Fall Guys Season 2: all the tips and tricks to win in the Fan Volley test

Fall Guys has expanded its content in October to welcome Season 2 , with which a few new features have been included in the form of costumes, options and especially new tests to complete. In this guide we are going to tell you all the tips and tricks to win in the Fan Volley test .


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All the tips and tricks to win in the Season 2 Fan Volley test

The Fan Volley minigame is one of those that is part of the ” Career ” category and the last one that has been included in the middle of the current Season 2. It presents a challenge for all those who fear heights, because practically everyone The route is made up of a series of fans in the form of platforms on which you have to jump.

Each of the propellers will move clockwise or vice versa, so you have to be careful not to miss the jumps when going from one platform to another. However, those who see it a bit tight will be able to walk through the inner circle of the fans to go faster, although this method is more risky as it requires more balance.

A big drawback is the other players, since they can hinder you when moving from one place to another and especially when jumping. Even so, patience will be your best ally so as not to go crazy all over the stage, because it is better to wait still on one of the propellers until one arrives that you can jump to instead of risking to jump into one and rush to the empty.

In addition, as you reach the end of this route, you will find that around the propellers there are some logs turning non-stop , so it is another obstacle that you must take into account. That said, although before we pointed out that staying still in one place is not a bad option, of course you have to be attentive to these logs, since the minimum impact can push you very far .

In total, there are four areas that you must overcome until you reach the finish line before your rivals in order to qualify for the next test if you have been fast enough.


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