Drive Pass – How to Earn Free Rewards in Lego 2K Drive

When I play games, I always enjoy additional challenges, such as quests or tasks to complete in the game. Of course, the free rewards justify these extra challenges and really pay off all your hard work. Great news! You can earn free rewards in Lego 2K Drive by completing tasks and leveling up in Drive Pass. Here’s how to jump into the game alone or with friends in co-op multiplayer mode and start collecting rewards!

What is a Drive Pass in Lego 2K Drive?

The Drive Pass will work as a seasonal collection of rewards that you unlock as you progress through each level. There are 100 tiers of prizes ranging from stickers, drivers, styles, sounds, and more, and they will be updated every season. Some of these will only be locked to Premium Drive Pass members and you will need to upgrade your Pass to unlock them. In addition, you can also get Premium Rewards with the 1st Year Pass which can be part of any Deluxe Edition of the game.

You can access Drive Pass challenges and reward lists by going to the Lego 2K Drive website (hyperlink here) or in-game by selecting Unki’s Emporium and selecting the Premium Pass page as shown in the image above. (We will update this section once the Season 1 Pass is released.)

How to Earn Drive Pass Rewards in Lego 2K Drive

To start earning Drive Pass rewards, start completing Drive Pass challenges and racing. Drive Pass objectives can vary, requiring you to explore a specific area, win races, or complete activities in the world. You can get the item at the appropriate level as you progress. We’ll be taking a closer look at rewards and challenges after the Season 1 Pass launches, so stay tuned!

As with the seasons, new challenges will constantly appear so that you can continue to level up and get more rewards for the pass. You can receive these gifts whether you’re playing solo in story mode, in a shared world with friends, or in “Play with everyone” mode.

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