Fall Guys Season;10 Tips to win the Trampling Stampede test

The content of Fall Guys has been updated once again on the occasion of the premiere of Season 5 that has been loaded with new costumes and tests set in the jungle. In the following guide we are going to offer you all the tips and tricks to win in the Trampling Stampede test .


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All the tips and tricks to win the Trampling Stampede test

The Trampling Stampede minigame is one of those that is included in the “Survival” category and it includes one of the new elements of this season, such as toy rhinos that can be very funny because of their appearance, but in reality They have a very bad temper, so you will have to do everything possible to stay away from them.

The point is that in this test your goal will be to last one minute and 10 seconds on stage without leaving it. Apparently it does not seem difficult to be circular and very large. However, rhinos have too much strength and if they attack you, you will shoot yourself into the air, to the point that you can fall into the water and therefore be eliminated.

Of course, it does not mean that everything is lost if that is the case, because on the outside of the main platform there are a few springs in the shape of water lilies that will help you to return to action if you manage to impact with any of them. Even so, it will not always depend on you, because the rhinos will send you to take the winds at full speed.

In order to avoid them, you don’t have to lose sight of them at any time. In total there are three rhinos that will move towards the player closest to them at that moment, hence it is important that you do not stop moving the camera so as not to lose sight of any of them at all times. And if you see that they charge towards you, try to do a plank jump to try to get away in time.

In general, it should not be very difficult for you to survive the minigame if you manage to place yourself very far from the rhinos until the time runs out. Also, there is no limit of players to be eliminated, as the test will only end when the counter reaches zero.

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