Farewell speech by teachers to students

Respected Principal Sir, Deputy Principal, my colleagues and my dear students, good morning to all. This is a very special day when we are organizing a farewell ceremony for the children of class 12th, 2016.

Today, on 15 March, we have gathered to bid farewell to a large group of students, after spending almost 12 years in this school. You all have waited years to get out of here and join the college and see, after all, after such a long wait, the day has come when you leave this school and enter college to redesign your future. Will take

As a class teacher of 12th standard students, I want to say something about all of you, everything I have felt in these 12 years together. All of you, in fact, deserve to hear my appreciation from me because of your gentleness.

My dear students, it took us 12 years to prepare and shape all of you for a bright future. Over time, teachers also learned a lot with the students. So I did the same, I have seen my childhood growing up in you. To move forward and shape students, students and teachers have to work together and act together as a force for good results.

Students are the subject of the teacher’s work, the goals of the teachers ‘thoughts and the teachers’ efforts are reflected. It is true that, we have educated all of you. However, it is also true that, we have also learned a lot from all of you. It was a long journey, however, because of all of you’s determination to do something better in the future, it passed very quickly. This school has seen your childhood and adolescence, and now all of you are poised to enter the young stage of life. It was very difficult to get you to study in the child stage, however, it became a little easier in the young age. Whatever we did (whether good or bad), it was a process of shaping all of you as good human beings for the future of the country.

It was all our responsibility: sometimes we loved and cared for you and sometimes gave you to complete difficult tasks. My dear students, my advice to all of you is, do not look back and stand at the threshold of this school. Looking forward and seeing the world moving forward, our best wishes are with you always. My children, the world needs more intelligent youth like you. Success will be in your way. Just keep in your mind that, you are right in all your actions and do not forget that truth always wins. Use your power to make others happy, not in making everyone happy. Never surrender and believe in yourself in any bad situation. Go and earn your name, money, fame and come back to us to tell your success story. I want to say a few words said by Swami Vivekananda:

“Take an idea and make that idea the essence of your life – think of it and dream it. With that thought, let every part of your brain, muscles, cells, body fill it and leave other thoughts alone. This is the way to success. “

Thank you.


Farewell speech to the students by the principal

Hello to respected teachers and my dear students. We have all gathered here to bid farewell to the intelligent students of 12th standard. Today, on 16 March, all of you are welcome to the farewell ceremony. In my own words, I want to say something about my 12th grade dear students. Students are the most valuable asset of any school, without them teachers and schools are nothing. However, it is also true that students are nothing or incomplete without a good teacher. Therefore, both are equally responsible for each other’s importance. We cannot say that only the teacher plays an important role in the life of the students. However, the students also play a great role in creating the importance and value of the teacher. Both require respect participation in shaping and building the future of students.

A good student cannot do anything in the absence of a good teacher and when a teacher does not find a good student, he considers it his misfortune. It is the responsibility of the teacher to bring his student on the right path, however, it is also the responsibility of the student to follow what his teacher has stated. They need to support each other equally in school. Our students are very disciplined, well-mannered, punctual, and responsible. They have fulfilled all their obligations to the school, due to which our school has developed a lot and has created the image of the school providing the best education in the entire district. This has been made possible through the hard efforts of my dear students and teachers.

The district level win of the 12th grade students in the basketball international school competition really surprised me. My wish is that my students go further than ever and make this school and their parents’ name bright. After so many years of hard work and struggle of the students, now is the time to say goodbye to all of you so that, you can see the world after completing your college life.

My dear students, according to my own experience, you will face many difficult challenges in your life. Even then you do not panic with them, and keep moving forward with strong confidence. It is your faith, courage, patience and hard work, which will lead you further in future and will give you a bright future. My best wishes are always with you I would like to tell you from Albert Einstein’s line:

“Don’t try to be a successful person, but be a valuable person instead.”

Thank you.


Farewell speech to students by juniors

Respected Excellencies, Respected Principal, Sir, Madam, My Seniors and Dear Friends, Good morning to all of you. I want to say something on behalf of all the juniors on the farewell ceremony of my seniors. Today is the farewell ceremony of the 12th standard students of our school. We have had a lot of fun together in this prestigious school in the playground, in the library and in the laboratory. We come from different environments. However, we look alike in school because we wear the same school dress. We all have different feelings and attitudes. However, we learn good behavior from our seniors in school.

Whenever we were punished for our planetary work or school work, our seniors always helped us. You are always ready to help us in every situation. You helped us a lot during the football match competition and quiz competition. Whenever I think of past moments with my seniors, I am filled with hope and think that I have also become a senior, so I am also good at taking equal responsibilities for my juniors. Should become a senior.

My dear senior colleagues, today you are taking a break from school life and moving towards college life to make a better future. There is no doubt in your success. I wish you all the best for your future. It is very difficult for us to bid you farewell, but we have to send you off by playing the tradition of our school. I request you all, don’t forget us, we will always need you. I remember some words of Mahatma Gandhi saying:

“Live as if you were going to die tomorrow. Learn as if you are everlasting. “

Thank you.


Farewell speech by students on farewell ceremony

Respected principal, teachers and teachers, dear juniors and my dear colleagues, good evening to all of you. I want to give a speech on behalf of my class in front of all of you at this farewell ceremony. Today is our farewell ceremony and also our last day as a student in this school. In fact, we have had a lot of fun at this school, right from the time of my admission. We have passed our 12th standard from here and will have to get admission in college to get some professional degree to build their career. We can never forget the cooperation of all teachers. We will always remember all the etiquettes taught by our teachers and teachers.

We were associated with this school many years ago. However, it seems that it was only yesterday when we came to this school and the time of separation came very quickly. The educational environment of this school is very strict, and encouraging. We like it very much. We have had a lot of experience with good education. I want to share some happy moments with you. I was very naughty as a child and usually harassed my friends in class. Nevertheless, only my classroom teacher’s way of teaching changed all my bad behavior into good behavior. I am grateful to all my teachers, who made me a good student.

I still remember all my good and bad memories with my friends, like; Laughing, joking, reading novels, eating your friends in secret, running on the streets, running on the stairs, competition, making fun of your friends together, having fun with each other, etc. As such, all these memories are valuable to me and will always be in my heart. School was like our second home where we were prepared for the future. I do not know if I will ever be able to meet my friends in the future or not, but definitely social media like them; Will remain connected through Facebook, Email, Twitter, Linked-in, Skype and Google-Plus etc.

I am very grateful to my teachers for all their efforts and to my dear friends and juniors for their love and friendship. At the same time, I also ask my friends for my bad behavior. I wish my friends and juniors all the best for their future.

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