How to earn money with surveys in Google Opinion Rewards

Through the following article, you will be shown the importance and functionality of Google Rewards , since, thanks to this application, you will be able to carry out work through surveys generated by the system.

Due to the situation that currently has been generated at the international level and that affects the whole world, many people have found it necessary to create work alternatives with Google applications , all this due to the problem of covid-19.

How to Make Money with Surveys in Google Opinion Rewards, Easy and Fast

That is why this system of generating money has become very accessible and visited by many individuals, due to its ease of use, its simplicity and speed.


  • What is Google Rewards?
  • How does Google Rewards work?

What is Google Rewards?

It is a system that was created to obtain good credits quickly, this application was designed by the Google Surveys group or team.

Google Rewards is a program that is initially based on rewards, since it allows the different users associated with your google account to respond to different surveys and thanks to this easy and simple process you can obtain the different rewards that the system has to offer.

How does Google Rewards work?

As previously said, it is an application that was developed by Google, it allows you to generate and earn a little money from your computer or with a mobile.

The system or application is based on a simple and fast basis, motivated by the fact that the main mechanism is to answer different types of surveys , thanks to this simple process you will be able to generate money quickly and easily.

Through this reward process that you are acquiring for each paid survey that you carry out, you will be given 50 cents which you can make different purchases in the play store since it is linked to Google.

Each survey has an average duration of 10 seconds, at the time of completing the corresponding questions your credits will increase until you reach the point of being able to exchange them in the play store as a clear and simple payment method.

Keep the app up to date

The Google Rewards application must be updated to the different changes that may be generated within the system in order to be able to generate better surveys in real time, so it is recommended to have the most recent versions of said application avoiding possible problems of compatibility.

Open the Google Rewards app daily

Carrying out this activity consecutively will allow you to position yourself in a good position , since the system will generate the surveys in a faster and more efficient way.

Tell the truth

This application has the ability to know when users are generating false responses to the different surveys that the system generates, when this phenomenon occurs the same application will be responsible for severely punishing this class of users.

This penalty will be executed by means of false surveys that the system will assign to this class of people, these surveys will not generate any type of economic remuneration, that is why it is recommended that you must always tell the truth in each survey carried out.

Don’t let your credits run out

Carrying out this activity daily, your credits or your account balance in the play store will increase steadily and precisely each time you successfully complete the surveys, in this way said balance will be updated for each task performed , with which you can go gathering for a new app or game.

These credits have a duration of only 12 months , that is why you must always continue using this application to generate and spend your credits very well since if you do not do it your effort will be in vain and you will waste time with said mechanics.

So that this does not happen to you, it is recommended that you proceed to manage your purchases and spending activities very well, for example: you can create a list of the applications or games that you want to acquire or buy, to carry out this process than use the option of Add to wish list to have precise control of your financial activity within Google play. In this way, this application is a good option if you want to generate money steadily and easily.

In addition to making money solving surveys, Google also gives you the option of creating surveys with the “Google Forms” extension from Google Drive.


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