From the perspective of a project manager, project management is basically about delivering results that will affect some changes for the benefit of the organization. What’s more, to better know why project management is important, below is a list of several reasons that will convince us of the importance and relevance of a project management.


Let’s study together:

1.  Clear Focus and Purpose

Without effective project management, your team might start working on a project that has no clear direction. However, when your team members understand the focus and goals, the project will proceed without confusion or chaos. Half the battle you have won if you start a project the right way.


2.  Realistic Project Planning

Project planning is the most important aspect of project management that will decide the fate of your project. You will be able to successfully complete your projects when you can estimate what you can achieve for when and for how much. On the other hand, your project is destined to fail if there is no clear budget estimate and no realistic deadlines.


3.  Make optimal use of resources

When you work on a complex or simple project, improper use of resources can cause havoc. Using the right project management methodology can help you realize how to use resources to get the best benefit from your project. For example, small and medium scale projects will provide the best results if done with a modern approach, whereas large scale projects will provide the best results with a traditional project management approach.


4.  Risk Management

Often, we start projects with the best strategies but fail to recognize the potential risks that can hamper overall project progress. With effective project management, a project manager will always be one step ahead of unwanted risks and threats.


5.  Quality Control

There is a fundamental need for a project member to comply with project guidelines, deadlines , budgets, workmanship standards, and quality control. Project management will be very important to be able to identify, manage, and control whatever quality is achieved.


Benefits of effective project management include:

  1. Understand the various project objectives and results
  2. Satisfy the needs of every party involved in the project’s interests
  3. Effective use of project resources
  4. More likely to achieve the desired results


So why is project management needed? Without project management, your team and your clients will be vulnerable to chaotic management, unclear goals, lack of resources, unrealistic planning, high risk, poor quality of work, over budget and late delivery.

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