Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions, and the people around you. People with high levels of emotional intelligence know how they feel, what their emotions mean, and how these emotions can affect others.


For leaders, having emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence is very important for success. After all, who is more likely to succeed – a leader who shouts at his team when he is stressed, or a leader who remains in control, and calmly assesses the situation?


According to Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist who helps popularize emotional intelligence, there are five key elements of emotional intelligence, namely self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.


The more we, as leaders, manage each of these areas, the higher our emotional intelligence . So, let’s look at each element in more detail and examine how you can grow as a leader.


What Is Emotional Intelligence? 

Maybe there are still wondering, what kind of emotional intelligence or real emotional intelligence? This attitude is like a skill to recognize and understand our own emotions about what we convey to the situation and behavior of people around us who are influenced by certain situations. Indirectly, emotional intelligence also determines all our perceptions and responses to the emotional behavior of others.


So we can imagine, if everyone in the work environment has good emotional intelligence, then we can be sure the world of work has a very comfortable atmosphere because each individual manages their emotions stably.


It is true that each person is created with a unique personality that is different. Each of us also has unique needs and desires in expressing emotions and feelings. One employee has a very blunt nature, while the other is very quiet and cannot express the frustration he feels. We can hardly find uniform characteristics in a company, because they all have different natural characteristics.


To deal effectively with all nuances of difference, we need mature and stable emotional intelligence. Therefore, emotional intelligence has a very important role in maintaining emotional balance in our lives, both personally and professionally, both in daily life and in the office.


The good news, people who maintain emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence very well, proven to get more success than peers around them who do not have emotional intelligence or easily provoked emotions against unpleasant external circumstances. The facts also prove that those who have emotional intelligence tend to be liked by many parties.


There are 5 Main Characteristics in Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Intelligence Needed in the World of Work.

Now that we all know that emotional intelligence is a very important attribute for everyone in the world of work, this article will give Career Career colleagues an overview of what things need to be prepared and trained to improve emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence. According to the entrepreneur’s website, there are 5 main characteristics in emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence that are needed in the workforce. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Self-Awareness

We place self-awareness as the main characteristic that everyone needs to have to have high and mature emotional intelligence. Without self-awareness, a person will never be able to understand that the people around him have characteristics and attitudes that are different from themselves, a person will also never care about the difficulties that are being faced by others so that the person must say rude, angry or shy .


People who ignore the importance of self-awareness will only assume that “The world and everything in it must go the way I want”. When self-awareness brings individuals to emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence, this individual will begin to understand and control his feelings in making every important decision in life, even though small decisions.


“Will the attitude, words and decisions that I will take have a positive impact on me and the people around me, or even vice versa?” They will never let emotional turmoil over their minds and they understand their strengths and weaknesses very well.


2. Motivation

When someone already has good self-awareness, he will form a strong self-motivation to be able to process the emotional intelligence needed. They will be motivated to provide quality results for their present and long-term success.


When they are present in a work environment that likes to gossip, people with strong motivation will feel very challenged to be different from other coworkers, even they try to change the bad habits of their colleagues to create a more comfortable and effective work environment . In terms of work, people with these characteristics are always at the forefront, productive and always careful in completing their work assignments.


3. Empathy

Empathy is also a main characteristic that must be possessed when someone wants to form high emotional intelligence. With empathy, we will always try to identify the emotional side that others have. Not only that, we are also not easy to judge and make negative stereotypes towards others. We will try to be people who want to try to understand the sadness and anger of others, or find out the cause and effect of the treatment that others have given us. People with high empathy are present not to make the atmosphere worse, but to help people get out of their problems by trying to understand their condition sincerely.


4. Self-regulation

This self-regulation will help a person to think, adapt easily to changes, be sincere and attentive. These characteristics will give individuals direction about what attitudes and responses they deserve to give to others. In short, these characteristics will help a person to control himself to be someone who behaves well in any type of situation.


5. Social Skills

The fifth characteristic to have good emotional intelligence is social skills. Social skills encompass skills aimed directly at our social environment, especially our coworkers, leaders, employees, business partners, clients, and even customers. One of the main social skills is communication skills. We must learn and master the correct ways of communicating. For example, communicating with clients will be different when we interact with colleagues.


By having these five main characteristics, we can effectively manage difficulties in business, make wise decisions, resolve critical situations, internal disputes, and criticism. When all layers in the work environment have good emotional intelligence, everyone will try to maintain the feelings of each colleague and organize themselves to always be kind, so that harmony will be created in the work environment.


The importance of emotional intelligence in the world of work is strengthened by surveys that show that emotional intelligence is a soft skill that cannot be negotiated (it really needs to be had by everyone). In fact, emotional intelligence or high emotional intelligence is far more preferred by recruiters compared to high IQ. About 75% of the HR or HR department and Managers will prefer candidates who have good and stable emotional intelligence. In addition, these studies also found that high level of emotional intelligence or EQ can improve stress management and improve leadership abilities.


What are the benefits to be gained with High Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Intelligence.

– This attitude can help employees and managers to develop and maintain strong interpersonal relationships.

– Employees tend to be interconnected and perform well.

– Individuals like these have a good psychological state for dealing with stress efficiently.

– Emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence helps people to deal with difficult situations that are sad with a broader perspective.

– Emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence helps improve one’s confidence and improve communication skills. It can also help a person to interact with others through impressive ways, both in building internal and external business relationships.

– Leaders who have high emotional intelligence or EQ will always try to understand everything deeply, not easily judge and prejudice their employees or business partners, and bring excellent results for mutual success.

– Emotional intelligence can make a person a good listener , attentive and a fast learner.

– Employees with high emotional intelligence will always show patience, strong self-motivation and high self-improvement.

– Emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence owned by a person will help him to make wise decisions, especially in the worst situations that are very stressful.


Yep! those are the 5 main characteristics needed to create emotional intelligence, as well as some of the benefits that will be obtained when we have a high level of emotional intelligence. Come on, from now on we will increase our emotional intelligence for a brighter future and harmonious relationships with people around us. Keep your spirits up,


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