Here we are providing a series of farewell speeches for seniors (seniors) in the college. These available speeches can be used by juniors to organize the farewell ceremony of their seniors. Senareh’s farewell Samareh is held on completion of his college studies. You can choose any of the given speeches according to your need and requirement.

Farewell Speech for Seniors in Hindi by Juniors

Speech 1

Good evening to our esteemed teachers and teachers, our seniors (senior) and my dear colleagues. As you all know, today is the farewell ceremony of our seniors. On behalf of all juniors, I would like to give a speech at this farewell ceremony. I, Vijay Dutt, a student of 5th semester of Computer Science, giving a speech at the farewell program of my dear seniors, I feel proud. I wish all my seniors the beginning of their bright and better future.

I wish that all of you will have a bright future soon and it is certain that you will all achieve success soon due to your hard work and high technical skills. And why not meet, after all you are students of Indian Technical Institute, Delhi, which is famous all over India for its technical testing.

Just as gold and diamonds are hidden in the depths of the earth, similarly the Indian Technical Institute, Delhi is also covering students of high skills, good works and sharp minds. Intelligence is displayed through his pure and peaceful mind. From the very first day of admission to the college and staying in the hostel, we have been continuously getting directions from our seniors which is the most invaluable part of our college life.

It is our seniors who have helped us every step of the way to be able to live in this completely different environment. Obviously, college and hostel is the new home for all the students like we only see our family in our family. However, in college we have to face a lot of difficulties, a lot of pains etc. that we have from parents and family members We teach without living. In such an unusual environment, we learn to adapt to every kind of environment and be happy only because of the help of our seniors. It was our seniors who made us feel that we are like an independent bird and can do everything we want to do.

I still remember very well the fresher party organized by the Seniors in our reception, when our Seniors welcomed us by organizing a lot of cultural activities. After the fresher party, he started treating us like his friend and helped the family to forget and focus on studies. Whenever we needed anything, we used to go to his room and get it from our seniors immediately. You have helped us in organizing our hostel, college campus, sports complex, laboratory hall and all the events to be held in the college.

We have learned many things in our college life only because of our seniors. You taught us how to have a good relationship with everyone in college, which has played an important role in our curriculum. This helped relieve our home memories and adapt to the completely new environment of college. This strong bond with seniors has developed a sense of responsibility and skill in the college among us. Our seniors are truly encouraged, supported, cared for and treated like friendly parents to us forever. I want to say this again to our seniors, our heartfelt wishes are always with you for your bright future.

Thank you.


Speech 2

Organized to bid farewell to the seniors, good evening to all the dignitaries present. Today, on this occasion, thank you all for this beautiful presence. I, Aditya Sharma, MCA I am a student of 5th semester. I have been chosen by all juniors to deliver a farewell speech on this program. It is a sad moment for all of us juniors that, we will all be separated from the shadow of our seniors, although there is also a very happy moment for our seniors, that their studies will be completed and they will brighten their career. And to make it successful Will be associated with companies. Here, I consider myself very fortunate to give a speech on the farewell program of my dear seniors.

It makes me feel as if we have met our seniors tomorrow and how soon this 3 year time is over. Now it is time to bid farewell to this seniors from this college. Saying goodbye to them is hurting us a lot, though we have to say this because it is our responsibility to send them off well and happily. I consider myself very fortunate that I am giving a farewell speech to my seniors who have cared for me for 2 years as parents. Our seniors are the ones who taught us how to live in this struggling environment, at home and away from our near and dear ones.

Our seniors become our best guardians away from home. Whenever we are sick, they provide all the things for us in the hostel room (from medicine to the doctor). They are, in fact, like our elder brothers at home. It is not easy for us to forget them and their difficult tasks in the college campus and hostel. We will all miss you all and will always keep you in our hearts. May it be, we may never meet outside the college in future or maybe not. However, all the good and bad memories will be with you in our hearts.

We have a lot of fun on organizing an event, festival, ceremony etc. together. Your friendship is our greatest gift and forever a precious thing. None of us knows where our lives will take us, however, hard work and commitment to work will enable us to reach our goals. I wish you all a bright future.

Thank you.


Speech 3

Respected courtesy, Principal Sir, Sir, Madam, Sr. and my dear colleagues, good evening. I am grateful to you all for being present on this auspicious occasion. I have tears in my eyes and am feeling very sad because it is time to say goodbye to my seniors. However, I also consider myself fortunate to have been chosen to deliver a speech on behalf of juniors at this farewell ceremony. On behalf of all juniors, I also want to share the moments of happiness spent together.

Whenever, after 12th standard, it is time to take admission in IT College away from home, everyone is usually scared because of a lot of things, like; How to get admission, how to stay in hostel without parents and siblings, how to study without the support of parents etc. Perhaps, the path to education is full of struggles and hard work. However, the result is very sweet. I want to express my feelings for our seniors, who are leaving us. Whenever we were sad to remember our parents, our seniors always used to say that we have to lose many things in our life to get something. He used to say that, some lose health, some lose money and some lose their life. They do everything to achieve success in their lives and have a bright career.

Our seniors made us realize that to achieve the maximum of our responsibilities towards our family, society and country, our education and knowledge is our first goal. He told us that, we should never give up our efforts in bad situations and always struggle. I am very grateful to all my seniors for their support in teaching from time to time. I wish him a happy life and a bright career.

Thank you.


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