Calm down is trying to calm down, calm the heart and try to make our minds calm. The word “calm down” are two words that we often hear when someone is feeling scared , worried or afraid of something. These words are used so that someone who is feeling scared can calm himself, so that his mind remains clear and positive.


Unfortunately, often the advice to calm down becomes easier to express, rather than done. Even more so if hard times are coming. I think almost everyone will find it difficult to calm themselves and think positively to solve the problem.


It takes a strong mental strength when problems, trials or obstacles come and greet with our lives. In this case, negative thoughts we MUST be able to avoid. For example, stay away from self-talk to negative sayings that can weaken our mentality.


Now, try Career Advice partners and take some time and imagine some of the fictional stories below. These stories tell about how great people surrendered to their toughest situations, so they never knew that maybe they would be one step ahead of their success (of course if they didn’t give up).


Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the light bulb finally gave up on finding an extraordinary creation, because finally he realized that his efforts might be in vain.


Harry Potter finally decided not to fight Voldemort, because for him a small child would never be able to resist the power of Voldemort. Then, Harry Potter chose to play with children as appropriate.


Mr. Soekarno finally decided not to fight the invaders. Because of this surrender , Mr Soekarno would never know that he would become the first President in Indonesia and he might also not know that with the efforts and struggle he gave, Indonesia would become an independent country.


Yep! Maybe there will be many other fictitious stories that make us afraid to imagine. The story of great people who might never achieve success just because they give up with the hard times they face. Well, now try your fellow readers to imagine if some of the fictional stories above happen to yourself? Will your fellow readers feel disadvantaged if you don’t try to deal with these difficult times?


In this article, we will help our fellow readers to stay calm, even if they are being overwhelmed by difficulties or trials. There are 10 ways to calm down in difficult times that we have summarized from the website of Marc and Angel, which are as follows:

Before we continue to discuss this article in 10 ways that need to be done, we ask fellow readers to try to avoid some of the negative sentences below. Why? Because the words below will prevent us from thinking clearly and will never calm us down in difficult times.

– “Looks like, I’m going to fail at this …”

– “I know that I’m a terrible person …”

– “I guess I’m just wasting my time …”

– “What I do doesn’t seem to be worth the time and struggle I give …”

– “I think I’ll do it tomorrow!”

– “I don’t want to do anything, I’m satisfied with my life now …”

– “For difficult matters, I think let others do it, because I am a terrible person. I certainly can’t! ” and many other sentences that humble themselves.


After listening to the sentences above, now we try to apply the 10 ways below so that we can still calm down even in difficult times.


10 Ways to Calm Yourself in Difficult Times


1. Don’t Escape the Problem, Face it Calmly !

The first thing to remember when a problem comes is “everyone will definitely face a problem and every problem that comes in will definitely be solved”. Take a deep breath, calm down and face the problem with a calm heart and mind. Rest assured that we can deal with it!


2. Circumstances will not Change “Who I Am”.

Never think that circumstances will dictate our personality. No matter how difficult the problems we are facing now, it will not change us into an emotional person, stingy, lazy, annoying, and other negative characters. It’s about deciding NOT to let our frustration or fear determine our future.


3. Make Disappointment and Frustration as the Main Material of Motivation.

Instead of dizzy around thinking about our failures, it’s better to make our feelings of disappointment and frustration as fuel that can motivate us to go ahead and try. That’s better, right?


4. Trying to Stay Patient, Be patient and be patient.

Have you ever heard that a patient person must be loved by God? Yep! Patience is a sincere expression of trust, acceptance, calm, and confidence in one’s own abilities. By continuing to be patient, this indicates that we are a strong person and never give up .


5. Believe that all of this pain is part of our success story.

Rejected by a cool company? No problem! Failed to be promoted by boss? No problem, or fail to get potential clients? No problem too! Make all these feelings of disappointment part of our success story in the future. Without painful things like this, we would not have “story material” to tell others.


6. Stop Comparing Yourself to the Progress of Others.

This is indeed a thing that often happens in our lives. When other people have a better fate than us, we automatically automatically compare our own achievements with those of others. Come on, from now on we stop doing this. Because comparing will only make things more complicated and we will be less excited.


7. The Longer We Achieve Success, the More Success We will Last Longer.

When we believe that there is no instant success, then all complex problems will not be a barrier to us to continue to work hard and be patient to achieve success, even in a long time.


8. Fatigue Is Much Better Than Doing Nothing.

When we feel like giving up on facing problems in difficult times, believe that feeling tired in dealing with them will be better than doing nothing. At least trying to make us different from losers.


9. If Other People Can Go Through Difficult Times, Why Am I Not?

Even though everyone has different problems in life, everyone can be diligent and never give up to face all the difficulties they have. Try to instill in us “If other people can get through all their problems, why can’t I? I can do it!”


10. All These Problems Will End Soon.

Believe that there will be no problems or difficulties that occur forever. Everything will end and all sadness will be replaced with happiness. Although other problems will come, but we will encounter further problems with a stronger mentality. So, don’t be afraid to face every problem.

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