Life Purpose vs. Reality of Life

Life goals are targets, goals, or focus that we want to achieve in life. The purpose of life will make our lives more clear and focused. What about the reality of life? The reality of life is the reality or real circumstances that occur in our lives.


In life, often the purpose of life that we design is not in accordance with the reality of life . Sometimes even often, the incompatibility between the purpose of life with the reality of life makes our lives become very frustrated, frustrated, upset, angry, and yes can not be expressed in words again anyway!


However, there are some things in this world that we cannot control. Although, we have tried hard and made so many sacrifices to realize all the goals in life. Yep! We really cannot control the things that come and happen in life. However, we can train ourselves how we respond to every event that comes into our lives.


So, How to Respond to the Facts of Life that are not in accordance with the Purpose of Our Lives? 

According to Marc and Angel, there are 5 ways we can do so that we have a mature preparation, especially in dealing with the reality of life that is not in line with what we want. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Don’t make happiness the ultimate goal of life.

Five years ago, I thought that earning a Bachelor’s degree would give me happiness. Why? Because I believe that graduating from university, going into the world of work and being an office employee will bring happiness to my life . Moreover, if I think about it every month I will get a salary from the boss. Wow! I am more excited to be able to graduate soon and get a bachelor’s degree.


However, when I was able to achieve it and was involved in the world of work. Geez! I even felt that my days in college were more beautiful than when I was working now. Every day there are complaints from customers, clients who suddenly disappear from circulation, managers who are always angry, and endless piles of work assignments.


From this I realized that every purpose in life that we have, will not provide any guarantee for our happiness. When we have succeeded in achieving one life goal, there will be other problems present in our lives. Therefore, do not make happiness the final destination of our lives.


2. Stay grateful.

It is true that when the purpose of life is not in accordance with the reality of life, then our life seems to end right then and there. Creepy, even very stressful. Our lives immediately look very dark and we become confused “what should I do after this?”


There is one wise thing we can do to respond to every failure that is present in our lives, namely, Gratitude . Being grateful will help us to feel that everything will be all right, even though it may not be.


However, being grateful will keep us calm and keep thinking positively that there will be other ways that can lead us towards our desired life goals. In other words, being grateful will make us realize that “Hey, the world is not over yet. Come on, let’s try again! “.


That is why it is important for us to practice gratitude in ourselves. For example, make it a habit to practice gratitude every day. Whatever happens, whether it’s a bad or good event, keep thanking God and the people around us.


3. Realize that in life, there is a dimension of failure and a dimension of success .

Failure is often defined as a life goal that cannot be fully achieved. When what we want is a “motorcycle” but what we get is a “bicycle”, then we often call it a failure. But hey! Isn’t the bicycle also useful for us? Again, our life does have a dimension of failure and a dimension of success.


That is, there are times when our hard work has not produced anything, and there are times when our hard work finally leads us to a very satisfying result, which we can call success and harmony with our life goals. Relax, be patient and keep going back and forth to achieve our life goals . And, give up and let everything on destiny. Because life consists of the dimensions of failure and success.


4. Looking for happiness from simple things.

At the beginning of the article, we said that if the reality of life that we have does not match our life goals, it does not mean our world is over. There are many things that we can still do to pursue existing life goals, or at least to continue to be motivated in pursuing other life goals.


There is one praiseworthy action that we can do when we have not been able to achieve life goals. Is that? Help others to achieve their life goals. It doesn’t have to help them in a fancy and expensive way, just a simple way.


For example, providing used books that are still appropriate and useful for street children and building a reading garden for them. In this simple way, we can help the less able younger siblings to increase their knowledge and entertain them. In this way, we will find happiness in ways that may seem simple, but actually have enormous meaning for others. Noble actions like this will make us feel fulfilled and excited again to pursue other life goals that have not been achieved.


5. Celebrate Every Small Achievement Achieved.

We need to stop to underestimate and blame ourselves for every failure that occurs. It will not help anything or change what fails to succeed. NO! absolutely not. So, what we need to do is celebrate every achievement we achieve, no matter how small the achievement. Celebrating the achievement does not have to be expensive. For example, reflecting and praising ourselves, buying ice cream that we like, watching our favorite drama for 3 hours, or other things that make us happier and more motivated.

Those are things that we can do when the purpose of life is not in accordance with the reality of life that we have now.

by Abdullah Sam
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