Communication skills are the expertise, abilities and intelligence possessed by a person in interacting with people around him. Whereas, performance appraisal is the process of evaluating employee performance on the achievements, achievements and contributions that have been given by employees to the company during the specified period.


Communication skills are valued as one of the indispensable skills wherever we are, especially in the world of work. In fact, good communication skills are considered as one of the factors to be able to achieve success in the workplace, so people with good communication skills tend to have near-perfect performance appraisals.


What is the Relationship between Communication Skills and Performance Appraisal?  

There is no denying that anyone can get a poor or unsatisfactory performance rating . However, blaming management for the poor performance appraisal will not solve any problems. Meanwhile, performance appraisal comes as an evaluation process between employees and their leaders. It aims to make employees and leaders understand each other’s difficulties and think of joint solutions that can be given from both parties.


One of the best ways to get a good performance appraisal is to re-evaluate the communication skills that we have, both on the employee and manager side.


Re-evaluation of communication skills means to re-hone the communication skills that we have now. The aim is to improve existing skills by making them better communication skills than before. For those who previously had good communication skills, it might be easier to re-evaluate the skills. But what about those who don’t or don’t have good communication skills? Will they always get unsatisfactory performance ratings? So, what should they do about this?


In this article, we will try to convince fellow Career Advice that communication skills are really needed to get a good performance appraisal and achieve the desired career path. Whether we realize it or not, all the success we achieve in the world of work comes from good communication skills.


In fact, before we start a career in a company, we must be able to promote ourselves with all the achievements and capabilities available, and convince recruiters that we are the candidates that they really are looking for. From here, we can already see how communication skills play a role.


When someone has managed to get a job, communication skills are increasingly needed. In the world of work, we will often interact with colleagues, clients, business partners, customers, and bosses and other management parties. It is also possible that we will find it difficult to work, if we do not master this skill well.


Oops! Not only that, people who have business with us will also find it difficult. They will be difficult to explain a job to us, difficult to understand the results of our work that are less satisfying, even difficult to build a strong work team with us. If it’s like this, who is overwhelmed who? Yes, not only us, but the people around us will also be affected.


According to the entrepreneur’s website, there are three things we can do to improve our communication skills so we can get a good and satisfactory performance assessment. The following is the explanation.


1. Communicating with Colleagues.

Interaction that is well established with colleagues in the office will make it easier for us to work with them. Colleagues or coworkers are the people we meet most often and the intensity of interactions with them will be much higher when compared to our interactions with leaders and outside parties such as business partners, clients and customers. That is why good communication with colleagues is needed.


In communicating with colleagues, we must regard them as a very valuable team. There is no team that can succeed without the effort and hard work of the team, and no one can succeed without the help and support of others.


So, if we want to be successful, clear career paths with good performance appraisals, the first thing to do is build or improve our communication with colleagues. Reduce gossip and avoid small dramas that can damage the harmony of the work team. All that can start from ourselves.


If we have a good relationship with colleagues, they will also help us to contribute and the best performance at work. The result? Our performance appraisal will be satisfying in the eyes of the leadership and for ourselves. So, from now on we will build good communication with colleagues in the office.


2. Communicating with External Parties (Business Partners, Clients and Customers).

In the world of business and work, external parties such as business partners, clients and customers are the parties who will help our business to remain and prosper. Without their help, support and presence, the business that we have could immediately “shut down”. Because there really won’t be success that can be achieved alone.


It should always be remembered that to be able to get the trust of customers is not easy. In addition, to be able to gain trust and work with business partners and clients, is also not something that can be obtained in a day and night. All of this requires effort and sacrifice in a long period of time.


This is where communication skills are needed. We need to treat them as we would like to be treated by all of our business partners, clients and customers. When they feel more confident, trusting and satisfied with the results of the work we provide, then automatically our performance evaluation in the office will also be brilliant.


3. Communicating with Management or Management.

Although we will communicate less often with bosses, managers or other management. However, having good communication skills with superiors is also very necessary. When we master these skills well, we will be easy to convey the aspirations, ideas and opinions that are useful for the development of the company. Not only that, we will also find it easier to understand the contributions and expectations of what the company wants from the performance of its employees. By knowing their expectations clearly, then we will work in line with what is expected. The result? Of course, our performance appraisal will also be satisfying.


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