Genshin Impact: How to Get Free Protogemas and Other Prizes with the Clockwork Arena:

Genshin Impact events are always welcome so that players can earn a number of special rewards for completing certain objectives. In the following guide, we are going to explain what you can get with the Mechanical Arena: Brain Game event and all the steps you will have to follow to do so.


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How to participate in the Clockwork Arena: Brain Game event

Komakata, the legal representative of the Mechanical Arena, has brought this game from Liyue to Inazuma and added a series of new features to make it look different.

So, the first thing you should do is locate Komakata in this place, since he will be the one who allows you to participate in the challenge. In it you will be given some magic points that can be used to build magic mechanisms , which will be in charge of preventing the armies of enemies from advancing on the stage.

The more enemies you manage to defeat in this way and at the same time prevent them from approaching the matrix, the more magic points you will receive in return to continue improving your defenses. Of course, it is important to bear in mind that the value of the matrix must be greater than zero to achieve victory.

The event is divided into exactly 10 stages. Four of them will be unlocked on the first day and a total of two daily stages will appear over the next three days. Anyone can enter them alone or in the company of another person thanks to the multiplayer mode.

One detail to keep in mind is that enemies will not be able to cause any type of normal damage and neither will they be able to obtain elemental energy with which they are capable of activating the Ultimate Ability. However, this can be used to cause an elemental reaction on opponents, such as freezing them so that they are briefly paralyzed.

There is no concrete way to beat the levels. Each one must simply place the magic mechanisms in the locations they deem appropriate . Some of them will shoot water, others fire bombs, lightning bolts, arrows and other effects that will serve to severely hinder enemies as they advance without stopping.

On the other hand, as the challenges are completed, it will be possible to obtain Mechanical Experience and thus further increase the level of Mechanical Mastery. Thanks to this, the initial magic points and other aspects will be increased, as well as the possibility of unlocking new mechanisms and sticks of fortune and destiny.

Rewards, date and times of the event Mechanical Arena: Puzzle game

The fact of completing the different missions of the event will help you to receive Talisman of the Ingenuity and a limited Card: Celebration – Ingenuity. In the case of the former, they will act as a bargaining chip to exchange them for rewards such as protogems, hero’s ingenuity, talent improvement materials, and blackberry .

For all this you will need to have previously reached Adventure Rank 30 or higher and also have completed the mission “Ritou’s escape plan”, two essential requirements for the doors of this event to open, which will remain available until August 26 03:59 (server time).


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