The consumption of online videos in the world has grown considerably in recent years and it is no wonder that platforms like Netflix are growing more and more every day. Just to give you an idea, in some countries, the consumption of content on the internet is already higher than on traditional television . These data, together with the expressive growth of distance education, already show the advantage of investing in an online course platform , right? But we show you much more!

Many people have already realized that the video market is the business of the future – and increasingly, of the present – so people are looking for ways to earn money from them: some are betting on the production of courses, others on the licensing of materials, and there are still those who profit from entertainment content.

Most of the time, those who really want to make a return with their videos and turn them into a business choose to invest in the commercialization of these contents – whether by subscription, set of classes, subjects or many others – instead of just making them available for free. on channels like YouTube.

In order to be successful with this type of digital enterprise , you need to ensure that you have a good technological structure behind your project. It is she who, together with the content, will be able to guarantee you a good return on your investment . In this sense, while many people decide to create their own sites from scratch, choosing the hosting, the structure of the site, the video platform and other factors, others prefer to take a simpler path and use a ready platform to place their content.

With the growth of the distance education market, many people are launching into these ventures. From those who are experts in some subject and decide to give classes over the internet and even teachers and managers of classroom courses who decided to turn their material online . The growing interest in certifications and qualifications on the internet has enabled the most varied formats of online courses to emerge and for more and more people to have access to this type of teaching.

So, if you want to get your idea off the ground and take a chance in the world of online courses, the good news is that today there are already many options for portals ready for you to sell your content and not have to worry about issues like development, screen payment and web design. Just upload the videos, choose a price and go! This type of technology is essential for the online teacher to focus on the most important part of the project: the content of the classes.

To help you make a better decision when choosing the best online course platform, we have made a complete list with everything essential to have in your structure. Keep reading and understand the importance of each point for the success of your business.

What is an online course platform?

If you want to enter the EAD market and put your own online course on the air, you must first understand exactly what an online course platform is.

The online course platform is basically a website that is fully thought out and prepared to distribute your video lessons. These platforms need to have their own technology to work with videos and, believe me, not just any website can meet this demand. On a platform, you can upload your videos directly, without having to put them on another website (like YouTube) and then integrate.

In addition, depending on the type of platform, it may also have an integrated payment system, the possibility of attaching other files such as text in pdf, chat for interaction with students and much more. In other words, in summary, an online course platform already has, within itself, everything that the EAD course manager needs to distribute his video classes. It’s having your own video site.

But as each platform has different characteristics, it is important to pay attention to some features that can be the differential for your business. Check out what is important to consider when choosing an online course platform:

What to consider when choosing an online course platform?

  1. Your project

It seems obvious, but when choosing any platform for your online courses, many people forget to take into account the project itself and its particularities.

From the beginning, it is important to understand clearly what your business is about and what your needs are. After all, it is from that point that you will be able to make the best decision in terms of structure.

Video content is the heart of your business, right? So think about what you need to make it consumed in the best way by your customers and bring returns for you!

  1. Costs

One of the first questions that everyone asks themselves when looking for a good platform is: how much will it cost? And this is really important! After all, in order for you to have a successful business, it is necessary that your costs are lower than your earnings.

So, if your project is to work with distance education and online classes, before hiring an online course platform, understand in detail how it charges for your service. Think about the following questions:

  • Is there a fixed monthly fee?
  • Is there a percentage charge on my sales?
  • How is the value calculated ? Do I pay for the number of class hours or the number of users?

From this, it is already possible to choose the best option for your business in terms of cost-benefit.

A good tip is to look for platforms that have customized prices for each type and size of project. This can greatly decrease your spending.

At this point, just remember that every business needs investment and that the return will not always come in the first few months. You need to be patient and be willing to work to achieve good results!

  1. Return

Much related to the previous item, it is important that from the beginning you have a sense of how much the platform can offer you in return. After all, it is this return that will keep your business alive and growing!

Here the tip is: do the math. Try to simulate some situations and see, for example, how many sales you would need in the month to cover the cost of the platform and still make a profit. Take into account some variables – like time of business traction and months when sales may be lower, for example. If at the end of the day you have a picture far beyond reality, run!

  1. SEO

Today, when people want to consume a specific type of content, most of the time they search for it among the top 10 Google results. And do you know how a website can appear among these results? Basically in two ways: investing in ads or in SEO .

SEO is a set of techniques that when applied to a website or content, make it more attractive to Google and more likely to be on the first page of searches. Therefore, when choosing your sales platform, find out if it is interesting in terms of SEO.

See if you can enter content descriptions, customize your URLs, create categories and collections of materials, add tags to videos, edit site titles and descriptions, etc. This will guarantee you more visibility on the internet and, consequently, more success with your business.

Here in this article you can see some more tips to make your video portal more interesting in terms of SEO.

  1. Customization

If you want to build your own business and have an increasingly strong brand on the internet, you need to ensure that your website is truly yours and not the platform behind it!

Strengthening your branding is essential and, therefore, it is important to take into account what the sales platform offers in terms of customization. Before making a decision, see if you can change the colors of the site, the images, the favicon, if you can insert your logo, organize the content as you like, among other important personalizations.

  1. Support

You have to put new content on the air and you are having technical problems with the platform. And now? How will you solve it? Will you have a direct contact channel with those responsible for the platform, or will you need to send an email in English, make several calls and in the end activate your own technician?

Making sure you have support whenever you need it is essential to the success of your business. So, take this into account when choosing the best online course platform.

