Wreckfest guide: how to access the tracks of the Carmageddon event and unlock the mythical Red Eagle car

Yesterday Bugbear surprised us with a new event from season 13 of his destruction derby Wreckfest . Guilty? Neither more nor less than the mythical and controversial Carmageddon . And the grace is that it recovers two of its circuits with its essence intact, being a whole shot of nostalgia from the late nineties.

However, as you may have seen, despite the introductory message when entering Wreckfest , it is not intuitive to know where you can access these circuits. Because no, in the Tournaments section what is related to Carmageddon is testimonial and can lead to confusion, so we are going to tell you where it is .


No, Mortal Kombat was not the first controversial game for its explicit violence. And for sample, here are these classic gore

Carmageddon sneaks into Wreckfest like a beast

As there are no visual indicators and the circuits are very hidden, it will not be easy to find the Bleak City and Devil’s Canyon slopes right away . And as you can see in the image above, they are hidden in the final part of the Custom event section , visible in the main menu.

Now that you have the circuits located, it will be as simple as selecting the one you prefer and then configuring the type of track (Bleak City has a main circuit, free roam , demolition stadium and reverse main circuit; while Devil’s Canyon only the normal and the freestyle) and other parameters, such as the game mode, to start the race with a high emphasis on destruction.

What to do to buy the Eagle R racing car

And what about the mythical Red Eagle? In this case, you will depend on the Tournaments, by requiring Fame to be able to buy it. No, do not serve the CR coin win with any career, there you are going to need some time to enter this vehicle costing 100,000 F . And it is that for each test of the tournament (assuming you achieve a gold) you will obtain between 2,000 and 4,000 Fame points.

If you already had Fame accumulated with old Tournaments, perfect. Less work.


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