Currently, much is said about digital communication and the benefits it can bring to companies. But, do you know what it is about? In this article you will understand what digital communication is, how to apply it and how it makes a difference for your business.

What is digital communication?

We can define digital communication as the digitalization of information media. It defines which communication strategy and actions will be carried out in the three dimensions of digital: internet, mobile devices and social networks. At the same time, digital communication is integrated with corporate communication. In other words, it replaced technologies and uses, consolidating itself as a more optimized and strategic dimension.

Four pillars of digital communication

  1. Relationship

The relationship with the customer is extremely important and highly valued by companies. To achieve this goal, brands go to social networks. It is on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. that consumers feel closer and are able to relate to brands. People follow them because they want to talk, suggest, speak and be heard, receive tips and suggestions for services and products, discover news, read about the brand and how is their insertion in the current scenario.

  1. Engagement

Engagement is the way companies approach their audiences. The goal of engagement is to form an emotional relationship, close and deep, seeking the loyalty of the potential customer. To achieve engagement, companies carry out marketing campaigns, relationship marketing, content strategies, among other methods, mainly on social networks.

  1. Content

Good content, written carefully and published frequently, brings results. On the other hand, websites that are practically abandoned or that generate repetitive, lying and irrelevant content are of little use, as they do not win over the public. Good content can influence consumers, retaining and retaining customers.

To enhance its effects, the website, in addition to being a channel to answer questions about products and services, can also contain tips and information.

  1. Presence

The three pillars above configure the fourth: presence in the online environment. It is not for nothing that digital communication brings results for the company. According to the latest report by Cisco (the Annual Internet Report Complete Forecast Update), by 2023, 66% of the world’s population will be connected to the internet (some 5.3 billion people). Therefore, presence in the digital environment is so important.

In addition to being a gift, it is necessary to be available to the public, interacting and encouraging them to learn more about the brand, continue to follow and consume.

10 steps to making a successful digital communication

As soon as it emerged, digital communication became part of the companies’ dissemination strategies, consolidating itself as a stimulating agent for its growth and space in the market.

Although digital communication is considered to be relatively cheaper than traditional communication, companies cannot neglect it. It is necessary to pay attention to every detail of the digital strategy, in order to avoid mistakes and problems that can prevent the expected return.

Check out the 10 basic steps for efficient digital communication:

  1. Understand your business

It may seem obvious, however, when we analyze the reality, we realize that many entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs do not know their business. When saying “understand your business”, we are not talking about which product or service you sell, but rather, what solution you offer to the customer. If your product is the sale of clothes, for example, you can offer the solution to make the customer always “be in fashion”.

  1. Know your audience

You must remember that the message you send in the digital environment can go to several places and reach several people. However, not everyone will consume your service or product, since many have no potential to become customers. That is why you need to know clearly what are the main characteristics, tastes and habits of the audience you want to reach. From this data, it will be possible to create customized and segmented content, according to your audience. In addition to paying attention to the content, it is also important to restrict the platforms in which it will be inserted, as it does not try to reach a male audience in an environment frequented mainly by women, for example.

  1. Planning

Planning is practically the first step to succeed in your actions. How to find the right direction without planning ahead? Therefore, you must have clear goals and objectives.

  1. Relationship

As we said above, the relationship is extremely important, so much so that it is considered the keyword of digital communication. Being able to relate to the consumer is fundamental, because that is what he wants when he starts to follow the brand on the internet. Customers and prospects want their opinions to be heard, and, when possible, implemented.

  1. Website

Although there are several platform options, the website is still important, as it is the brand’s business card on the internet. It contains the basic description of the business, the products, services and solutions offered. Often, even, the website is the customer’s first contact with the brand.

Something that has had a lot of results today is to have a “blog” tab on the site, with content of interest to customers and prospects.

  1. Email Marketing

It is not always that the customer will access your website. As a way to remind you to visit your page, the brand must have an email marketing, which will also serve to notify you when there is news.

  1. Social media

Nowadays, there are plenty of social media options to be present. But, when choosing the social network to engage more with digital communication, you need to remember your customer’s profile, as we talked about above. Your brand must be where your audience is. In addition, it is also important to define the objectives of each action well. Sometimes the social network will not generate direct sales, but investing in them will help to build relationships with the public and publicize the brand.

  1. Quality content

When we talk about the internet, we are talking about content. The brand that wants to stand out and be remembered needs to offer useful and quality content to its consumers. People spend hours on the internet searching and consuming content. For them to be interested in yours, you must generate interest and engagement, with innovative content that offers something more.

  1. Google AdWords

Most online experiences will begin through search. One of the ways to stay among the first results is to optimize the content produced. Another way is to use Google Ads, where you can target the investment to an audience with specific characteristics and to the most relevant locations or times for your business.

  1. Measurement of Results

Last but not least, it is always necessary to test and check if your digital communication strategies are bringing results. One of the biggest advantages of this is to be able to correct possible failures more quickly, and, thus, change strategies or enhance those that are bringing results.

For an effective digital marketing campaign, it is very important to establish metrics that are compatible with each objective and platform.

Planning the actions of digital communication will depend on the objective: changing the image, managing crises, improving reputation, among others. As for actions, there are several possibilities, such as a press office, newsletter, website, email marketing, social media, etc.

Regardless, digital communication will only bring results if it is planned and done well, and can make the difference that was needed to leverage the brand and boost its sales.


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