Dates that Arbor Day is celebrated

Days of the year in which homage is paid to trees, jungles, forests and forests, in Spain and countries of America.

Each country in Latin America celebrates Arbor Day according to its natural conditions, when the cold ends or in the Caribbean, there are hardly any temperature differences between summer and winter, the beginning of summer is chosen because the rainy season has already begun. and that makes it easier for newly planted trees to take root.
In this article you can check the date on which it is celebrated in each country.

Arbor Day in Latin American countries

Arbor Day in Spain

In Spain, Tree Day is usually celebrated at the same time as the International Day of Forests, on March 21, although faithful to the spirit of the 1915 decree that forced the celebration of the Tree Festival throughout Spain, each city council and group organizes their Arbor Day from February to early May.
In Villanueva de la Sierra (Cáceres), where the first Tree Festival in the world was held, it is still celebrated, as on that occasion, on Shrove Tuesday and it is a big day in the Villanovense festive calendar.

Arbor Day in Colombia

In Colombia, Arbor Day is celebrated on April 29 by a decree of 1941.

Arbor Day in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, Arbor Day is celebrated on May 5.

Arbor Day in Ecuador

In Ecuador, Arbor Day is celebrated on May 22.

Arbor Day in Guatemala

In Guatemala, Arbor Day is celebrated on May 22.
Decree 30-2003 provides that the Ministry of Education, in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment, must promote “National Reforestation Campaigns” in educational establishments throughout the country as well as the promotion of educational campaigns that contribute to the reforestation.

Arbor Day in Honduras

In Honduras it is celebrated on May 30.

Arbor Day in Panama

In Panama Arbor Day is celebrated on the third Friday of the month of May to promote the protection and reforestation of forests throughout the country.
According to Executive Decree No. 165 of the Executive Branch set on May 11, 1967.

Arbor Day in Venezuela

In Venezuela it is celebrated on the last Sunday in May.

Arbor Day in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, Arbor Day is celebrated on June 15.
The day was created by President Alfredo González Flores, through Executive Decree No. 14 of May 25, 1915, which is why it is considered one of the first environmental laws in the country.

Arbor Day in Uruguay

In Uruguay, Arbor Day is celebrated on June 19, together with Grandfather’s Day and the birthday of the hero José Gervasio Artigas.

Arbor Day in Cuba

In Cuba it is celebrated on June 21, the first day of summer and the wettest month in Cuba. Also Day of the Forest Worker .

Arbor Day in El Salvador

In El Salvador it is celebrated on June 28.

Arbor Day in Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, Arbor Day is celebrated on the last Friday of June, according to Executive Decree No. 18-91 of 1971.
That day is celebrated by the ministries and institutions related to education, agriculture, the environment and the forestry, carrying out reforestation campaigns, especially of the strawberry tree species, which must be planted in public squares, parks, highways and the courtyards of each educational center.
However, this celebration dates back to 1929 in Nicaragua, when an Executive Decree of June 1 of that year declared a day in honor of the forests of Nicaragua.

Arbor Day in Chile

In Chile it is celebrated on July 6.

Arbor Day in Mexico

In Mexico, Arbor Day is celebrated every second Thursday in July.

Arbor Day in Paraguay

In Paraguay, Arbor Day has been celebrated since 1904 on the initiative of Moisés Bertoni, who initially set July 14. Later, in 1954, the Ministry of Education set the date of June 19 to commemorate Arbor Day.

Arbor Day in Argentina

In Argentina, Arbor Day is celebrated on August 29.
This celebration was held for the first time in 1901, after the National Education Council established it on August 29, 1900, thanks to the initiative of Estanislao Zeballos.
Forestry activity was promoted since the 19th century, its main promoter being Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (president from 1868 to 1874), who stated: «The cultivation of trees is convenient for a pastoral country like ours, not only because arboriculture joins perfectly suited to livestock, but should be considered as its indispensable complement. La Pampa is like our Republic, clear cut. It is the cloth on which a nation is to be embroidered. It is necessary to write about it: Trees! Plant trees!

Arbor Day in Peru

In Peru it is celebrated on September 1.

Arbor Day in Bolivia

In Bolivia, Arbor Day is celebrated on October 1, and campaigns are carried out in environmental institutions as well as in schools.
In the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, there is a Departmental Secretary for the Environment and Sustainable Development, which has an area dedicated to environmental education, which is the Center for Environmental Education (CEA)

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