shoot enemies until the boss is left alone. It is at this moment that you should focus on eliminating the boss for good.

How to defeat Hive Prince Ubaru?

Before we enter the battle, there are some notes that you need to read before the boss appears. In the end, you will fight with the helpers and the knight. After that, the Prince of the Hive will appear with eight additional assistants.

Note: Take advantage of the high platforms when fighting the boss. I advise you to first destroy the assistants that appear along with the boss. There will be eight of them.

At the beginning of the battle, I advise you to climb the high platform of the roof and destroy the assistants. After you have eliminated the helpers, use abilities or grenades to destroy the Prince of the Hive, who will have about three times more health than a regular knight.

Note: Hive Prince Ubara has one attack in the form of a wave of red blades. Watch the attack, and then dodge or hide behind cover. If you have a slight advantage in height, then you can throw grenades at the boss and calmly dodge his attacks.

How to defeat Sigma?

The battle with this boss is basically two battles in one. Players must defeat Modular Upsilon, but the real fight in this fight will be against Modular Sigma. This battle is not very difficult, but there are several aspects to take into account.

Sigma, for example, can restore Upsilon, so instead of trying to defeat Upsilon first, I suggest taking care of Sigma first.

I advise you completely in this battle with cover during reloading, otherwise the battle for you can end very quickly. When you destroy the modular Sigma, then you will have many enemies who want to destroy you, so I advise you to use shelters so that you will not be swept away by the wave of bullets.

If possible, then throw a grenade at the bosses to hit them very hard. After the modular Sigma falls, players can safely switch to Upsilon and use their abilities without fear of wasting them. Sigma is gone and no one can restore Upsilon’s health.

How to defeat Jalix, the captain of the fallen?

Phase 1

There are two phases in this battle. This battle will take place in an old lake zone, where players will face the remnants of enemies. Once the boss appears, you will need to get to the entrance to the Exodus Black platform to start the initial battle.

Note: during the fight, the boss will have reinforcements. The boss will have a ground advantage and decent defense, so I advise you to stay away from his attacks. With that said, players should stay on the ground and use rocks and debris for cover.

The boss is armed with a rocket launcher, and he uses it until he loses a third of his health. After that, he will flee to the Fallen base.

Phase 2

The second phase is more chaotic, so you must at least do something, otherwise you will be killed very quickly.

Players note that Fallen Captain Jalix seeks to occupy two platforms. However, you should focus on other threats in the area. I’m talking about reinforcements trying to stop you from killing your boss.

Note: There will be snipers on high platforms. Move slowly and kill them from afar. Don’t forget about ammunition. Try to shoot headshots to save as many bullets as possible. After that, go to the base platform and shoot the boss to get him down. After that, throw grenades at him and use abilities that will help you finish him off.

How to defeat Akantosh?

Killing this boss is fairly easy, but a little chaos can occur. Fallen and Vex will run next to the boss. They also try to kill each other. As a result, Akantosh is distracted by other enemies, and pays no attention to you.

Note: Destroy enemies around the boss if you plan to run into him from a distance.

Basically, Akantosh is very slow and doesn’t dodge attacks. This means you can shoot him from any distance without any problem. This method can take a long time and eventually the boss will pay attention to you and forget about other enemies.

Note: Acantosh occasionally releases a purple wave that can be dodged. Remember to attack you during the battle and be agile when the boss releases a wave along the way.

Don’t worry too much, as the boss may switch back to the fallen ones that shoot at him. You might want to use this opportunity and remove some health from him with the ability. But do not forget that you can be surrounded by enemies and the use of the ability can do more harm than good.

If you want to be safe, then shoot the boss from a long distance and wait until he starts paying attention to other enemies. It may take a little time, but if you persist, Akantosh will fall to the floor and die.

How to beat Scrivix?

You will face this boss during the passage of the mission called “Spark”. The boss will appear at the end of the mission along with a swarm of assistants, which I highly recommend eliminating completely before focusing on the boss. This gives you more room to maneuver and more cover from boss attacks.

Note: Columns of light will be able to charge your grenades and abilities.

The boss is very easy to kill as he moves slowly and uses his rocket launcher only to deal damage. Because of this, you have to move around quite often and stay behind cover to avoid taking too much damage.

Although Skrivix moves slowly, he has an AoE attack. He uses it if you get too close. Of course, you can use the ability and drastically reduce the boss’s health.

In general, the battle does not require very much intelligence and strategy, as long as you stay mobile and don’t forget where the hideout is. The boss is killed very easily if left without reinforcements. But if you immediately focus on the boss, then the battle can become more difficult due to too many enemies and shots in the territory.

How to defeat the Unbroken Thumos?

When you get to the boss fight, you will find that the boss came with two legionnaires. It is best to use various racks, cantilever stacks, and other items as cover.

Note: Destroy two Legion Commanders before taking on Unbroken Thumos.

Note: use abilities and grenades to get rid of these legionnaires very quickly.

After destroying two targets, you can focus your attention on Thumos. Dodge his attacks and shoot him in the head. Keep moving or use cover to survive his attack cycle.

Note: Thumos has a very powerful melee attack. Once he draws his sword, you need to back off and keep your distance.

During the battle, Thumos will call for reinforcements. This will happen twice per battle. Immediately switch to reinforcements and destroy them so that they do not get in the way. Don’t forget about hiding places.

Note: The first wave will include Psions and Legionnaires. In the second wave, there will be war hounds, psions and a gladiator.

Note: Hide under the pillars to avoid Thumos’ killing blows.

After killing all enemies, you can switch to the boss. The battle will end pretty quickly. Keep shooting him in the head and avoiding melee attacks. At the end of this long battle, your ability will charge again, and you can use it against the boss.


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