  1. Integration with Social Networks

Today people spend a lot of time on their social networks and also use this channel to share their tastes and discover new things. Therefore, it is important that your content portal is integrated with social networks and allows both the sharing of the page and the login through social profiles. Allowing pixel insertion for remarketing is also very important to increase your conversion across networks.

Furthermore, it is interesting that it has a space for you to insert the links of your own pages. That way, people can connect to your business and you can improve your interaction with them.

  1. Integration with analytics

To improve any business, you need to set goals, measure data and know exactly what you need to fix or invest in. In this sense, an integration of the platform of your online course with tools such as Google Analytics is essential.

Thus, you will be able to know your number of accesses, traffic sources, set up conversion events, monitor the flow of users and much more!

  1. Payment system

Another very important point to consider when choosing an online course platform is the payment system. Before making your decision, you need to know whether the platform already has an integrated payment system and, most importantly, whether it is stable, reliable and simple to use.

It is good to remember that shopping online is still a challenge for many people, who feel insecure about providing financial data online. So if you don’t have a payment system that conveys confidence, you could end up losing customers.

So, get to know your system, know how it works, understand if it is secure, what forms of payment are supported (credit card and payment slips , for example) and of course, know how much it charges – and does it charge – per transaction carried out or if this is included in the price of the platform.

  1. Technological and video structure

When setting up a content portal, many people are very concerned with aesthetics and end up forgetting one of the most important points: the technological structure.

There is no point in having a beautiful portal if it cannot support multiple accesses, if it is unstable, or if your videos get stuck. If people are unable to consume your content with quality, you are likely to have major problems and this can ruin your business.

So, when hiring a platform for online courses, see what it offers in terms of structure and whether it is good enough to meet the demands of your project. In addition, stay tuned to the video technology used and what it offers in terms of stability, security, adaptation to different devices and content delivery. After all, if videos are your product, you need to ensure that the customer will be able to access it in a simple and practical way.

  1. Simplicity of editing and administration

An internet business, like any other, periodically needs changes and improvements. And in that case, it’s not ideal that you need to contact a developer or designer every time you need to change the color of a button on your website.

Therefore, always give preference to platforms that are easy to manage and edit, and that you can make changes in a quick and uncomplicated way.

Furthermore, think also in terms of management and administration. Ideally, as an administrator, you have a simple, intuitive information panel that gives you all the information you need about users, cashier and more.

  1. Supported sales model

Another point to be aware of when choosing your online course platform is in relation to the sales model it supports. Depending on your business and the type of content you want to offer, you can work with different sales models. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the platform will be able to meet your needs.

Usually, those who sell courses online monetize their content, basically, in two ways: by subscription (Netflix style) or by one-off sale . The first is indicated for the content producer who has many hours of class for a specific niche, after all, if you pay for a subscription, you want to be able to enjoy all the content, right? The second is more suitable for those who have less hours of content or deal with very broad subjects, such as preparatory courses for competitions. In this case, a block is created with classes on the same subject (for example, the collection of criminal law classes) and only the classes that interest the student are sold.

  1. Operation on different devices

Today, many people have made mobile devices their primary means of accessing the internet and consuming content. So it is necessary to ensure that the videos on your portal can also be consumed on any type of device, without loss of quality, crashes and interruptions.

In addition, your website also needs to be responsive and adapt to the measures of these devices.

  1. Security

If you have the job of producing your content, choose your sales platform and build your portal, you know how much has been invested and are able to charge a fair price for your material. However, it is not uncommon to find cases where courses and content are sold without authorization, in other media and at much cheaper prices. And do you know why that happens? Because of digital piracy and the lack of security on certain platforms.

What usually happens is: a person accesses your content, copies it and then sells it cheaper, staying with your customers and your profit. And this is a practice that can ruin your business, since not everyone is aware that this is illegal and ends up buying pirated content because it is cheaper.

Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure several layers of protection for your content. They can be video encryption, domain protection, simultaneous access restriction, etc.

Before hiring a platform for your courses, see what it offers in terms of security and never give up having your content protected!

To learn how to ensure the security of your videos against piracy, you can download our free e-book!

  1. Own domain

Last but not least, you need to know if the online course platform offers the option for you to use your own domain, instead of an option like “www.sitedaplatform / yourunegocio”. This will help to strengthen your brand and convey a greater sense of professionalism on the part of the business.

Our suggestion? Meet Samba Play and Samba Videos!

You can already see that it is necessary to consider a lot before choosing your online course platform to sell the content, right? Otherwise, you can put your business at risk.

Stay tuned to everything that each online course platform offers you, do research, talk to other users and see if this is really the best option for you.

Samba Videos

If your project is a little bigger, Samba Vídeos can be the ideal platform. Perfect for educational institutions, media groups, open courses, internal communication and corporations in general , Samba Vídeos offers a complete environment for online videos. In addition, it has features such as automatic encoding (which means you don’t have to worry about the format of your videos), security and protection of videos, reports and our own player, Quartz, which works with high quality and performance.

In this type of platform, you can manage and distribute your videos with ease and, especially, security. Samba Vídeos guarantees that your video classes or online courses are delivered with stability and total security. In addition, it works on any device connected to the internet, being completely  mobile friendly.

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Samba Play

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With this solution you can have your own personalized portal, with total security and the best video structure in Latin America – all without needing the help of designers or developers. You can also choose the sales model that best suits your project and still has the support of the Samba Tech team – entirely in Portuguese and ready to serve you. Plus, you can still count on the benefits of an affiliate network, Market Place, apps for mobile devices and more!


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