Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Guide: How To Unlock Clank Outfit In Season 5 Challenge

It’s already August 6 and that means the second part of the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout special event related to Ratchet & Clank has just started .

If last week Ratchet was the unlockable skin , now it is the turn of his inseparable companion Clank , that robot that seems to fit like a glove in the fifth season of the colorful universe devised by Mediatonic.


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As with Ratchet, you will not unlock the suit at once, but you will have to accumulate special challenge points until you find the amount necessary to obtain the two pieces that make up this good old Clank costume.

Specifically, you will need to accumulate 1,400 points for the lower part and 1,600 points for the upper part , unlocking along the way a banner (300 points), a header (600 points) and a color pattern (800 points). And beware, for the Groovitron gesture you will have to reach a whopping 2,000 points. Although that extra effort, coupled with the past with Ratchet, will pay off, by unlocking Rivet’s nameplate. Yes, after completing all the challenges of both.

As you can see in the image below, Clank’s challenges are quite similar to those of Ratchet , except for the fact that here we are asked to reach certain rounds within the “Trios Show” or grab 10 players during a round. Always with the aim of touching their morals, of course. Courage, patience and good luck, you have until August 15 to complete these challenges .

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