How to know if a cell phone is at risk of IMEI blocking

Without a doubt, having a cell phone is essential in human life. Therefore, knowing if a cell phone has a risk of imei blocking or has a theft report is essential, especially when buying a used cell phone.

Since now there have been and will continue to emerge ways to find the solution to these small details . They are certainly minimal and have a solution. This digit or code is vital when making a defined restoration to the mobile, in case we lose the data or the account with which the phone was initially configured.


  • Solution to verify if a cell phone has a risk of blocking Imei or has a theft report.
  • Recommendations when purchasing a used cell phone

Solution to verify if a cell phone has a risk of blocking Imei or has a theft report.

It is said that if the phone were to be stolen, this Imei lock may have a blocking solution so that it is disabled for the person who stole it. Although today, there are many codes and methods to unlock the mobile. In this way, the immediate solution must be sought to everything that has to do with technology and one of them is this.

  • The most correct recommendation is to buy a mobile phone directly from a companyallied to telephony. It is not advisable to buy it from second or third parties and less strangers. In any case you can check if the imei is fake or original .

To know if a cell phone has a risk of imei blocking or has a theft report, we must do the following:

Step 1

Consult the Imei code of the phone by entering the page and on the page you enter the IMEI code that the mobile brings. This can be found in Settings> System data> About phone and there the IMEI number appears.

Step 2

Select the option that says search engine and the record of that code will appear right there.

Step 3

On the left side there are three options, which are: verify Imei, lock and unlock . Later you will select the verification option to prevent it from blocking and solving the problem.

Finally, it will be the system that will determine if the phone is enabled from that moment, which will be true since it is a legal phone and it is not stolen. This is a procedure that must be carried out before buying to prevent this problem from happening in your hands.

However, when the phone is stolen and the owner locks it with his Imei code at the time of theft, it is automatically disabled.

But generally with the passage of days this phone returns to its normality in the hand of another person since it gets the Imei code of another phone and is placed in it. Every phone has an Imei code that identifies it . That is, they are unique numbers for each cell phone.

Recommendations when purchasing a used cell phone

The topic of telephone technology is something very important every day for most of the people. Because it is thanks to it that many things can be done which are profitable for the development of the human being on a daily basis.

Also for those who do not know, the Imei of a phone is very essential since it is the unique security code that each phone must bring. So everyone must bring it but they are different digits for each mobile.

If the user buys it new in a telephone store and presents failures, the solution is to go to the store and they will give it by entering the Imei code on their computer and they will see what happens with the mobile device.

It is advisable not to buy used phones, since it is not known in the conditions that this phone may be or perhaps it is reported. The right thing to do is to buy it new and in authorized agencies to avoid inconvenience . Most of the time when you buy a used phone it can be reported.

The most advisable option is not to buy a second-hand cell phone, since this can generate certain consequences that can sometimes lead the person who buys it to jail. In addition to the scare that the person may go through, they will lose the mobile equipment and of course the money invested.


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