Is it possible to change characters in Wartales?

While there are many positives to the medieval tactical RPG Wartales, one downside is the lack of information. This can be especially difficult in the beginning when you may not have found a specific building or NPC that could really help you, simply because you weren’t in the right part of the map. For example, it took me forever to find the tomb of Tiltren, where you can get a profession of a scientist. Another common problem is realizing that you have created a bad character. So, you might be wondering, can you change character stats in Wartales?

How to change the specification – Wartales

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The good news is yes , you can change characters in Wartales. It’s just finding the right NPC in the right building. What you are looking for is any Brotherhood Training Ground . I marked one in Tiltren County on the map above, but there is one in every region that offers the same service. Just go inside, talk to the hired good and you can reassign one of your companions for 500 crowns.

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You may want to think twice before you do so, though. That’s a lot of crowns especially when compared to just hiring (or finding) a new companion . You’ll need all the crowns you can get, especially for another Training Ground service that allows you to level up your legendary items . I also love getting new Travel Posts , which will cost you more and more money in each new region. However, if you’re really attached to someone but want to change their spec, for example to better use a legendary weapon, it can definitely be worth it.

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