Farewell Speech for Colleagues in Hindi

Speech 1

Good evening everyone As we all know that, we have appeared here to give a good farewell to Mr. ….. He is one of my best colleagues in this office, who is leaving us today due to joining another company abroad. It is not easy for me to give a speech on his farewell ceremony at this moment.

Farewell to any of your near and dear ones is the most difficult task. Mr ……, my best companion for many years. We have spent many useful moments together, which will always remain in my heart. They are leaving us and this country and going abroad to improve their career. When I first heard that they were leaving us, I didn’t believe it even though, I realized much later that it was true.


My dear colleagues, you will not believe how sad that moment was for me when I heard this message. I still remember that you used to tell me often, that you are very ambitious and want to go abroad for your bright future. Going abroad was the wish of my dear friend, so I would like to say goodbye to them without bringing tears to my eyes. I promise you, you will always be in my heart and also wish that you do not forget us by going there. My best wishes are always with you, go ahead and use your knowledge in a new area.

You have a new opportunity to change your way of life and style. Very few people like you get this opportunity. We are all ready to provide you with any kind of support you need. We are very happy and proud to have a colleague like you who is going abroad.

I have full faith in you, in your hard work and in your commitment to work, which will lead you to your goal in the right. You have all the necessary traits and important personal characteristics as well as professional skills. You know very well how to manage any difficult task in a competitive environment and how to solve problems effectively.

I very much like the quality of your positive dialogue, which brings positiveness even to those who only have negative thoughts. You have taught us how to face them even in difficult situations. I am very grateful for your true friendship, kindness and cooperation for many years. We have spent many good and bad moments together, however, all the moments gave us new experiences. You have worked in a good and responsible position in this company.

You have given a lot to the company through your plans, on which you have worked hard and sincerely. You have taught us to work happily in every kind of environment which, as a result, brings positivity in the environment. Now, who will make this atmosphere happy after you leave, we will really miss you a lot. Our best wishes are always with you for your health, wealth and success. Thank you very much for everything you have taught us.

thanks all.


Speech 2

All of you are welcome on this special event, however, the ceremony is bitter-sweet. All of us have gathered here today to bid farewell to the colleague who works with us. This is the time to say goodbye to them, however, bidding them farewell is a very sad moment for all of us. I want to share with you all some memorable moments spent in this college. The valuable work done by him for the college is not hidden from us.

It is like an open book for us, which is a master of good habits and high character. You gave this college a regular schedule, shape and now you are leaving us. You are the person who has always followed courtesy in his life and has taught us to do as well. You and your work will be unforgettable for us throughout our life. You are my best colleague, we have spent a lot of time with each other in this college. However, now we are separating.

You were associated with this college 10 years ago, however, time did not come to know while working with you. You are like a strong pillar of the college who has always helped the college administration with its suggestions or strategies. We should call you a rock, who enabled many students to achieve a high level of success. You are the future creator of the students. You will always be remembered by us and by the students. Obviously, you are the life blood of this college.

No one can take your place in this college after you. Your place in this college will always be vacant. We promise you that after you, we will do our best to take this college to higher heights and will work the functioning of this college in the direction shown by you. We can never forget the post-college meeting at the playground. We used to play badminton every day after college the rest of the time. On the playground, your energy and activity are admirable even in this old age. Although, we are saying goodbye to them today because we cannot catch the time, it goes on its own way and we have to follow it. I wish you all the rest of your life.

Thanks to everyone.


Speech 3

Good evening everyone We have gathered here to attend the farewell ceremony of our dear companions, who are leaving our office and all of us. As we all know, Mr. ……, who is working in our sales department. You are one of our best allies. You are the best employee since the time you joined the office. It is very sad that today you are going to join some other office and we have to send you off. It is your fate and hard work that you have got a chance to join a big company outside the city. However, it is our misfortune that we are leaving a good partner forever. I want to say something about you, being the head of the sales department and first of all, being your partner.

I still remember today, that you had taken my subordinate position in this office. However, due to hard work and loyalty towards your work, you soon achieved the position of senior only 6 months after your appointment. At the time of your appointment, due to not having the appropriate experience, H.R. The department was somewhat hesitant, however, its high level of competence made everyone happy. You never gave us a chance to say bad about you. Everyone remembers your contribution towards office, which we can never forget. You have made a great contribution to the sales department by improving the functioning of sales.

You have made the task more planned and less challenging by implementing your plans and strategies, which were completely impossible to implement. You and all your work has helped the company to grow in a competitive market. Mr. …………. we will remember you especially because of your cheerful nature. Your cheerful nature brings new energy while working. We can never forget your loyalty to the company and positive attitude towards work. It is very difficult for all of us to say goodbye to you and appoint a new partner in your place. However, what we can do, we have to follow all the rules of the company. On behalf of everyone, I wish you all the best for your future.

Thank you.


Speech 4

Good evening to all those present in my farewell ceremony. Thank you very much for organizing such a good farewell ceremony for me. My dear colleagues, I do not remember anything more than learning from anyone. I have got a lot to learn from everyone in this office and I have been given a lot of importance by all of you. I am leaving this office today, and most importantly my colleagues, which is very difficult. I cannot express in words the sorrow of leaving all of you. You all have made me very special and have given special place in my heart, which I can never really forget.

I still remember all the jokes made with my colleagues in the office and on the way home. My dear friends, this is the place where I got the most experience and enabled me to move on to another company to get ahead in life. I think, I did not contribute to this office, however, this company itself has contributed a lot in my life and made me a capable person today. Throughout my tenure here, I have always been given the opportunity to learn something new that I needed and needed. This job is very amazing for me, which has prepared me for a better future.

I want to thank all of you for giving me so much respect, love, and care. At the same time, I also thank the organizers for this good job, position and most importantly, for allowing me the freedom to work according to my wish and to take necessary decisions for the plans. I have learned a lot from my mistakes here and have developed a belief in myself. All the guidelines from here will be with me throughout my life. Being appointed and leaving is a natural law of life for all of us, which we all should adopt and which is very essential for the betterment and progress of life, country, society etc. Once again, thank you for making my last working day in this company memorable.

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